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Ugly and alone Anonymous 3528

Is anyone else an ugly, lonely, virgin female who is socially retarded? I am. I have no friends and I've never been asked on a date by a male. No male has ever expressed interest in me in any way. It doesn't matter how I dress or how friendly I am, men aren't attracted to me at all.
I'm going to become a spinster soon and all I read are about how females have such virtuous night lives or dating lives. The majority of females my age or younger are all married and happy. But not me and not most ugly women.

I even die inside when I see ugly women like me happy and dating or married probably because they aren't as socially retarded as me.

Anyone else share the same situation?

Anonymous 3529

>asked on a date by a male
>how females have such virtuous night lives or dating lives

robot spotted

Anonymous 3531

It's alright. Call me names all you want. You aren't the first. You aren't the first female or "girl" you so prefer to belittle me and make me feel worthless. When I was in primary school, I believe it was 4th grade my so called "best friend" said to me: "no offense but you're just ugly" I struggled in middle school trying to find out who I was supposed to be, or rather, "what" because I was never treated like any of the other girls. The boys would curse at me and hit me, and never took me serious if I told them to stop. I was the only girl who got treated this way, meanwhile the other girls were treated as if they were fragile.
When there was a substitute teacher for one of my middle school classes, the first insult he says to me when he catches me smirking is "what are you laughing at, did you look in a mirror?" horrible to just sit there and be the only one insulted by my looks and the entire class dead stares at you. Since I didn't know how to eat properly I got called a "pig" by my mother's boyfriend once. I honestly didn't know what to think. I was just a kid and my mother overfed me. When my adult life came around I became anorexic, and now nothing feels better to me than not eating for a day and not being that "pig". I can't even come to a board full of (I honestly prefer to say females) girls and find any type of similarities because someone is going to find some reason to treat me like shit again. Thank you for that, I didn't need to cry after work but thank you.

Anonymous 3532

Whoa, it's not deep. That poster just thought you were a male because misogynistic men tend to refer to women as females
It's alright. I was bullied as a child too because I was overweight. My mom used to be pretty cruel and shame me so that I'd stop eating, but it just made me feel worse. I used to get a bunch of shit from other people too that I don't have the time to get into. But,
>Since I didn't know how to eat properly I got called a "pig" by my mother's boyfriend once.
This exact thing happened to me as well. I've mostly moved past all that, but the thing with my mom is the one that still hurts me. Once you learn to stop basing your self-worth on how attractive you are, things can get easier. It's particularly hard for women because that's basically the only thing that society values us for, but it's best to stop giving a fuck about that too. Just do what's good for you and makes you happy without worrying about other people. Exercise and eat well in a way that's good for your body. You only have one and it does a lot to keep you alive, learn to treat it with respect. You'll feel better about yourself eventually.

Anonymous 3533

I am the same as you. I'm sorry, I have no worthwhile advice or anything like that. I just want you to know you aren't alone, friend. I hope that things start looking up for you eventually.

Anonymous 3538


Assuming you actually are hopelessly ugly, have you tried dating games OP?

There are a couple really good ones for iPhone I can suggest if you are interested.

How old are you and what are you doing with your life? A lot of imageboard users (myself included) tend to be homebodies. Perhaps you could take a fun class or join a meetup group based around a hobby you enjoy or would like to participate in. It would be a good way to meet people and you'd already have a core subject you can talk about.

If you are still young enough, a whole world of opportunities await that don't require friends or a lover. In fact, if you really want a partner in crime, have you considered a pet? Dogs make fantastic companions. You can play with them, talk to them, take walks together, travel together (well-adjusted dogs love seeing new and exciting things), sit on the coach and watch movies together, and even sleep in each others arms. Cats can do many of these things as well, although generally they will be at-home companions for most people, and birds can also provide excellent companionship (conures, cockatiels, certain parrots such as grey parrots, and cockatoos can be incredibly loving…although they do require a lot of work).

Boyfriends are overrated in many cases. Many women don't know how to choose good men, and end up broken with low self-esteem, dysfunction, and/or taking care of man children.

If you are financially independent, then it will be difficult to find a man who significantly improves your quality of life. A dog can provide most of the non-financial benefits (i.e. a dog can't buy you things or pay the bills, but it can love you beyond how most people could ever love another person and really be there by your side throughout any ups and downs life throws at you).

Hope you feel better soon OP!

Anonymous 3540

Hey, we are the same! Things will get better for us, if not I'll probably kill myself before age 30 tbh

Anonymous 3543


(i know it sounds like crap) I want to hug you and be your friend
social retardation is a bitch and theres no way out cause you don't understand how people work

Anonymous 3545

Not op, but you're sweet. Be my friend too, wahhh

Anonymous 3547

I have lots of single guy friends who are not picky about looks that I would set all of you guys up with if we lived near each other. It's a shame we're separated by the internet… Have you tried tindr and okaycupid? Just say in your profile that you love anime or video games or whatever it is you're into and maybe guys who share your interests will overlook your appearance if they think you sound like a cool person.

Anonymous 3552

Stock up on cats they'll love you forever

Anonymous 3558

They will never be human

Anonymous 3562

see, that's the thing. you can just say lets be frens to anyone on the internet, but you can't do it irl? it's interesting how people are either more hostile or nicer online

Anonymous 3564

>"no offense but you're just ugly"
That one hurts. It's just a reminder that being skilled at something is meaningless if you're ugly. A reminder that it's perfectly justifiable to bully someone for being ugly, even though they can't help it. I can't speak out against this bullying and prejudice in society because if I ever tried I'd be ridiculed, and my arguments would come up invalid on account of me being ugly. It's like I'm committing some crime by being ugly, as if I can help the way I was born, meanwhile there are assholes who murder people that get more respect than me.

