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Anonymous 38304

Has it happened to you?

Anonymous 38313



Anonymous 38772

Nope I’m a gigantic unfeminine amazon woman and guys will never find me attractive aside from some weirdos who do in a “step on me, mommy” kind of way and I’ll never be seen as cute and dainty so thanks for the reminder OP

Anonymous 38775

literally moid garbage

Anonymous 38785

>wants to be found cute
Big oof there, but hey at least there's perks to being taller. Better to accept the flaws inherent to our lives than seethe and become depressed over our misfortunes for the remainder of such a shallow existence!

Anonymous 38786


Anonymous 38787

All women are cute, anon. If anything tall girls who are meek/feminine are uniquely endearing due to the contrast.

I'm not a man though, so perhaps my opinion is moot.

Anonymous 38791

Massively triggered by the apostrophe in the girl's speech bubble


How would this make sense, it's supposed to indicate missing letters, ahhgg

Anonymous 38797

I think there are guys who are more into gentle subtle femdom rather than outright "please inflict pain on me."
If you'd rather dominance not factor into it at all, though, you'll probably have to just look for guys who don't care about/aren't concerned with your height rather than guys who are attracted to you because of it.
You could also try and find a guy even taller than you. Most tall women I see with a guy are with a guy still taller than they are.

Anonymous 38800

… I-is 5’8 amazonian? Asking for a friend

Anonymous 38843

Start learning Dutch, or dress childishly.

Anonymous 38849

lmao midget

Anonymous 38854

Educate me on how this is ""moid garbage"". I fail to see any 'moidness' in the pic

Anonymous 38856

I'd love to be a tall woman. Even better if I could tower over many men. You have it easier to look lady-like, beautiful and cool at the same time if you present yourself in the right way. Models are all tall. Tall people have longer legs and lots of people value long legs.

You will never be seen as an "underdeveloped short girl". Why do you want to look cute and dainty if you're a grown-up adult? When you turn 35, you don't want to be shorter and dainty, you want to be tall and present a mature image.

I remember going to a wedding, wearing shoes with small heels, and it felt great to be a bit taller than some of the women there. There's a sort of confidence that can only come with tallness. Embrace it.

Anonymous 38864

how can womanlets …

You may not be cute and dainty, but you can be beautiful and elegant.

Anonymous 38865

Thanks for the reminder that females and males are only equals when they're children and that romantic attraction in adulthood requires a power imbalance that ultimately almost always falls in the man's favor.

Anonymous 38868

The dominant/submissive dynamic exists across all of nature and facets of human interaction even outside romantic relationships.
Even teams of criminals who are the same gender with no romantic attraction will still fall into those roles. It's just the way animal brains are wired.

Anonymous 38870


Anonymous 38871

sad kot.jpg

I'm 5'5 and love tall girls with long legs. Problem is, most women who are 5'8+ won't even look in my direction. I have no issues dating girls around my height and get told I'm attractive but because I'm short, I'll never get to experience the bliss of death by Snu Snu.

Anonymous 38880

Just force yourself to be lesbian or only date short men. Unless you're below average female height like me and it's hard to find a man even shorter than you….

Anonymous 38926

>implying 5’8 is snu snu-tier compared to 5’5

Anonymous 38928

>The man has to ask for things, and the woman decides if it happens or not.
You sound like an incel. Relationships are a lot more than sex.

Anonymous 38930

Depends on if one girl is buff and the other is pretty thin, then the strength diff would allow it.

Anonymous 38941

I was talking about relationships though.

Anonymous 38969

and that's why you'll never have a healthy relationship– it's about mutual support, love and literally just caring about eachother

Anonymous 38993

>Has it happened to you?
yes feels good

Anonymous 39208

why do i have to remember that lady fucking bug and fag noir exist?

Anonymous 39211


Ahhh she's beautiful, I aim to be the Asian version of this

Anonymous 39418

Nah, think I’ll continue with trying to kill myself and then bitching out at the last minute, thanks tho

Anonymous 39430

What steps do you take to appear cute?

