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Jealously and insecurity reks ilusivi 32994

so heres the deal
the one thing that's really crushing my confidence in my relationship is my boyfriend's thirsty-ness, i understand that its normal for him to find other girls attractive but he literally has enormous folders with pictures of Asian cosplayers and egirls and its fucking with me. He is also kinda mentally invested in some of them (remebers things from their's personal life if they post something about it on their ig story etc.) I tried being more giving to him in that field (hq nudes, masturbation videos etc.) but you know those folders still do exist and he still follows a bunch of those lewd content - making women, ive shown discomfort about it in the past but to be honest ive never directly said anything about it. We were in a fwb relationship at one point amd and he was really out there commenting on their pictures and shit and never on mine and it hurt. (he started since i told him that but to be honest i dont give a fuck if he comments on my posts or not i just don't want him l u s t i n g after so many women). At one point a girl (@yuno on ig) posted a picture with a caption "if you know your girl is insecure get the fuck off my page" i remember posting a screenshot of the caption to my story and him responding something along the lines of "fucking love her" i literally don't know if he thinks im okay w that bc im bisexual.
Im just worried that im being jealous or acting crazy

Anonymous 32999


yeah, that's a lot of effort and time he's putting in. i understand why you'd be jealous. you should say something to him.

Anonymous 33008

Honestly I've got no problem with porn but a guy that dedicates absurd amounts of time towards looking at thot pics on instagram and god forbid comments shit and follows their life like a sad orbiter is a big red flag. Why do men do this

Anonymous 33115

just dump the porn addict, his brain is already fried

Anonymous 33116

Dump him. He won't change, coom brain

Anonymous 33182

All men do this. The difference is whether they tell you or hide it from you out of shame.

Anonymous 33184

You are right to be jealous about that, jeez. Sorry you're dealing with that op… Honestly I would dump him. I dated a guy like this before and he just ended up cheating one me. I ended up going on his computer one day and finding a bunch of private messages of him trying to or actually getting to flirt with random egirls and some irl girls. Sucked a lot.

Anonymous 33197

If you started off as fwb he probably only sees you as something temporary.

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