I hate how shallow society is, it sucks that you have to be exceptional as an ugly person to get recognition, when even then you're likely to get hate for being so good at something despite being ugly, as if I'm not allowed to have something because I'm ugly, I should be kept out of sight where I belong. Attractive people get a far easier life, male and female.

An example of this is how one girl in my class in highschool, senior year, was easily the most attractive girl in my class, and was very clearly good "friends" with my physics teacher. What I found curious was that, despite being so good at physics, she almost failed the calculus exam (calc teacher was female, she was nice in a professional way). I'm pretty sure someone told the principal about this because her later assessment pieces were on average a B grade, which is still good but obviously something changed. I feel like she used the physics teacher on purpose, but I hated that teacher because he always gave the pretty girls more attention.

I just want people to judge me based on who I am and what I've done, not how I look, it's really not that hard for most things. The only exception is if someone doesn't want to date me because I'm ugly, as long as they aren't rude about it (which most men and women are, from my experience a lot of them laugh about the cruel ways each other has rejected someone ugly).

Anonymous 3569

Just keep focusing on being your most brilliant self, don't let beauty distract or change you.
Make one hell of a career for yourself, make fat dough, travel the world, keep challenging yourself.
Their beauty fades but your inner value only goes up. Trust me when I say that when you have a cooler job, mind and life experiences than anyone in your social circle, you will have men flood you with attention.

Besides, who wants a man who cares about looks only? He will leave all those bimbos when they start cracking, trust me.

Anonymous 3570

I wouldn't want someone to "settle" for me, especially not someone who would've made fun of me in highschool. I don't like being alone, but my problem is moreso the way society creates a hierarchy based on looks, be it social or skill based. I don't want people to tell me I'm beautiful either (i.e. lie), I just want the general public to treat individuals as if they couldn't see them. I know this will never happen but it's nice to get the thoughts out somewhere.

Anonymous 3577

You can't realistically know if a friendship between those people could or could not work out IRL. Not everyone is hostile and hates mankind.

Anonymous 3584


None of that matters. Having a lot of money, hobbies etc has the end goal of gaining human companionship or recognition. Ugly people get recognized when they are dead. I can easily do all my hobbies and be financially well off but after I finish doing everything I want to do what then? Hard to want to benefit humanity even when they don't give a shit about me because of my face.

No, I don't want attention from a man who got to enjoy his life chasing after beautiful females just to settle down with me because he knows I had to develop skills because I was ugly and cheating on him is impractical since I can't find another man to want me. I'd probably get cheated on in all my relationships because some females are attracted to taken men, or like to show ugly women how worthless they are and sleep with their significant others for fun. There is simply no hope for an ugly female.

Finally someone who understands. Ugly females have no place in society and plastic surgery only changes the outside, not the jaded being that knows the person who loves the new you wouldn't like the old you because of what your phenotype was. It's so repulsive to me sometimes I almost want to be alone. But I can't even make friends so I still yearn for some form of companionship.

Anonymous 3585


>I'd probably get cheated on in all my relationships because some females are attracted to taken men, or like to show ugly women how worthless they are and sleep with their significant others for fun.
No. No one does those things for those reasons, and if they do it's nowhere near as prevalent as you make it out to be. First of all, stop hanging out on /r9k/ or whatever 'tism cult you're getting your views of the outside world from. Second, shed the bitter teenager attitude. You sound like you never got over being bullied when you were younger. People tend to mature as they get older and realize what is and is not appropriate behavior. It comes down to surrounding yourself with the right people. Maybe you should grow up as well. Stop giving so much of a fuck about what they think anyway.
Third, practice socializing until you feel more comfortable around others. I see ugly ass people with friends and partners all the time. They're thick-skinned and know how to talk to others. They don't run home crying every time someone teases them about their big nose or whatever.

Sorry if I come off as mean, that's not my intention. I'm just trying to give you honest feedback.

Anonymous 3588

Yes. You don't understand at all. First of all where I'm at, I hear you know from physical people about how they get cheated on. I highly doubt I can trust a man if I get deployed. I've honestly seen and heard of the trouble of unfaithfulness of both male and females in normal relationships. How am I supposed to fare in one then? On top of that it's not like I can go around plucking people based on how ugly they are and their self esteem. It does not work that way. Males do not require all of their looks to attract a mate, security helps too. Me? I've got nothing. Only my looks secure the relationship and quite frankly I'm not going to be satisfied when I'm 40 years old and a guy finally has a wake up call and says he wants to be with me and not his previous hot wife after he raised his kids.

And lastly if you think I don't go outside and speak with others or haven't tried before in my life you are wrong. I tried all my life. I didn't have some easy life where every day was stable, I also lived in an abusive home that made fun of my personality and behavior often. My own mother called me a retard numerous times and her friends all thought the same. I can't just walk around late in life trial and erroring personalities to see if me and or that other person can be friends. Unless I was attractive that ship has sailed and the most I'll get is someone who says hello to me and nobody I could ever just sit down and "shoot the shit" with l, for lack of a better description.