Anonymous 39455

I used to wear cutesy kinds of clothes but it just made me look even more weird than I already do. I lost a shit ton of weight so I would look less “imposing” and “domineering” as a lot of people have said. I’m about ten pounds underweight for my height (I’m 5’9.5 and fluctuate between 115-110) but I make sure to get all my nutrients in so I don’t impact my health too badly. I’ve tried to be more giggley and cutesy personality-wise because that’s what feels most natural for me but everyone just makes fun of me for it because my body doesn’t match so I just kind of avoid speaking lately.

Anonymous 39473


>I lost a shit ton of weight so I would look less “imposing” and “domineering” as a lot of people have said.
I say you go the other direction and gain it back and also start working out, so that when you wear cute clothes the contrast/juxtaposition makes it extra cute.

Anonymous 39492

>im a giagantic unfeminine amazon
so like every fashion super model?

Anonymous 39493


>110 is normal
>tfw 5'2 and 135
stop trying to be ana, and take the quirky pill

Anonymous 39516

Being slim would actually cause the opposite intended effect to happen, anon. It's usually when you have a "softer" appearance that people will feel more safe around you. I take it you don't get hungry often?

Anonymous 39553

That's not amazonian, you're just a taller than average woman. You need to at least break 5'10 to be taller than half the guys you meet, though in my book, Amazonian doesn't start until you hit the 6' mark. Womanlets I swear.

Anonymous 39630

This. She's not taller than the average man

Anonymous 39635

The average male where I live is 5’8 so I am a little taller than most. Others, I either tower over or if I’m lucky I’m not taller but I’m not significantly shorter either.

Anonymous 39643

Oh, that's a shame then. A lot of guys don't have the confidence to date up in height, even by a little bit.

Anonymous 39653

In general there's still a big societal stigma of taller women seen as unfeminine/shorter men seen as unmasculine, causing them to avoid each other out of fear of rejection or ridicule or whatever.
Hell, Tom Cruise is 5'7" and, despite being fucking Tom Cruise, Hollywood has still had him stand on a box or otherwise alter his height when filming some of his movies so that he'd be taller than his love interest when standing next to her, because god forbid the woman be the taller member of any couple.
It's pretty sad that despite this whole culture of inclusiveness and body positivity and such, ingrained stigmas like that still slip through the cracks because everyone sees them as normal.
The only reason guys are intimidated by women taller than them is because society drills into their heads that the man must be the taller one, which forces the few women who hit the neighborhood of 6'6" to have to look for 7' freak of nature guys just so they can "feel feminine."

Anonymous 39680

What an ingeniously evil way to keep the freaks from breeding!

Anonymous 39691

That is still most men, and studies don't account for liars anyway. Many likely think it's okay in theory but won't date taller when faced with reality.

Anonymous 39697


>no tall gf to slowly crush me with her big thighs

Anonymous 39701

Maybe, but that doesn't actually seem important if the idea is that media portrayals of tall/short couples could help tall women be happy with themselves and feel like loving relationships will be possible for them without asteroid-strike level improbable special circumstances. Wanting the media to change men's perception of the match would only be important if the idea was to help men love themselves, which isn't really necessary.

It also seems redundant, since all the short male tall female couples in fiction that I know of occur in male-targeted media. Like Mario/Peach, Link/Zelda, and Wolverine/Every Woman In Marvel Comics, as well as examples from forgettable shounen. Two of those top of my head pairs are media flagships. I do not think I can name any taller woman shorter male couples in shoujo manga or other media that don't have reason to prioritize male audiences.

Anonymous 39727

Anonymous 39733

What makes you think this isn't a result of affinity? People can have an affinity for specific height interactions just like with other physical or social interactions.
"The effect dissipated after 18 years of marriage" would indicate that the dissipation is explained by survivorship, since Muslim countries have always practiced divorce, Indonesia has 400,000 divorces per year, and marital unhappiness is linked to divorce.
I can understand being critical of how society and the media portray relationships but after a certain point this turns into just judging women for wanting to be happy.

