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Anonymous 32461

I worry that I'm tiring my boyfriend with all my shit. He already has a lot on his plate and is too much of a sweetheart to shoot me down. He is such a great guy but doesn't realize his potential and worth hence why he settled for me. Even though losing him is the worst thing that could happen to me, I have to accept that he can and deserves much better. How do I open his eyes? I can't just do this to him ..he is wasting away and I just want to disappear from his life somehow. What should be done?

Anonymous 32462

I hope he cheats on me.

Anonymous 32463

Sounds more like a fetish than a relationship issue. Try jerking him off while pretending to be someone else and talking about yourself in third person

Anonymous 32464

> doesn't realize his potential and worth hence why he settled for me
> How do I open his eyes?

Realize your own potential and worth and open your own eyes. Stop seeing yourself as someone being “settled for”. Even if that’s how you feel, stop telling yourself these things in your head. That type of thinking is really unhealthy when you reinforce it all the time by thinking this way.

If he’s still with you, he’s with you for a reason. If you really feel like you’re a shitty person, work on finding ways to be a better person, which will be far more productive and healthier for you and your relationship than worrying about this all the time.

Anonymous 32465

Just remember all men are violent pedophiles inside who are incapable of empathy and you'll feel better.
He's clearly getting something out of you, or else he wouldn't be there. Males are largely uncharitable.

Anonymous 32471

who hurt you so bad?

Anonymous 32476

you are so awesome…

Anonymous 32486

you really need to start respecting yourself more. Why do you think he's so much more worthy than you are? Or rather, what makes you feel so unworthy?

Anonymous 32491

don't be a cuck, he definitely values you as a person and you should too. what exactly do you presume to be bothering him with?

Anonymous 32497

Do him a favor and break up with him, OP. It's emotionally exhausting to be with someone this self-deprecating. I've been in your shoes before and you're causing both of you undue mental stress. If you really do like him you can work on yourself during your time alone and try again in the future. But nobody deserves someone with this level of self-hatred. it's not a healthy relationship.

Anonymous 32705

Honestly this. I do agree you should try to talk to him like >>32702 suggested first. But if he reassures you after the talk and you still refuse to believe it then you should break up. You need to work on your self esteem and realize why its so low.

Anonymous 32753

Become the woman he deserves to have or die trying.

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