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How is COVID-19 making YOUR professional life a living hell? Anonymous 36417

I thought it could be nice to have a vent thread for people graduating/who've had their professional life and education disrupted by covid.

I'm graduating in a week into a competitive creative field and have applied to the only two or three jobs im qualified for in my area. On the surface I'm still excited and I have faith in my abilities but I know it's going to be a lot harder than even I can comprehend. I've had no graduation ceremony, no end of year exhibition, subpar feedback from tutors, and no celebration at all. I'm probably gonna have to sign up for govt. assistance, look for a shitty regular job and maybe try freelancing for extra cash. Sounds silly but I was so excited to have 2020 be my graduating year cos of the round number, but now I just wish I'd take a year out or something.

Anonymous 36454

I’ve been trying to find a clinical site for a college program I want to apply to. I haven’t found one place and I’ve contacted several. I’m pretty pessimistic right now and might have to start contacting places more than an hour away from me. The virus is probably making this a lot harder. It’s so frustrating that I feel my life is on pause.

Anonymous 36467


I'm honestly beginning to get cold feet about my career choice now because it's in the medical field and I never thought something like covid-19 would ever become a thing.

I'm way too far in now to change majors and my oldest brother had basically already guilted me into staying and finishing school. I don't have enough money for this to have all gone to waste even though I fear that my future job is now my worst nightmare come alive and I'm all alone without my family.

I wish I had stuck with something boring but safe like a cushy office job career. I wish I had a husband that my parents approved of that would care for me as a stay-at-home mom so I wouldn't even need to have a career.

I'm scared of venting to others because I'm sure that people will just call me a coward/retard/lazy fuck/failure/loser/etc. I feel like I'm slipping into insanity and want to just die now before it gets any worse.

Anonymous 36468

I already have a career and life couldn't be better. The place I was working was an hour drive away, but now I work from home and my mental health couldn't be better. Starting to really pull in money, so my finances are evening out and I've got plenty in savings.

Anonymous 36469

It gave me the push I needed to leave my situation that I despised but never had the courage to run away from.

I haven't started anything since, but I feel a million times better. It is like I was some sort of zombie for the better part of four years, and am only now starting to live again.

Anonymous 36507


Are those in the medical field being pushed into immediate service where you live, anon? Here in the U.K. I know nursing and paramedic students in their final year have now been expected to join the NHS and start working immediately. Is there much support for med students? At least in Scotland our student nurses get a bursary/grant, in England they're working for free!!

Anonymous 36508

People in your life are shitty if you have to be scared of venting to them about something like this

Anonymous 36557


I got a job at this cool start-up shop run by a young couple right after I got laid off my first job and it was really awesome to work there. Two weeks later I got a lay-off there as well. The way the one owner broke the news to me made it sound like he was going to get all three employees go and just run it with his wife:
>we can’t afford to have employees
>we can’t even pay ourselves right now ;_;
>when COVID ends and if our shop makes it we’ll be sure to put you back on the team, dw anon

I got another job in a healthcare facility shortly after, something actually promising with more hours and that paid better and so I started throwing money at this shop to support them hoping they wouldn’t go out of business. They gladly took my money.

Just ran into another one of the girls who worked there and found out I was the only one who got let go. Apparently everyone still works there but me.

Am I dumb for being pissy about this and hoping their business fails? They just seem so fake now.

Anonymous 36558


oh anon, that really sucks. If anything, I'm sure it wont be anything personal. It's probably true that they had to downsize but maybe they hid the truth a little to spare your feelings.

Is it possible they are just closer on a personal level to the other employees? Maybe they're a family friend or they owe them in some way, or happen to think they needed the job more for whatever reason.

Anonymous 36559

Before quarantine I got hired into an internship but I only got to work there for a day. I don't know if this means I'm fired now :(

Anonymous 36560

Wow, what horrid people. Didn't have the decency to tell you that you were the one to be let go because you were the last hired? And then to take your money like no big deal? Yeah, I hope they fail too anon.

Send whoever was in charge of you an email and just ask.

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