I hate when people tell me their shitty obvious advice that I've already done, basically a "if this doesn't work sorry you're fucked". You clearly don't know what living like this is like since that's all you had to do right? Now you don't have these problems.

Anonymous 3589

you shouldn't complain about being ugly unless you really are beyond the point of help. if you're fat, you can change that. if you have bad skin, hair, teeth, or nails, you can change that.

Anonymous 3592

That's what an ugly person is. Someone beyond the point of help. What is the point of your post? To rub it in people's faces??

Anonymous 3593

Honestly, the attitude of "I'm ugly and therefore don't have any worth" is more detrimental than one's face/body/appearance.

Because of that obstacle, every attempt from anons to either sympathize or give advice will be redirected into self-loathing and justification of this kind of toxic outlook.

>I can't just walk around late in life trial and erroring personalities to see if me and or that other person can be friends.
That is literally how human interaction works. Whether or not you have a social circle or not (which is also subject to change and everyone ages and grows apart/conflicts/dies/moves/etc), people meeting others are all just moments for potential connection. Saying that all the advice offered is worthless and "obvious" means that you know what you're doing, which is choosing to fail a lot and then not try again just because things aren't easy.

And before the reply is "you just don't get it," I would say, ok I don't know your particular situation because you just generalize everything to "people never get to know me, it must be because I'm ugly and socially retarded." But the thing is, if you are aware that your social skills are lacking, they are skills, that you can work on. I have social anxiety myself and tend to regret a lot of awkward situations and have a hard time reaching out or joining conversations (so I tend to be the person who just sits in the corner and doesn't say anything). It won't change unless you change, which is try hard even if things are uncomfortable and don't come naturally.

(Sorry for this long ass post that barely anyone will read, but I wanted to offer something besides pity for this perspective and blaming robot socialization)

Anonymous 3595

You do realize…that people cheat on hot partners with ugly people, right? Cheating has little to do with appearance. It has to do with many other factors.

>>you don't understand at all

>>I hate it when people tell me their shitty obvious advice
See, if you are like this irl to people: yes, they won't like you. People don't like being talked down to or told that there is no way they could understand. That's arrogance and judgement on your part showing through. Others who give you advice aren't necessarily doling out their life story, and may have gone through something as bad, worse, or better than you. But even if some of their experiences are "better" than yours, they may have had shit in another area that's worse than you.

Anonymous 3597

Attractive people do not cheat with unattractive people. Why would they do that and if you can't come up with a valid reason then you simply don't know what your talking about.

Also nobody in the real world tells you tips for how to deal with your ugliness. They don't deal with you at all. There is something wrong with you if you believe you can equate the internet with real life interactions since you're trying to pretend the way I vent and speak on an anonymous image board is how I'd translate to physical human beings. I would never tell anyone I post here, they would think I'm a not only ugly but a freak.

Anonymous 3598

>>Attractive people do not cheat with unattractive people. Why would they do that and if you can't come up with a valid reason then you simply don't know what your talking about.
They do, though. Loneliness, feeling unappreciated by their partner, boredom, isolation, I could go on, there are so many reasons an "attractive" person would cheat with an unattractive person.

>>nobody in the real world tells you tips for how to deal with your ugliness.

A therapist is part of the real world, and yes, they would give you tips. I'm not sure where you live, but some therapists are able to be under health insurance, I could look some up for you if you provide your state/country. Some friends are safe to go to for advice on that problem, too.
>>They don't deal with you at all
people do. I know plenty of ugly people at my college and workplace. They have friends, they are dealt with plenty by other average, ugly, or attractive people.

>>They don't deal with you at all. There is something wrong with you if you believe you can equate the internet with real life interactions

I said >>if you are like this irl
I didn't say that I thought you were definitively like this irl. I will say that I feel like people's thoughts tend to translate into their interactions with people, though.

Anonymous 3608

Men are mostly attracted to looks, not to money, "cool job", "life experience" or personality.

Anonymous 3611

The vast majority of men will fuck anything that moves if given a chance, and many, many women will do the same even if for different reasons like money or fame. It's pretty sad if you stop to think about it. "Attractive" people do cheat on with "ugly" people, I've seen that happen many times.

Also who gets to decide what's ugly and attractive?
I get the conventionally attractive ideal for both men and women and all, but still, I feel like that's so damn relative… I've seen so many "attractive" people who I thought didn't look good, and "unattractive" people who I thought looked good, even before getting to know their personality.
I'll politely sage this because this is getting ranty, but I will never get that. It's sad so many of us subject ourselves to thinking we're fugly looking when realistically speaking tons of people would think we're good looking, or cute, or sexy, etc. I do subject myself to certain media based standards too, which causes me a lot of stress, but in the end I know those things are complete nonsense.
Reposted this because I forgot to sage it lel

Anonymous 3616

Well congratulations you don't know what it's like to be an ugly person and nobody around you is ugly either. I must be the unfortunate 1% that nobody wants to deal with in any way shape or form. I will always be miserable, alone and unloved no matter what I do, and everyone else will be happy.

Anonymous 3617

Not the person you're quoting, but it sucks to read you say that because it's most likely not true, but based on your self esteem, on which you need to work on (same here).
Sending good vibes your way, anon.

Anonymous 3626


>I must be the unfortunate 1% that nobody wants to deal with in any way shape or form.

I'm the same, and while I don't agree with you on everything I know what your saying. I wouldn't try to explain it further to the normies though, they don't understand and never will.

