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Paranoid feels Anonymous 36249

Post paranoia, severe or light, about yourself or others

>talk to new contact

>mid conversation they suddenly appear offline and always have to doublecheck my friend list to see if they deleted me because of what I just said or if they're simply on phone/bad internet

Anonymous 36250

I am afraid that my adhd and autism makes me unlikeable in a fundamentally unfixable way. People stop being my friend as soon as I share that with them, even if we have been friends for years.

I know how you feels.

Anonymous 36252

I'm in the same boat, it's why I stopped telling people I have these things in the first place. I got bullied a lot for it in elementary and high school too so that helped me speak word of it ever again lol

Anonymous 36263

I’ve ran away from certain social media’s because I needed to avoid certain people and their constant toxicity. But I can still feel them chasing after me in other places I’m currently active in.

Anonymous 36264

I can relate to that, anon, and it's not always an unwarranted thought. In 2014 I went through a pretty bad break up and had a paranoid feeling that my ex-girlfriend was stalking me through my social media, which caused me to frequently move accounts across multiple platforms. Around a year later I did actually discover something which confirmed that she had been, as well as that she briefly created an entirely new persona in order to try and befriend me again, which I hadn't realized at the time she'd done it. It took me around 2 full years to finally get away from her.

Anonymous 36270

crow thief.gif

Lockdown has had me noided about being outside in general. All my flatmates decided to go home so Im in a big 6 bedroom by myself and I'm always paranoid my neighbours are watching me. A girl can't smoke a joint in her back garden without the children next door coming out to play or the middle aged guy coming out to hang out the washing and look at me disapprovingly. I live in the UK where weed isn't taken crazily seriously and a lot of people do it, but you just never know

Anonymous 36271

>say literally anything mildly silly to my boyfriend of 2 years
>what if this is really weird. what if he thinks i'm weird and hates me
he's very reassuring about it, at least, but it still sucks

Anonymous 36274

>feeling paranoid about people you've known for years
I hate it so much. I've known my best friend for about 10 years but I still feel like he will randomly ghost me because I do something weird

Anonymous 36306

am always paranoid, but lately my fear of being watched has come back a bit more..
caught myself looking around for cameras in the bathroom yesterday

Anonymous 36314

I guess I'm not the only one anon. The fact that I live with other people, especially young horny ass men that actually tried hitting me up but I rejected, I feel like they secretly hid cameras around my area to stalk me. I hope it isn't true..

Anonymous 36461

I'm paranoid that incels will take over society and I'll get killed for dating above my looksmatch

Anonymous 36465

I have this feel too, although I generally keep a low profile so I don't know a lot of people who would want to stalk me. Nonetheless the feeling persists so I've decided to delete a few social media pages I don't really need to help me feel better.

I'm starting to get paranoid about the possibility of people looking through the windows of my house at night.

Anonymous 36473


>is home alone
>thinks someone is watching me
>knows it's unreasonable
>looks under the bed anyway
>checks the lock
>looks out of the window
>checks the closet
>look under the bed again
>still feels i'm being watched


Anonymous 36498

I always have this thought that I bore the hell out of all my family and friends with my rambling and they just tolerate me out of pity.

Anonymous 36500

Screen Shot 2018-0…

my dad passed away a couple months ago (from cancer) and it made me realize death and severe illness was very real and very possible. ever since then i've been getting continuously unwell of sorts, and with the combination of corona times i get extremely nervous i'm actually super sick or will die. i can't tell if it's my brain/anxiety playing tricks on me or if i'm actually unwell.

death is ok to me i guess but i'm the eldest and my mom is an immigrant that can't speak english or hold a blue collar job, and i'm my family's biggest hope finance wise in the near future. also my sisters would be devastated. i just keep getting super scared i'm sick with something serious but i don't want to go outside to the hospital and we don't have insurance anyway. also i'm exhausted of being unwell. i'd like to feel ok again.

Anonymous 36503

I have a similar habit where I’ll walk into my bathroom and rapidly pull my shower curtain to the side to see if a murderer or some sort of entity was hiding behind in the bathtub.. just have to make sure…

Anonymous 36506


This is the SECOND TIME I've gone to my boyfriends house and become so paranoid that I'd left the oven on that I have to stifle a full blown panic attack. The first time it happened I eventually ran all the way home to check but the second time I rode it out and it took hours for me to be able to properly focus on anything and feel calm again. Even though I KNEW I'd looked at the oven before I even left!!! Why is my brain clinging to this I have literally never left the oven on or had to worry about it before!!!

I don't have any diagnosed mental health problems, though I've sought some counselling because of a downturn in my moods and anxiety/irrational thought spiralling out of control - but nothing this trivial and random? I could feel a physical anxiety attack coming on which has only happened to me like three times in my life.

Anonymous 36511

This is why people like you never succeeded in life. You mom decided to leech on you and force you support them, instead of letting you work for your own independence. She should have learned English and should have gotten a job when you moved.

Anonymous 36513

i decided to support my family out of my own free will. i'm doing very ok career wise. why so bitter? are you projecting? maybe you should see someone about this

Anonymous 36519

Doesn't change the fact that your immigrant mother is a burden and failed to integrate in society. I just hate people like that. Learning English isn't even hard.

Anonymous 36526

are u ok? rather harsh remark in response to a vent post. she didn't ask for advice or help with her mother. why project that sentiment onto her, even if you do hate people like that? how many languages do you speak yourself?

