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Anonymous 37452

Hi, anons. Should I invest the time to find and look through the bf's reddit? Or is that too invasive? I regularly stalk the post history of random users I find. If I ~just happened~ to find his name and look it up later, is that wrong of me? He clearly is one of those people that values muh privacy. It could potentially be triggering for my bpdfag ass, or it could soothe me (I tell myself that, but it is unlikely) to see them.

Anonymous 37453

Get on with it.

Anonymous 37454

As someone who probably has some BPD traits and who has stalked the reddit accounts of people I know, definitely do not do it. You will end up obsessing and checking it multiple times per day and reading too much into it. Unless you think your bf is cheating on you or hiding something big, don’t ever stalk or snoop.

Anonymous 37473

kek I "deactivated" Twitter just so I would stop snooping in my boyfriend's likes. I lied and told him I was taking a break from Twitter, but I just made a new account and am currently stalking him. I wish I could stop but I can't. I, too, say don't do it.

Anonymous 37495

Just do it. My bf is also that kind of person and he really respects my own privacy, but men are men and they will always have bad things that you should know about. Reading his posts made me be more cautious, less naive, and made me idolize him less. You don't have to act on it, but it's important to know.

Anonymous 37497

Privacy only really applies to things that are not available publicly.
I mean, he can be uncomfortable with it, but it's hardly an invasion of privacy, if he doesn't want people to see what he posted on Reddit he shouldn't have posted on Reddit.
I don't use Reddit but I'd be surprised if it didn't have some sort of function to hide history from the public's eye, and it that case he has even less right to complain if someone sees it.
It's like scrolling through someone's blog, if it's out there publicly they really have no right to complain.

Anonymous 37499

>I'd be surprised if it didn't have some sort of function to hide history from the public's eye
As far as I know it doesn't.
And anyways, even if it isn't a breach of privacy it's still rude to go snooping through someone's reddit history. It's like looking over their shoulder when they're typing an email. Sure they're not hiding it, but you're just looking because you wanna be nosy.

Anonymous 37508

pick up a hobby instead

Anonymous 37512

tell us how it goes if you decide to do it

Anonymous 37542

Will do. I have a chance to peek at it today or tomorrow. Crossing my fingers. All I need is that username.

Anonymous 37543

>All I need is the one thing required to do the task.

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