Anonymous 3637

"u just dont understand!!!11!"
My god you sound like a 14 year old emo kid, grow the fuck up. There are dozens of ways to cope with being undesirable, but you have such a self-defeating attitude you don't want to stand any of it. Lashing out at everyone who gives you "obvious advice" (if it's so obvious and common sense based maybe you should follow it instead of throwing a pity party?) is an indicator that you just want to wallow in shit instead of improving your situation.
MOST people are average or unattractive, super model-tier people aren't so common in ordinary life, but they still manage to find partners. You said it yourself that you see ugly women with partners, but they probably aren't as socially retarded as you.
>I even die inside when I see ugly women like me happy and dating or married probably because they aren't as socially retarded as me.

Anonymous 3642

Of course you're getting upset. Life is just so easy for you, you can't possibly understand what I go through on a daily basis. You clearly have extremely high standards if you think "most" people are unattractive. That is simply not true.

Also you lack reading comprehension because you fail to understand none of the "solutions" posted in this thread work. I already made the improvements on myself over several years and nothing worked. Sorry that you don't know what it's like to struggle a day in your life surrounded by everyone calling you pretty and attractive and trying to help you.

Anonymous 3644

>Sorry that you don't know what it's like to struggle a day in your life surrounded by everyone calling you pretty and attractive and trying to help you.
My life has been the opposite of that. I made a post earlier in this thread sympathizing with you a bit. >>3532
But sure, I must have such an easy life because I choose not to indulge in aimless self-pity and measure my self-worth based on how closely I resemble a Barbie doll.
>You clearly have extremely high standards if you think "most" people are unattractive
You're twisting my words around. I said most are average or unattractive with the majority of the emphasis placed on the former, and they are by virtue of being the average. If you think most people are on par with hollywood movie stars YOU are detached from reality.

I still have no clue why you'd get offended and backtrack on your previous statements when someome suggests that you should try being less socially retarded, because you claimed yourself that most of the problem comes from being socially retarded.

Anonymous 3646

Yes I read your "sympathy post" and could tell you quite simple don't understand and are probably blissfully unaware of yourself. Also you don't just "stop" being socially retarded. That is like telling someone born a retard to "stop" being a retard. There is a reason I say it. I don't try to be a social retard, it just happens.

Anonymous 3647

I found out exactly why no one has ever wanted a relationship with you. You act like a child.

Anonymous 3648

it’s an attitude problem.
Also, how do you look like? Maybe we can help with that, you can do something about your image almost immediately.

>Attractive people do not cheat with unattractive people. Why would they do that

Haha oh but they do, believe me, it happens all the time. I know so many cases it doesn’t even surprise me.

Regarding, “Why would they do that…” Miner, sex is a trap.

Anonymous 3649

Normies pls leave. Your "advice" is not helpful or wanted.

Anonymous 3650

>unironically using the term "normies"
lol fuck off back to you-know-where

Anonymous 3651

don't fuck up this imageboard by being a bitch to people who are trying to be nice. you should go to a place where people are willing to wallow with you, not to a place where people actually give a fuck and try to help.

no shit no one wants to be friends with you or date you when you're just soooooo convinced no one understands your special snowflake ugly life. fun fact, people who are ugly are not worthless and are fully capable of living a happy life even if they are awkward and aren't "good" with people.

Anonymous 3652



Pls go.

Anonymous 3653

What kind of response is she even expecting by making this thread and shutting out helpful answers? Does she want us to reaffirm how hideous and unlovable she is?
>yes you are so, sooooo ugly. Poooor you, you hideous forever alone autist. No hope for you at all you repulsive hag.
Are you satisfied now, OP?

Anonymous 3654


In all seriousness, if OP did make the thread for that purpose, what's wrong with that?

Anonymous 3655

Well for one, she comes across as an insufferable attention whore.

Anonymous 3656


How so?

Anonymous 3657

female incels like op are wacky.

Anonymous 3658

you serious? she literally won't stfu about how "ugwy and forevur awonez" she is. it's like she's either fishing for compliments or just that overdramatic.

Anonymous 3659


Or she's just talking about her state of being. People can be ugly and forever alone and talk about it, you know.

Anonymous 3660

That's not even fucking me. How gullible can someone possibly fucking be.

Yes, because nobody wants to be my friend or date me I'M the child. What a baseless assumption. I live in a harsh world and I've got people saying it's my attitude and they've never even met me. You think I would say any of what I'm saying now in person? Absolutely not. That's like reading your secret diary out loud. Anywho, unless you want me to throw myself onto people, conversations don't get anywhere past "amazing" and it's not because of whatever fictitious imagery you probably conjured up in your head. It's majorly because of my face, and the rest because everything is wrong with my existence. I can't click with them, nothing I say does anything but have them shallowly be amazed OR tell me to get laid. I guess I'm really fucking off putting by helping people out or being their good hand me down conversationalist when they need to know something. Yeah me NOT telling them to fuck off and die is me acting like a child.

Anonymous 3661

That's right here we go again. I can't be ugly and alone or find other people who are ugly and alone and vent with them. Good to know most people aren't ugly and alone and that an ugly person being anywhere is revolting.
People can't make posts about their state of being without needing compliments? Oh please. If you had half a brain to read my OP you can see it clearly asking the question of ANYBODY ELSE LIKE ME? Not HELP ME GIVE ME ADVICE. All these fuckers coming into this thread with advice because in their self righteous, self absorbed pixie minds they have some God given right to shove their guaranteed successful advice down others throats when unsolicited and then proceed to get pissy when nobody's groveling at their feet with drooling positivity.

