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a whole new decade Anonymous 32421

Hey, how are you feeling about new years? I know it happens every year, but this is the start of a new decade, the calendar is never going to read 201X ever again, for the next 10 years it is going to be 202X.. It may all be in my head, but I want to start it off right. Do you have someone dear to spend it with?

Anonymous 32424

I want to start it off right as well. It kind of terrifies me a little bit. I want time to stop, but at the same time I’m excited for this new year.

> Do you have someone dear to spend it with?

Surprisingly, yes.

Anonymous 32429

I hate this holiday. I hope I die this year

Anonymous 32430

>But nothing in this life can stay unchanged.. fun things… happy things.. They can't all possibly go unchanged forever. In this how can I keep going?
I hope you find more happiness. Who are you spending new years with?

Anonymous 32431

This is very fuzzy and wishy-washy. Mushy, actually.

Fast-forward 10 years and I'll be 32. I wonder how much, or little, my life will have changed by then. This site has been a constant in my life since its creation in 2017 so I wonder how that'll factor in. It's been a place for me to vent and though it saddens me at times to see what I've posted, it's a great way of marking ways I've changed. I'm very grateful for this site existing, it is freeing to not have a name attached to me, at least immediately.

I want to make the most of this decade as possible. I want to be a living time capsule for the future. I want to pay attention to the news, popular culture, and the like so I can be of use to anyone who wants to study this coming time period.

Right now, I have no intention of having children, only pets. 12 year old me would be happy to know I have a cat. I got her this Christmas and I'm excited to go through the rest of my 20s with her. I wonder if I'll end up going to graduate school or not, if I'll end up creating art or whether that interest will fizzle out. Will I ever learn all those languages I want to learn?

I wonder what my relationships will look at. I wonder how much contact I'll have with my family. I wonder what friends I will have, if I even have any.

I am spending my NYE with my significant other. Our relationship appears rather incompatible; I feel unsure of our future together at times. But I welcome his comfort and warmth, and I know we both care for each other deeply.

I hope the rest of you anons are having an alright NYE. It's a lot of mixed feelings for me. There's so many lost opportunities.

Anonymous 32434

With my family and later with my s/o. What about you, Anon?

Anonymous 32469

My new year/decade got off on a shitty start. Hope this isn’t an example of what the rest of the decade will be like.

Anonymous 32485

>mixed feelings for me. There's so many lost opportunities.
Maybe I'm just sentimental, but it sounds like you have a lot of opportunities open to you, but you're unsure (or maybe just anxious?) about which paths to take regarding your career and partner.

Are you sticking with things because you truly feel good doing them, or because the devil you know is better than the one you don't?

Anonymous 32494

Not sure why, but this fucked me up:
>the calendar is never going to read 201X ever again, for the next 10 years it is going to be 202X

I may end up killing myself this decade. I can't see ten more years of nothing going wrong. My grandparents are old and my parents are getting old, too. There will be at least one tragedy that will happen in the coming years, and that's a fact.

Anonymous 32519

Same Anon same.
This year I'm either going to turn things (establish relationship that will lead to marriage+kids eventually) or I'm going to off myself :/
Sounds dramatic but there's obviously a backstory haha

Anonymous 32520

I am a little terrified of the new year/decade. I actually managed to get a perfect bf (from r9k of all places), but he does not live in my state so I could not spend the new year with him.

He was very nice though and called me close to midnight so he could wish me a happy new year! Which was very sweet because usually every New Year's Eve makes me want to kill myself, but he managed to get me through it with 0 tears this year!

I have found and am starting some legit work from home jobs that actually pay decent, so I am very excited to never leave the house and still make money. I hope it goes well. I start my first day of training in 30 minutes. Then I'm going to save all my money and move to my love.

Anonymous 32527

OT, but I’m interested. What is it that you’re going to do?

Anonymous 32528

The one im starting today doesn't really pay well, its only 10 an hour, but its full time and work from home with a company called Sykes. Its a customer service for their tax products.

The second one I applied and was offered starts later and pays 13.00 an hour after training and is more tech support. it was through Conduent. Full time, benefits, 13 an hour. I am hoping to start that one in February!

Anonymous 32531

I’m happy for you, Anon!

Anonymous 32533

Thanks! It would be really great for my anxiety if I can get into these! I'm so tired of social and work anxiety and anxiety driving and traffic and wasting so much money on gas.

Also if I work from home I can easily move to my bf and keep working! Im ready for this decade to finally give me true love, a home, and marriage!

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