Anonymous 39734

people are shallow

Kampe, K. K. W., Frith, C. D., Dolan, R. J., & Frith, U. (2001). Reward value of attractiveness and gaze. Nature, 413(6856), 589–590.

GREITEMEYER, T. (2010). Effects of reciprocity on attraction: The role of a partner’s physical attractiveness. Personal Relationships, 17(2), 317–330.

Anonymous 39740


I feel like tall women liking short men isn't uncommon at all. It feel great looking down on a cute boy and being able to completely envelope him with my longer limbs

Anonymous 39745

Now that you've established this, you're obligated to date only short guys from now on to make up for all the women who don't want them.

Anonymous 39751

No it doesn't. It means that ABC News asked the respondents what it would take for them to pick the shorter ones, as a blank, free space, and some of them volunteered that the others would need to be child molesters and murderers, as a spur of the moment response.

Anonymous 39754


>I do not think I can name any taller woman shorter male couples in shoujo manga or other media that don't have reason to prioritize male audiences
Pic related though…
Anyway, my argument wasn't that "most women actually want to date manlets," but that for those who do it's still hard. Being the 4% doesn't mean it will be easy to pick them up (figuratively).
Again, why bring up female numbers when I'm just saying dating shorter men is a difficult task? I guess I was unclear with my point, sorry about that.
But especially for women who may be socially awkward (which is likely given where we are), it's a rough go.

So, just giving a warning from experience to not pursue shorter guys with hubris. People are very unpredictable. I've gone into dating relying on a lot of numbers and hypotheses that anons post about online, but there are so many social intricacies that will take you by surprise. You can't expect someone to like you just because statistics and some shut-in on /r9k/ said they would; you actually have to connect.

If nothing else I hope my bad dating experiences can help some other spergy miner not get as hurt, anyway.

Anonymous 39757

It's your chance to become the dream woman for short men, a rare woman who's aware of their plight, and you still sperg about what other women do or don't do. Just say you're actually a salty moid and go!

Anonymous 39762

>Anyway, my argument wasn't that "most women actually want to date manlets," but that for those who do it's still hard. Being the 4% doesn't mean it will be easy to pick them up (figuratively).
I do see your point. My intended one, which I didn't express well, was actually more about the 96%'s portion of taller women rather than the 4%. The evidence of my eyes is that nearly everyone including men look at tall women with awe, not resentment, but the evidence of my ears is that tall women feel resented. If you walk around with the idea that every man shorter than you resents you for being tall rather than acting weird because their feelings might be closer to awe, and that when shorter men try to flirt that it's socially degrading and humiliating because such a relationship is publicly unacceptable, and everyone in your peer group and your own cultural group reinforce the idea that having someone shorter than you who thinks he could be your partner means you are less valuable rather than more loveable since otherwise someone short wouldn't think he'd have a chance with you, then life is going to be a huge negative feedback loop. Attention from almost everyone you meet will be seem like an insult or an attack, including the constant sense that other women see you as 'other' and can only imagine you in a relationship with someone they themselves would see as an undateable goblin, which gets reinforced by the way that people always ask tall girls who complain about loneliness "would you consider dating someone shorter than you?" but would never ask the same question to a woman of 5'3" to 5'7".

The 4% would be relatively happy, even if they never actually got with one of the 23% of men, because they aren't living in that nightmare world where even people liking you is a devaluation. The 96% portion of tall women still have a clear social and cultural benefit if those 4% were not consistently depicted as freaks.

