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self strangulation Anonymous 33128

is it possible to die from self strangulation? I'm not talking about the "night night method" but like, just to squeeze tightly one's own neck and die from it… If it's possible, can it be done in a way that won't be painful??

Anonymous 33129

Not with your own hands. You'll pass out from lack of oxygen and let go long before you die. You might be able to cause brain damage though. Also pain is there to remind of you something being dangerous, so there isn't many ways to kill yourself that isn't painful, or at least fear inducing.

Anonymous 33130

A lot of suicide attempts go wrong. Really badly wrong. If I had to give you advice, then I knew a person who had a friend kill himself in a car with the fumes. But life isnt always bad and will pick up with time, don't do something brash.

Anonymous 33133

Alcohol poisoning if fun. Like I'm serious. I didn't feel it I was too fucked up and gone to feel anything. I have no idea you turn blue. If you survive though, that'll be embarrassing because that drunk usually means you piss yourself and vomited everywhere. Took me like a week to recover completely. And now I'm too traumatized to sip beer.

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