Anonymous 36527

>Learning English isn't even hard
English contains some of the most difficult-to-learn sentence structure, tense, spelling, and grammar conditions, and people who speak no other language than English can confirm this as well.

Just let the uneducated xenophobe seethe, anon.

Anonymous 36536

At least she’s not competing with Americans in the job market, if you want to look at it that way lol. When I was job-searching I kept thinking about how much less difficult it would be if the millions of immigrants here didn’t outnumber the Americans. Really hope they don’t let more in with how the economy is.

Anonymous 36554

This isn't /pol/ anons. It sounds like his mother never had opportunities to study and was expected to be a housewife and focus on their kids. If they were short of money when they moved there, then English lessons for the mother would have been a low priority.

Anonymous 36555

4 languages. My post is a vent post about her vent post.

Lmao try Spanish or French. English is piss easy.

I would prefer it a lot more if they integrated, spoke the language fluently, and entered the job market. Full integration is better. I live in a country with immigrants from all over the world and it worked well because everybody integrated properly.

Anonymous 36556

Which language do you speak anon? Let's have a test to show you're not lying.

Anonymous 36565

>Full integration is better.
I understand that anon. I kind of don’t want them here either way tbh, since they’re still leeching away limited resources (esp from lower class americans).

Anonymous 36577

No one is leeching away limited resources from working class Americans (which includes working class immigrants) more than the ruling class.

Anonymous 36578


>English contains some of the most difficult-to-learn sentence structure
Are you being ironic? English syntax is easy compared to pretty much every other language. Take it from someone who's majoring in linguistics. Pic related is one of my favorite examples. Also this:

love, loves, loving, loved

amar, amo, amas, ama, amamos, amáis, aman, amado, amé, amaste, amó, amamos, amasteis, amaron, amaba, amabas, amábamos, amabais, amaban, amaría, amarías, amaríamos, amaré, amarás, amará, amaremos, amaréis, amarán, ame, ames, amemos, améis, amen, amase, amases, amásemos, amaseis, amasen, amara, amaras, amáramos, amarais, amaran, amare, amares, amáremos, amareis, amaren, amad
a fellow polyglot :0

Anonymous 36581

I agree with you there but there are literally millions of immigrants where I am to the point where they actually outnumber the Americans. It doesn’t help. I just think it’s wrong at that point. I feel bad for all the people right now who were laid off.

Anonymous 36582

doubleposting, but English also doesn’t have a ton of nonsensical noun genders that you have to memorize

Anonymous 36585

>love, loves, loving, loved

You’re a pretty shit linguist then. English uses two words for tenses most of the time e.g. have loved, have had love, had had love, will love, will have love, etc. You can’t compare that with Spanish which often only uses one word, in that way.

Anonymous 36586


いいよ. J'en ai assez des クソ移民 que no aprenden la langue locale, English in particular ni es difícil なのに学ぶ努力さえしない y se quedan así pendent toute la vie.

Anonymous 36589


You sure about that language learning anon?

Anonymous 36595

Yeah French spelling is hard who would've thought. Nothing wrong with the other two though.

Anonymous 36606

In English the lexeme "lov" only has 4 grammemes (-e, -s, -ing, -ed). Spanish has 49. That was the point I was trying to make.
I didn't count any auxiliary verbs in English because then I'd have to count all the auxiliary verbs in Spanish too. But fine I'll humor you.

English: Love, loves, loved, loving, have loved, has loved, will love, will have loved, was loving, were loving, had loved, will be loving, have been loving, had been loving, will have been loving (15 in total, INCLUDING auxiliary verbs)

Spanish: Amo, amas, ama, amamos, amáis, aman, he amado, has amado, ha amado, hemos amado, habéis amado, han amado, amé, amaste, amó, amamos, amasteis, amaron, amaba, amabas, amaba, amábamos, amabais, amaban, hube amado, hubiste amado, hubo amado, hubimos amado, hubisteis amado, hubieron amado, había amado, habías amado, habíamos amado, habíais amado, habían amado, amaría, amarías, amaría, amaríamos, amaríais, amaría, habría amado, habrías amado, habríamos amado, habríais amado, habrían amado, amaré, amarás, amará, amaremos, amaréis, amarán, habré amado, habrás amado, habrá amado, habremos amado, habréis amado, habrán amado, ame, ames, amemos, améis, amen, amase, amases, amásemos, amaseis, amasen, amara, amaras, amáramos, amarais, amaran, haya amado, hayas amado, hayamos amado, hayáis amado, hayan amado, hubiese amado, hubieses amado, hubiésemos amado, hubieseis amado, hubiesen amado, hubiera amado, hubieras amado, hubiéramos amado, hubierais amado, hubieran amado, amare, amares, amáremos, amareis, amaren, hubiere amado, hubieres amado, hubiéremos amado, hubiereis amado, hubieren amado, amad (147 in total, including auxiliary verbs but excluding grammemes that repeat even when used after different pronouns, for example "Yo hubiese amado" and "Ella hubiese amado". Same conjugation, different syntactic context.)

More conjugations means more things to memorize. English is ezpz in comparison. Also,
>You’re a pretty shit linguist then
Bitch really thought she was smarter than someone who's been studying this specific topic for 3 years lmao

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