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Anonymous 34507

a girl who looks like pic related (style wise) charged my ex on venmo for something I don't know because she only used the woozy emoji in the interaction.
My ex broke up with me because he was moving away for work and didn't know when he'd come back. He eventually came back like a month later and I was crushed and confused as to why he decided to end things when everything felt like it was going to well and we had a level of chemistry and compatibility that was indescribable. Anyway, I'm over it now, but I'm weirdly not over this stupid dumb venmo charge this girl left on his account a few weeks after he returned to the city we both in.

Although it happened literally months ago and I cyber-stalked this chick enough to know that she's no longer living in the same city as us, I'm still not over it. I'm generally not this obsessive as a person but.. damn I want to know what their relation was if they had one. I think a lot of the obsession comes from how I think she's genuinely prettier than me and that's what bugs me. Like a guy just up and dropping me for another girl because he thinks she's better, just is my biggest fear.

Like I literally don't care about a guy leaving me, unless I know another girl triggered it.

But anyway, what do you think the woozy emoji could mean? My therapist tells me it could have nothing to do with sex or even dating.. and could very well be something as stupid as a drug exchange but who knows.

Anyway, I feel bad for feeling this obsessed about it.. but not enough to not try to find answers.
It's literally a fucking game to me at this point.

Anonymous 34522

he cucked you 100%, don't even question it. report the e-whore to the IRS and destroy him socially if you bother to do that, but i'd just move on and focus on a higher quality man next time.

Anonymous 34528

At the same time, I just can't let that shit fly

Anonymous 34532

>Like I literally don't care about a guy leaving me, unless I know another girl triggered it.


Anonymous 34536

>felt like it was going to well and we had a level of chemistry and compatibility that was indescribable
Just because it feels good it doesn't mean it's the thing he needed
Just because it felt good it doesn't mean it's the thing you wanted

Anonymous 34538

honestly I’m not entirely sure why but i just feel like being left for another girl is just worse than just being “left”

Anonymous 34539

well like i highly doubt he needs her anymore than he needs me. technically nobody needs anybody. but what we had a good thing going and I don’t feel like i need to change my perspective this. even if they had a relation of some kind, it clearly didn’t mean that much to him or
her as I ended up seeing his tinder profile about a month after seeing her charging him. (I swiped left on him)

Anonymous 34540

This literally is the same exact situation that I had with my ex, including the Venmo transactions.
Started stalking her for “information” and ended up becoming super jealous of her. Doxxed her contact info (snap, insta, phone #) on /soc/ as revenge even though she probably had no idea I existed.
I think I just wanted to hurt my ex and I thought hurting someone he may have left me for was the best way to do it. It backfired and just ended up making me feel like shit.

The moral of this story is to not hurt other women when you really just want to fuck with a man. Slash his tires like a normal crazy ex.

Anonymous 34541

yeah I have nothing against her. she just annoys me because she's so fucking cliche in terms of her general taste in fashion and interests. if anything I hope she did get with him and screwed him over just like he did me.

Anonymous 34542

how did it backfire if you don't mind me asking?

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