So, my idea was that media depicting relationships in which the woman is taller and the man is shorter could stand to be made in which the woman is not actually particularly tall. 5'6" women with 5'3" boyfriends, like the Zelda/Link ship I mentioned. "Would you ever consider dating a man shorter than you" should be as serious a question for average women as for volleyball players. If you're a serious manlet-fancier and proud 4%er that might sound downright threatening, imagining women shorter than you getting all the hobbits, but I don't think it would change anyone's preferences, it would just free a few taller women from a completely unwarranted shame.

Anonymous 39769

>people always ask tall girls who complain about loneliness "would you consider dating someone shorter than you?" but would never ask the same question to a woman of 5'3" to 5'7".
A 1000 times this. When a tall woman is single, people always assume it's because she must have rejected all men who are shorter than her, there supposedly can never be any other reason. It's so guilttrippy, they never take into account that tall women maybe actually aren't even getting hit on by short men and they'd never ask the same question to a single woman of normal height.
Even the shortest men are still taller than short women, so for them it's easy to claim that they wouldn't really have a problem with dating somebody who's "short". Not sure whether I should laugh or cry when yet another 5ft girl dating a 6ft dude basically scolds me for not being into a guy who's 5'5 - of course she doesnt see this as that bad, afterall he'd still be a lot taller than her, but for me it would mean getting stared at wherever we'd go as a couple.

I also hate that normal sized people always say that being e.g. 5'11 as a woman isn't even a big deal - that's 8 inches above the average height, would you tell a man who's 8 inches less than average height, meaning 5'2, to also "just get over it"???

People like you are part of the problem: in this thread tall women complain about how much they suffer because of their height, starving in a desperate attempt to be at least small in some way is super common, yet you think commenting what once again enforces the idea that tall women are ginormous, with superhuman strength, a physical threat to normal women, is a good idea? We don't want to fulfill weirdos' amazonian fantasy, we just want to be normal girls who can be cute, beautiful, loveable and not just badass and strong. I was 5'10 when I was just 12, I never got to be an innocent girl, for me the only options are either trying to be uncomfortably sexy or getting treated like a massive ogre. Short girls also always claim that we have an easier time looking slim, but while when you gain weight you're just chubby, when one of us gains weight we immediately transform in a monster. Do you know how much it hurts to be a teen girl and have people call you a man? I know that I don't look like one, but nevertheless guys and short to average girls apparently think this is a fun thing to do.

Anonymous 39770

I was 5'9 when I was 11, having people treat you like a man or an adult for something you have no control over hurts

Anonymous 39777

>society doesnt confirm my appearance constantly
oh boo hoo

Anonymous 39779

>would you tell a man who's 8 inches less than average height, meaning 5'2, to also "just get over it"???
If you go to normal, male-dominated imageboards you'll see that normal people tell them exactly that, all the time. And accuse them of being mentally ill, Napoleon-complexed freaks if this insult does not immediately cause them to fix themselves and erase a lifetime of negative social experiences based on height. I'm >>39762 and I do agree with and sympathize with what you're saying, you're just taking it a little too far when you say things like that.

Anonymous 39780

It's more like society criticizes their appearances constantly, considering being called manly is not flattering to most women, let along girls. Have some empathy.

Anonymous 39781

Screen Shot 2020-0…

you act like you wanted to get into this lame society's pants

Anonymous 39789


I don't care about being constantly told I'm sexy or valid uwu or whatever, I just want to be treated like other shorter girls and not an amazon/uwu step on me mummy domme

Anonymous 39790

Most people do. I'm not ashamed of it.

Anonymous 39793

Turning yourself into Eugenia Cooney isn't helping. You need to realise that being seen as cute isn't exclusive to being small. Being nice and polite will help you regardless of your height. It's less about how much you want to be something you can never become, but more about how everyone perceives you. Seething about being a giant won't help. All its going to do is drive people away.

Anonymous 39798

I have anxiety and have a frail constitution, when people go oooh at my long legs I just pretend to be flattered. Sure being cute isn't dependent on height but I'll always attract the uwu step on me mommy types

Anonymous 39802

Not if you make yourself less frightening and imposing. You have to remember how visual cues work on this planet. How do you make yourself appear softer and lighter while maintaining your height? Being skeletal is not the solution.

