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Anonymous 37968

I'm going to take plan b today for peace of mind. Does anyone have experiences or warnings? I'm very worried about birth control making my brain fog worse, which is already really bad.

Anonymous 37970


Don't have sex if you don't want to get pregnant.

Anonymous 37971

You will bleed a lot a few days after taking it. To my knowledge, it doesn't cause brain fog.

Anonymous 37972

My period just ended so do you think I'll still bleed a lot? I just started the (progesterone only) birth control a month ago and I've been spotting a whole lot anyway.
I want to talk myself out of doing this but it's really the responsible decision, even if it's only protecting against a 10% chance.

Anonymous 38375

The two days after I took the pill I was totally fine. Felt no different at all from any other day. Then the third and fourth days I felt pretty shitty: super tired and achey and having some abdominal cramping. The third day I started spotting, which turned into a full period for the next seven days. Pretty normal. Fifth day onward I felt normal, just like I was having my period again. Just some info for anyone curious about it like I was.

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