By your definition this entire board is an attention whore board and your posts are the biggest attention whoring post of them all, hopefully this post satisfied you. I typed it really fast.

Anonymous 3662

I can't help it. Nobody has quite literally ever been nice to me, been my friend, been attracted to me, and not treated me like I'm a puppers left to die on the side of the road. I've probably exhibited every possiblly different emotional response in all situations I've encountered. I've changed clothes, I've gotten haircuts, I've gotten into fitness, I've gotten new hobbies, I've changed jobs, I've went on vacations. Either I get negative attention or am invisible. The only things that love me are animals and children. Which reminds me that I'll never start a family either.

Anonymous 3663

You know what to do, Anon. Pics or it didn't happen.

Anonymous 3665

Yeah, I'm starting to wonder how OP actually looks……

Anonymous 3667

Lmao maybe you just want an ugly buddy

Anonymous 3668

>I've changed clothes, I've gotten haircuts, I've gotten into fitness, I've gotten new hobbies, I've changed jobs, I've went on vacations. Either I get negative attention or am invisible.

You said that you are overweighted and other things before that so I highly doubt you really tried. It’s all your damn attitude and lack of self discipline.

Anonymous 3669


>my "advice" didn't work for someone but there's no way I could be wrong about something so I'll just pull shit out of my ass

I like how you flip-flop from "ugly people can be happy too!" to "well you're a fat bitch".

You talk about attention whoring and being a child, but the biggest attention whore and child in this thread is you.

Anonymous 3670

this thread is awful, it seems like a thinly veiled vie for attention on OP's part.

Anonymous 3672

I was overweight as a child, I stopped being over weight nearly a decade ago. R e a d i n g comprehension lmao.

Anonymous 3673

>I don't like this thread that was supposed to be about venting and asking for people of similar status
>must be for attention like every other thread here
Oh boy how many times is someone going to samefag this.

Anonymous 3674

I agree, she should just hide the thread, ffs. Let OP vent even if you think she's retarded, this board is meant for that and if you disagree with what she feels then let it be known and kindly fuck off instead of bitching every 2 posts.

Anonymous 3675

lol no, no one else is talking and OP is just whining about her shit. She could have easily used any other thread.

Anonymous 3676

sage for samefag, but i'm not the only one complaining.

Anonymous 3677

I think you're confusing me with someone else, I have not given any advice yet, I just said I see an attitude problem (CONFIRMED) and a very likely lack of discipline, and I have not called anybody here "fat bitch", you're misunderstanding everything.

I just assumed you still had that problem, if it's not like that, great.

You put that list of things you've done and tried but apparently people still consider you ugly and still feel invisible, so that makes me wonder what is so wrong with your appearance that nothing you've done has changed anything? That's why we're asking you a very simple question:

What do you look like?

If you do not give more details it's hard to help.

Anonymous 3685

You didn't even use the word gullible correctly lmao
>>All these fuckers coming into this thread with advice because in their self righteous, self absorbed pixie minds they have some God given right to shove their guaranteed successful advice down others throats when unsolicited
Jesus fuck get therapy, no one is being self-righteous or self-absorbed by commenting on one fucking thread regarding some incel girl.
>>and then proceed to get pissy when nobody's groveling at their feet with drooling positivity
no one's asking for a thank you. you described in the OP a situation this sounds not grounded in reality and people find it intriguing. you aggressively respond to people which is unwarranted and surprising. no shit people are taken aback.

Anonymous 3687

OP how old are you?
Give an example where you were "socially retarded"?

I used to think like you until I got therapy. I have a boyfriend now. You need to change your noggin. "How the hell someone gonna love you if you cant love yourself"

Anonymous 3690


>That's right here we go again. I can't be ugly and alone or find other people who are ugly and alone and vent with them.
>If you had half a brain to read my OP you can see it clearly asking the question of ANYBODY ELSE LIKE ME?
But what's the point of any of that? No one understand your unique case of ugliness.

Anonymous 3691

I'm curious, can you conceive of a guy who would be too ugly for you to be physically attracted to?

Anonymous 3694

You know, OP, I can relate a lot to your situation and feelings. I do feel ugly most of the time, but I know that realistically speaking, I'm not ugly, I do have some very attractive features.

On top of that I do have a pretty much normal life - I work and have a degree. Still I feel like I'm socially retarded because I don't really have IRL friends (well, I guess I only have 1 at this point) due to my upbringing as a shut in being raised by a controlling mom. I haven't had a proper RL boyfriend in years and I crave human touch.
I guess I'm just venting, but oh well. No advice here, but I wish you good luck.

I'm not her, obv, but I'd definitely be with someone who had great qualities, even if I wasn't attracted to them physically wise. That happened to me in the past though we never got together IRL due to distance.

Anonymous 3696

I pose >>3691 as a thought experiment (note that I ask purely about physical attraction, not emotional attraction / relationship potential).

Anonymous 3699


I can.


>I'm not her, obv, but I'd definitely be with someone who had great qualities, even if I wasn't attracted to them physically wise.

You know men will never pay you or any other girl that same courtesy right?