Anonymous 39804

Honestly you'd be surprised, having large breasts doesn't help either
I don't know how to present like that honestly

Anonymous 39808

I just told you. I've been telling you. All you have to do is:
>gain weight back to appear at the very least soft but not to the point of causing health defects (consult bmi if you want something more concrete than looking in the mirror)
>wear more colorful and friendly clothing that gives off the image of niceness (if you have been to /cgl/ or /fa/ you will know what I mean)
>and finally you have to adopt an attitude of someone who is seeking to make friends (if you want to appear as less assertive it is paramount that you act less assertive)

Anonymous 39820

Like it’s at all fair society constantly confirms short girls appearances. Like in OP. How can you expect us not to feel bad about ourselves cause of it?

Anonymous 39831

Models are tall af and OP pic is entirely about manlets having no chance if they stay manlets lmao.

Anonymous 39832

the joke is that she doesn't like him until he's taller. he literally likes her when she's taller. lmaooo come on

Anonymous 39833

Like anybody gives a shit about models anymore, unless they’re Instagram models and Instagram models typically aren’t tall

Anonymous 39841


>the good ol' "models are tall too"-argument
And what kind of man would date a model? The average model is a poor anorexic russian 15yo, that's not what dudes fantasize about and that's not what the average tall woman looks like. Maybe guys jerk it once to some VS model but that's only because they are slim and wear nice underwear, not because of their tallness (and again, the average tall women doesn't resemble a VS model at all!). So many models are dating total bridge trolls because normal to handsome men all want shorter cuter women and if 10/10 tall women like pic related have to settle for neckbeards then what about us not super gorgeous tall women…

Anonymous 39844

That seems like a cherry picked example. I'm sure plenty of model or model-esque women date equivalently attractive men.

Anonymous 39847

>implying this wasn’t drawn by a man who fetishizes shorter girls

Anonymous 39857

Look at the artist's signature in the bottom left of the image. No way that's a man's signature.

As if the art style and subject matter of the image weren't clearly female enough.

Anonymous 39893


10/10 tall women having to settle for the heirs of billionaires and ceos

Anonymous 39894

Dude is working a low wage job in a kitchen.

Anonymous 39895

theres like a 3 inch height difference
adrien is a twink manlet and in the show he barely notices marinette, and marinette is a creepy obsessed stalker whos like 2 steps away from murdering him

Anonymous 39901


you could just you know, dress in things you think look cute?

Anonymous 39923

The whole model conversation keeps reminding me why these conversations are always so awful.
5'10"anon has explained multiple times what her reasons are for feeling the way she does:
>I was 5'10 when I was just 12, I never got to be an innocent girl, for me the only options are either trying to be uncomfortably sexy or getting treated like a massive ogre
It's that loss and that premature initiation into adulthood, including adult sexuality, that actually hurts. It's not really about whether men still treat her as sexy when she tries to be uncomfortably sexy years later. You can't just expect her to get over the horrifying similarity between how men sexually approach her now and how they sexualized her when she was a goddamned 11 year old child. We have had threads and threads of other women talking about their feelings and the negative impact of premature initiation into sexual behavior, including grooming and harassment, but 5'10"anon keeps finding that even in anonymous online spaces where her height isn't an immediately arresting visual factor, people still expect her to be and to have always been more adult than other people, to "just get over it" when nobody says that to other women who have similar complaints about being robbed of the opportunity to grow into their sexuality at their own pace.

