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How do I overcome crippling shyness? Anonymous 37262

It's probably ruining my life. I'm a shut~in NEET at 27 who has never gone all the way with a guy. The very rare situations where I could have I ran away from it. The only positive thing I got going on right now is the pandemic makes it easier to order things without interacting with the delivery person. I just don't understand why I prefer to be alone but at the same time am lonely. Why am I like this?

Anonymous 37274

You're not alone, Anon.

Anonymous 37328

Why not just accept you’re an introvert and get a pet to talk to?

Anonymous 37331

You have to break the silence, anon. There's no other way around it.

Anonymous 37333

You don't.
There's things that can make it better but from my own experience it never goes away. So you just have to deal with it. Put yourself in social situations and force yourself to interact. I've heard about people who overcame it and became normal but they had to get professional help.
>Why am I like this?
Personally I am like that because I have no self esteem at all.

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