Anonymous 3700

Not every man is a pile of shit. I am not physically unattractive though, just bad at socializing.

Anonymous 3701


>Not every man is a pile of shit.

Maybe, but the vast majority are.

Anonymous 3713

I dont think so. Just because they are wired differently than us doesnt mean they are bad. Some of them yes, as there as some women that are pieces of shit too.

Anonymous 3715

Tbh most women are pieces of shit too nowadays. The problem is people, humankind in general. Some individuals are good, some aren't. Sorry if this sounds a bit edgy, but I think it's the truth. I don't think the majority of women is nice, the only difference is that most wouldn't rape you if given the chance, but they're shitty in other ways.

Anonymous 3722

> I can

Ok, is there anything such a guy could do to get your attention?

Anonymous 3728


In the case of men, yes, it means they are bad.



Anonymous 3824

Let's get the thread back on track shall we?

>posting on /soc/ some kind of forever alone or virgin thread

>mention that I sometimes go to local coffee shop to read or hang out but never talk to anyone or am approached by guys
>que flood of "but you're a girl!!" and "well someone will approach you soon!" posts
>mfw it's been 3 years and it never happened

At least I can take satisfaction in proving all those assholes wrong

Anonymous 3825

thread direction.j…

sage'ing to not pic related further, but ffs
Queue: a file or a line
Cue: a hint or a prompt, to prepare
Que: (Latin) who or what

Anonymous 3828

That never happened to me and I know that's not because I'm not attractive, but because I don't look approachable at all. Do you think you look approachable?

Anonymous 3840



But is that something people actually do? Just approach strangers? At coffee shops?

Anonymous 3841

Never doubt some types of people, seriously.

Anonymous 3843

I was approached by someone once in my school's campus coffeeshop. It ended up he was a drugdealer though.

He asked if I liked to "Party" >_>

Anonymous 3844

damn anon, I'm always trying to get weed but it is illegal as fuck here. Wish that happened to me.

Anonymous 3848




I've heard and read too many accounts from attractive women who are constantly bugged by men, even when they're trying to act as uninterested and unapproachable as possible, to think it's much of a factor.


Yes. I think there's been a couple stories posted on cc about being approached by random strangers.


>TFW other girls get drugs offered up to them but you're to shy and nervous to even approach your local dealer yourself so you have to install TOR and mine bitcoins and buy your drugs off the dark web but you fucked up and accidentally bought a crate of grenades from the Chinese mafia and now the ATF's investigating you

Feels bad sis

Anonymous 3861

If you guys want to be approached by people and aren't having any luck, it might help to wear some kind of apparel that reveals your powerlevel. I always say "Hey I like your shirt!" to people wearing merch of stuff I like no matter what they look like because we have a mutual interest in the thing they're wearing. I've made some good friends that way. Even if you are hugely fat and smell bad I will definitely want to be your friend if you're wearing a shirt with an obscure anime character I like on it.

Anonymous 3872

whats wrong with correcting someone's form tho

Anonymous 3873

Haha literally no one corrects me. I don't know if my form is good or if I'm just that stand offish and ugly.

Anonymous 3876

You're wrong though. I understand her pain (see >>3564)

I can understand why OP made the thread, if you're ugly like us you'd understand (not trying to sound bitchy here). Sometimes you just get so angry at the world, you want to scream at everyone. I know it's not fair to demand people be physically attracted to me and go out with me, and I try my hardest not to hate people for that, but it's very hard when every day you hear people making fun of the way someone looks, and you know that people do it to you. You know that you will never be given the same respect as an average looking person, because to them you're some circus freak.

Anonymous 3877

not the anon you're responding to, but personally my empathy ended at >>3728 with
> Nope.

If you can conceive of someone who is too ugly to be physically attracted to and then go on to say there's no other feature that could redeem them in your eyes, you're perpetuating the very problem you're complaining about and being a hypocrite; at that point you've become ugly on the inside.

Anonymous 3878

I'm mostly speaking from experience with the general public. If I found someone whom I thought was genuinely interesting then looks wouldn't matter. Even if I don't take qualities into account, looks don't really matter for me, if I someone found me interesting I'd be able to fall in love with them, which is really stupid but I don't care. I'd rather have a short lived love than none at all.

Anonymous 3943


I'm >>3728. I and every other girl who's in this thread for it's purpose and not to derail have acknowledged that we don't expect or demand that anyone be attracted to us. Talking about how much this situation sucks and how we, being- you know, human-, wish we could have what others do isn't the same as demanding that it was so. A good chunk of what we're talking about isn't even strictly related to romance anyways, and no, I do not treat people I'm not attracted to they way people, especially men, treat me. I also don't understand why I have to be nicer and more forgiving than everyone else. No one has given me slack or let me get their attention. I think it's arrogant and unfair to demand that I forgive a guy for being, say, bald when the vast majority of guys write off any girl who is not skinny for example. Lastly, I feel like that question was a set-up, with the asker expecting me to say yes and then smugly pulling the "Aha, see if can do it then someone out there will do the same for you! Just b urself :)" card. But that's the whole point, most people aren't like that, and if it's ugly the truth is most people are ugly on the inside.

Anonymous 4510

Have you considered asking a guy out?

