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Anonymous 32991

It feels like I've been doing wrong stuff for my entire life and I've wasted it on completely useless and meaningless things.

I can't relate to other people, can't force myself to watch/listen/talk about anything modern and hip. All my interests are completely obscure and not relatable. I can still get drunk, socialize, and talk shit, but it has grown on me like a cancer and now everyone who's around me think that I'm a clown. I guess it's a punishment for being a moron.

The only character I can even remotely relate to is this green little frog. Yeah.

Anonymous 32995


> I can still get drunk, socialize, and talk shit
At least you have that
Have more frog

Anonymous 33003

It might be fun for a few years, but after a while it more like a burden. People just don't wanna talk to you unless you're drunk like an animal. Probably because you become laughable.

Anonymous 33006


what are your interests anon?

Anonymous 33009

I'd sit in front of computer and listen to old music and random youtube videos (pretty generic but I can't relate to anyone.) I've also started playing guitar and doing some coding recently.

Anonymous 33014

>playing guitar, coding and surfing youtube
I hate to say it but you're a total normie

Anonymous 33047

I've always admired people who can confidently start conversations about their niche hobbies without caring if someone reacts negatively or indifferently. I don't know why I can't do that.

Anonymous 33084



i like when others are excited about something and bring that enthusiasm to a conversation, even if i've never heard of the thing they're talking about. gives me a chance to ask questions and learn more, just keep a positive vibe in the convo.

and best case scenario, you might actually share the same weirdo hobby or something.

Anonymous 33101

I can relate a lot, OP, especially this part since I have really obscure interests too
>can't force myself to watch/listen/talk about anything modern and hip

This is something I’ve struggled a lot with in the past. Can also relate a lot to
> it has grown on me like a cancer and now everyone who's around me think that I'm a clown
I kind of overcompensate for how little I can talk to other people about by getting shitfaced drunk and becoming someone people can laugh at and be entertained by. I get the sense that I’m too boring to talk to too unless I’m drunk like an animal.

Over the years, I coped by owning my interests and getting deeper into them. Not sure if this is the best thing to do, but I figured that I’m going to love what I love. I won’t connect with many other people over it, but I want to spend time doing the things I love most.

Also tried to get into more normal things that are beneficial to me. I’ll probably never be all that into pop culture, but recently I’ve gotten into things like fitness and cooking, which help in self-improvement and gives me something I can talk about with other people.

This anon >>33014 is right though. Your interests aren’t as obscure as you think.

Anonymous 33431


Just be yourself anon. Life is enjoyable enough with that alone.

Anonymous 33459

I feel this.

I listen more to classical than anything else that's popular today, especially medieval, I like the constant background drone.

Late last year I started watching a really good lecture series on youtube about general relativity and linear algebra, I binge watched so many episodes and I got invited to a Christmas party and all I could think about maths, it was the most autistic I'd ever felt. Now I can't remember a single thing of what I learnt from those videos, even though it all seemed so clear at the time.

I play a melange of instruments at a mediocre level, I like making music for my own enjoyment. I don't tell other people about it because it's embarrassing to me.

It's like I sabotage myself by enjoying things that other people won't, but I'm fairly sure that I just have a natural inclination to these things, I'm just sick of feeling alone.

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