But when taller women try to explain the adult impact of that, for some reason they keep coming around to who/what/how/why questions regarding boyfriends and relationships, which are not at all the issue. A huge part of that is responding to others and other people who keep arguing that being uncomfortably sexy should have turned into being comfortably sexy in adulthood, without considering that maybe having the normal transition to adulthood was part of their own transformation from angst to sexually comfortable. But it's not just an "every short woman just doesn't get it" problem. One of the tallest women I knew IRL would always joke about how "God made me tall to make sure I'd never get a boyfriend" while actually having some very attractive, athletic boyfriends; she kept that joke up even after getting married. This devaluation of every relationship tall women are in or might get comes off as petty and patronizing. Even as self-deprecation it comes across like you don't really value other people. It might come from that place of feeling that childhood like a phantom limb. It might come from identifying as the immature party and the child forced to act as an adult. But trying to talk through the perspective of that hurt child comes across as thinking that the other party is childish, which comes across as condescending and acting like you're the more mature adult.

I don't know who these people are. Maybe he has a nice dick and makes her laugh and takes care of her when she's under the weather, and maybe she stopped caring about how ugly and poor her partner might be after having experienced much better looking men and also finding her bank account has enough digits to hit the limits of the happiness that money brings. He's also nearly a head taller than her if you account for the shoulder stoop. It's possible that it's something unhealthy, he is a huge ugly ogre and knowing that would free her from ever feeling like a "massive ogre" as described earlier when they're together, which would mean their relationship is founded on self-loathing rather than love, but it isn't necessarily true. And if a woman is self-loathing enough to date an ogre just to hate herself slightly less when he's around then it does not seem possible or likely that she would look for the best in any partner, ever. I don't know their story at all, but I don't see why she couldn't be with him because she likes him instead of because she dislikes herself and couldn't get with anyone she actually likes.

Anonymous 39924

I wish people could be as empathetic to her struggles as they are when a woman with big boobs talks about how awful it is that she starts being seen as sexy and mature while still being a child. It's the same shit.

Anonymous 39926

Is the "massive ogre" supposed to be miserable? For different reasons, I never cared for my appearance early in my life, but I never was really upset about it. I still talked and made friends.

Anonymous 39929

I've been 5'8 since I was 10, this thread is so weird. Its such a weird, isolating, experience that has left me feeling all fucked up about my body for forever now. Literally cursed lmao.

Anonymous 39946

bruh I zoomed up to 5ft 5 before I was 11 and stayed there, not as dramatic as yours but mogging even the guys in elementary was something. Plus I was a fat kid, should have bullied kids. I am not pretending that I know what you have been through regardless.

Must have been weird to be taller than most people ever get before you were 10, but it’s better than having been a midget.

Anonymous 39948

Just so that I understand that right as a dumb ESLfag, do you mean that being treated like an adult and being expected to act more mature at a too young age resulted in tall anons feeling uncomfortable with being seen as sexy, resulting in them being so obsessed with wanting to be small and cute instead?

Anonymous 40035

>know how to cook, clean, do laundry/dishes by myself
Gee whiz, do you know how to go potty all by yourself as well?
What a catch you are!

Anonymous 40042

>crystal.cafe is a female-oriented community. Comments from male users are not desired. If you state your gender in your comment or post in an otherwise identifiable manner, bait, or thirst-post, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted. Encouraging male posters by responding may result in a temporary ban.

Anonymous 40223

>meet guy at uni
>few months pass
>get to talk to him all alone
>I always walk a three or four steps in front of anyone I'm with because I'm impatient and unpolite
>sit in a bench for an hour talking
>our next class is in 10 minutes
>get up and go next to the uni building
>stand up next to him
>near him
>mfw he's 20cm aprox taller than me

He looks to the ground to talk to me, I'm so embarrassed some times I can't look at him at all because it looks like… >_< So I just look at any other direction in a rude manner.

Anonymous 40258

is that even tall lmao

Anonymous 40343

I have switched schools so many times that I was forced to learn how to interact with / befriend normie people. You will get the gist of things with more experience.
Smalltalk is there to find the "egdes" of a person, what makes their p e r s o n a l i t y different from other people. Certain hobbies or interests, dress styles even. Once you have found something like that you ask and listen. Follow up with relevant questions and tell them something about yourself that fits the conversation. Dont fake interest and be honest but not dismissive or rude.
Some people cant really talk to each other, that is ok.