Anonymous 4515

This year i'll turn 23 and i haven't even had my first kiss yet.
When i was younger it bothered me extremely, but now the worst thing for me is my lack of friends.
It hurts me so much to see all the other girls happily hanging with their friends and i'm so alone… I know that my personality isn't the most pleasant, but i'm also really ugly with a resting bitch face, so i never get approached and whenever i try approaching someone, it never goes 'deeper' than just a quick chat…

Anonymous 4536

Femanon almost fin…

Anonymous 4554

>knows that op is (or at least feels) socially retarded and ugly
>hey just use tinder
>hey just be social

please anon, the only hope for people like OP is to consider consulting a therapist and to make an effort not to grow bitter. Not saying handicapped (not necessarily limited to appearance, also emotional etc. etc.) people cannot be happy, but we can't be happy by being talked into trying to emulate living like a non-handicapped person. This often won't work for us. We have to try finding happiness™ in other things. OP, I understand you, and so do a few others who are in similar situations (or are not, but empathetic.)
To everyone that might feel similar to OP, and to everyone that does not understand her: read Randalph Bourne's essay "The Handicapped", I think everyone should try to understand it. Take you a few minutes and read the whole thing, otherwise it won't make much sense: http://www.raggededgemagazine.com/0501/0501ft2-1.htm

Polite sage for derailing. I hope everything will turn out ok for everyone. I won't, but I hope.

Anonymous 4560


I don't expect anything. Have a nice day.

Anonymous 4631

I know your frustration. Venting about being an undesirable loser always make normals so aggressive, even here. Never having experienced love and validation is just so unrealistic to them that they get angry. In their world, that's just not a thing. I don't know if you're still checking in on this thread.

Anonymous 4729

I see so many ugly couples in the city when I walk around, OP. Ugly people can find their uggo other. You just need to find them.
I believe in you.

Anonymous 4730


>implying i want an uggo bf just because i'm ugly

Anonymous 4731

I think most people are ugly and they seem to be happy enough with themselves and their ugly partner.
But do what you want.

Anonymous 4732

To this day I still have no fucking clue, if guys on 4chan/etc who talk about traps are actually attracted to them or just meme about it.
Obviously there are some fetishists, but the question is of course how big that group is.

Anonymous 4733

I hate to be the person who says the cheesy "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thing, but just because you consider someone or yourself ugly doesn't mean everyone else does too.

To you it might seem there are happy 'ugly' couples but they might actually be attracted to each other and honestly like each other's looks.

Most people who told me they consider themselves ugly weren't so bad in my eyes.

I didn't mean to sound rude so sorry if i was.

Anonymous 4734

Yeah. I guess I am unique in the sense that I think the majority of humans are all ugly.

Anonymous 4740

>>Most people who told me they consider themselves ugly weren't so bad in my eyes

So true. Self esteem is a bitch. I know people who I think look attractive but see themselves as fugly. The opposite can be true, too.

Anonymous 4745

And what if other people tell you that you're ugly?

Anonymous 4746

I am lucky to be from Germany where people are I guess more polite than people from America and don't say stuff like that.

Anonymous 4747

That's still relative because not everyone will think the same way. What "other people" are these people? Family, exes?

Anonymous 4748

I honestly feel suicidal when I look at myself for a long time, I have severe hyperpigmentation, melasma and acne, I'm just now getting help for it at 21.

I feel like an animal, fucking disgusting and hideous, I'm so envious of how beautiful my sisters/mother is, crystal clear skin but here I am stuck with ugly features and skin.

Being ugly ruins your life, it makes people treat you like human garbage…I wear foundation and use it along with contour to create a somewhat normal face. :/ Every fucking day I wish I was born a man, I hate being a woman.

Hopefully, my skin clears up, through the treatment I'm undergoing and I finally look normal.

Anonymous 4749

I had people mistaken me for a guy due to the melasma on my mustache area :D Even though I was obviously wearing womans clothes, I fucking hate people

Anonymous 4762

nta but that's horrible. im sorry anon, i can't imagine that. ):

Anonymous 4763

I feel like I missed my chance. I am 34. most of the guys who would want me are married with kids. I have never had a boyfriend. I have had 1 sex partner and he was separated from his wife. he left her for a good reason and he had been out of the house for 2 years.

Anonymous 4764

Just curious, but how did you even discover this site and presumably other chans/internet culture?

Also, you are not that old. You still have a chance. I am 24 and completly missed out on anything sexual or romantic in my teenage years. Granted, I don't really feel like I missed anything, even though a bf would be nice at this point.

Anonymous 4770

Do you want to be friends? I'd really like to have a more mature woman to talk with. Btw you really aren't so old that you missed your chance. You are just regular adult age, I'd say.

Anonymous 4780

Funny because i'm german as well


Anonymous 4782

I think that my body is alright but my face is ugly. I'm also bad at make up so I'm pretty much hopeless. I hope that if I improve my make up skills I will be less ugly.

Anonymous 4786

Ich war auf dem Gymnasium mit Bonzen. Wir waren alle sehr höflich und Mobbing fand nicht wirklich statt.

Anonymous 4788

Schön für dich…? So ists eben leider nicht überall

Anonymous 4790

Yeah, I feel sorry for you.
It's just interesting to think about how I might have developed differently, if I went to a different school.
Those people I went with were polite and all, but we never became friends and after graduation I never saw them ever again.
Maybe I would have been horribly bullied if I went to a different school, but maybe that would also toughened me up?
It's kinda weird to have never anyone call you ugly, even though you deeply suspect as much, but they were all just too polite to say that anything was wrong with you.
The only person I had a problem with had an immigrant background/or maybe he was just tanned, but he acted like the typical guy who would just think about going on parties, drink and seemed really stupid. That made me think about whether all other people didn't like me, but were just too polite to say anything.

