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Attractive but unattractive but attractive Anonymous 32270

Pic unrelated. I just think it's appropriate, given the day.

Does anyone else feel like they're the most hideous and most cutest thing to ever exist at all times? It's strange but I simultaneously hate myself and love myself. I think that the loathing comes from the paranoia I feel about how others see me. I dress however I want, no matter what anyone says, and yet I feel like the happiness that it gives me pales in comparison to the acceptance I would receive if I just dressed 'normally'. And maybe the lack of acceptance (though it may just be in my head) is what causes me to feel like I should throw everything in my closet away.

This isn't coming out the way I wanted it to. It's very hard to focus. I just wish I could fully embrace myself. Sometimes people tell me I look ridiculous or frumpy or even ugly, and there's a part of me that breaks, but there's another part of me, the narcissistic mad lad, that almost takes pride in being a frumpy, ugly weirdo. 'Fuck yeah, I'm frumpy. And you'll never meet anyone as frumpy as me, either', it says, yelling over the part of me that's quietly sulking in a corner.

ramble over. Merry Christmas, ladies.

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