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Anonymous 32159

Im going to an acquaintance's recital tomorrow. I have seriously fucked up her view of me by acting snobby, gossiping and making fun of her (with a friend who i know wont tell, but we were in the same room, whisoering and giggling while looking at her. I know it sounds like im a middle schooler but i swear im not). my reason? She is gorgeous, fit, feminine and perfect in many senses while i am not. I am jealous of her and thats why i did that. i want to try and mend our relationship or if not possible, at least my reputation in her eyes.
Another thing: i am also attracted to her, and while i wont be asking her out, i will definitely get the stutters and such around her. What can i do to 1. Mend my reputation with her 2. Not fuck it up by being a dumb gay mess?

Anonymous 32161

Hahaha, suffer jealous Becky.

Anonymous 32162

Hahaha, suffer jealous Becky.

Anonymous 32163

how fit is she?

Anonymous 32164

You should leave her alone. She doesn't need people like you in her life.

Anonymous 32166

just leave the poor woman alone :/

Anonymous 32167

You are fucked. Stay out of her life and work on yourself.

Anonymous 32169

If you can't control your jealousy then it's probably be best to not be friends. Especially if you are gossiping about her. Why do you want to be friends? So you can be mean to her some more?
If you really want to be on good terms then be nice and not a jealous bitch and ruining her rep.

Anonymous 32184

>shittalking her
>with her in the same room
>because you're jealous of her supposed perfect femininity
>and because you want to munch her carpet.
What the fuck, OP?
I don't usually use that word because it's kind of a meme at this point, but you sound toxic as fuck.
Echoing the other anons, stop bothering her and GTFO of her life.
I can't imagine you contributing a single positive thing to her life as you are right now.

Anonymous 32191

please try to get some help and work on your toxic behavior I feel bad for that girl

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