Sorry for rambling.

Anonymous 4793

Another German here, went to the same type of school, and I don't know why you >>4786 even had to mention

>hurr durr my rich classmates didn't bully me so something's gotta be wrong with you maybe?

You're so condescending, get a grip.

Anonymous 4794

I can see why it might be condescending, but you have to understand that I was only with them on that school. I wasn't one of them. I am poor as fugg.
So if anything it makes me kinda disappointed for the missed chance of socializing with them more or that they were just casual with me, but really didn't accept me as one of them or as friends.

Obviously I am aware nower days that I was lucky to not be bullied on school and shouldn't just assume that every school had the same enviroment as the one I was on.

That's all. :3

Anonymous 4811

I originally posted that my classmates called me ugly, so why did you feel that only writing WE were polite, WE never bullied anyone would change anything or help me? You never specified that you were excluded from them

Anonymous 4829

>You never specified that you were excluded from them

>Those people I went with were polite and all, but we never became friends and after graduation I never saw them ever again.

Sorry, sometimes what I am trying to say becomes a jumbled mess. Even in person I sometimes come across as arrogant or abrasive, because of this.

Anonymous 4904

Such a big part of female friendship is talking about relationships/men/hookups. Makes it hard to relate, it's just a whole different world.

Anonymous 4931

After OP Pixee Fox…

Tbh I want to become a plastic surgery monster. I feel like their ugliness is more accepted, in a way. I think it's just easier for people to feel sorry for someone who they believe might've been pretty once, and is now botched, than to sympathize with someone who was simply born really ugly. The only thing holding me back from getting PS is money, but otherwise I'd much prefer to look like pic related than the way I do now.

(Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I didn't want to post this in the vent thread since there was another ugly woman causing drama recently and I don't want people thinking I'm her)

Anonymous 4934

I'm in LA so I know all this. You don't need money just a sponsor. Head on over to the appropriate dating apps and tell them you want to be bimbofied

It's dangerous but men love that shit. Oh and you have to escort. Like forever.

Anonymous 4935

*Not that I think that's a good idea. It's actually really stupid because you're trading your soul away to be a walking sex doll

Anonymous 4986

>basing any decision off of what people in LA do

LA is a fucking play pen for hedonistic adult babies to simultaneously shame each other and inflate each others egos so they can pretend that the decisions they made in insecurity are the height of social conformity and not laughed at by the rest of the country

Anonymous 4991

The girl on that picture doesn't even look that bad honestly.

I am by no means an expert on the subject, so I can't really say much, except that you really shouldn't do it. The women who overdo that look so artifical and plastic that they look more like Transsexuals than women.

That shit is insanely creepy.
>recommending someone to just throw away their soul

Anonymous 4996

But even in LA the bimbos make up a tiny, tiny fraction of the population. The majority of people in LA are Mexicans…

Honestly, unless you overdo it or get it botched, plastic surgery can look hella natural. I'm getting fillers in my lips/cheeks soon, but going for a subtle amount just to enhance my appearance (although, with that said, I like the high-maintenance, superficial look…)

If the woman in the pic didn't have fake eye color and didn't make her top lip so big and had a normal line that goes between the nose and lip, she'd look wayyy more natural despite getting enhancements.

Anonymous 5140

lol can't confirm

Anonymous 5141

Is it true that strangers, especially males, are really mean towards ugly women?

>I've heard and read too many accounts from attractive women who are constantly bugged by men, even when they're trying to act as uninterested and unapproachable as possible, to think it's much of a factor.
The whole getting approached by men thing varies a lot depending on your location.

Anonymous 5142

>Is it true that strangers, especially males, are really mean towards ugly women?
Strangers are really men towards ugly people regardless of sex.

Anonymous 5146

Maybe. I just wanted anons ITT first hand accounts.

Anonymous 5147

i don't think they're mean but I'm like a background character and have no presence at all.

Anonymous 5393

Both sexes are awful towards ugly women. Not just attractive people, either. I've had other ugly women, complete strangers, make fun of me, probably to signal in some way that they're at least not on the same level as me.

Anonymous 6441


This tbh. I'm an uggo too anon, but I made friends and even got a bf. He's says he immediately liked me because we both so deeply identify with the same shit. Also I think it's helpful to change the way you view yourself. Placing so much of your self worth in your appearance is not good for your development or your current well being.

Anonymous 6468

Try MaiOtaku! Hide behind avatar, go on blind dates, less pain overall.

Anonymous 6853

I am very sorry for how this all turned out for you and I hope that Mr. right will find you one day. Maybe it is also that guys you find cute don't have the courage to ask you out. You might try to take the initiative if you really have special feelings for someone. I honestly believe there is a perfect fit for everyone out there but the problem is to get the right people together.

please keep in mind that not everyone is native in English. Many languages have slightly different words for the english meaning and posters might translate their thoughts a little too literal when posting.

Anonymous 6858

>That poster just thought you were a male because misogynistic men tend to refer to women as females

She also refered to men as males. I don't understand people who see one word they dislike and then immediately stop thinking like a logical human.

Anonymous 6875

NTA but as a non-native speaker I say females a lot and I am a woman. Being accused of being a guy just because you said "female" is fucking retarded.

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