Anonymous 40344

Different men want different things in women, otherwise porn would be 1 category only. Stupid example but I think you get what I am trying to say.

Anonymous 40354

models are just too skinny and wear what gay men in the fashion industry tell them to wear.

Anonymous 40495

What does this even mean?

Anonymous 40980

Doesn't mean they aren't hot, you salty, stubby womanlet cuntrag

Anonymous 41097

No but I wish.

Sometimes I think that I don't even really dislike my height that much, being tall does look good, but I hate that most attractive guys aren't tall(er). I feel like there are more guys with cute faces who are short to average, while really tall guys are usually ugly. When I think back to my old classmates, now the guys at work and also celebrities, the most handsome ones with fine features are nearly always shorties, tall cuties are so rare, it's like their skull and bone structure just get's weird after like 175cm.

Anonymous 41115

how tall are you?

Anonymous 41134


Anonymous 41398

You ever think maybe it's your perspective and not their face?

Anonymous 41400

>tfw no one wanted to dance with me at my year 7 formal because I was a gangly freak and towered over all the boys
>tfw I didn't stop growing and started developing a thicker frame and muscles

The only people that outgrew me from childhood were my brothers. My crushes just got to see me become fatter, thicker and more masculine. Ultimately I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 24.

Anonymous 41404

this guy is 195.5cm

Anonymous 41408


height comparison with his gf

Anonymous 41411

At least you've got the confidence to keep trying for love. Any luck recently?

Anonymous 42548

Dr. Noi.png

>Somebody isn't trying hard enough
Nonsense all women can look dainty and cute as long as they have a figure
You'll be surprised to see the men on 4chan drool at the sight of pic related

Anonymous 42554

>men drool at a woman who looks like a literal goddess and who is obviously making a sexual advance on them
this is unprecedented and surprising information thank you

Anonymous 42556

I think that's what she means, anon. You know, shave the legs, shampoo the hair. People who go on about how their body is "not enough" tend to take the worse care of themselves.

Anonymous 42564

You're perfect the way you are, in the modern age there is no reason for women to be smaller than men. In the past food was scarce and there were often famines, which selected for women with lower metabolisms, e.g. smaller bodies, so that we could store more calories as fat to be used for the successful gestation of children. But today there is more than enough food for everyone, there is no danger of famine, and therefore there is no reason for us to be a different size than men.

Keep in mind that our own preferences regarding what we find sexually attractive in men are an implicit admission that being larger and stronger is a good thing if there is no constraint of having to successfully gestate children. But that constraint is gone in the 21st century, since there is more than enough food for everyone, so there is no reason why being larger and stronger shouldn't be universally seen as a good thing for both men and women.

To put it succinctly, if we do not believe that women are inferior at tasks not related to bearing and raising children, then why don't we prefer feminine men? But we don't prefer feminine men, so why should we prefer to be feminine when we aren't constrained by the caloric scarcity of the past? Wouldn't it be a good thing if women became more masculine, larger and stronger?

Anonymous 42574


>shave the legs, shampoo the hair
Maybe not even that. Don't forget that Tomoko is incredibly popular in such places as well. Obviously 2D characters have an advantage by default, but the fact remains that literally every trait has people who are attracted to it.

Anonymous 47893


Don't show me a pic like this. It'll only make me cry knowing how much of a flopping disappointment Miraculous Ladybug turned out to be

Anonymous 48079


>have a figure

What does having a figure mean.

Anonymous 48102

Being over 5ft5 counts as tall in China tbh.

You also have to be extremely skinny to meet their requirements. I dated a Chinese guy for a while and he was a good boyfriend but to be honest, even the 4s and 5/10 Asian guys have ridiculously high standards. They want either a Russian foreign model gf, or an 18 year old version of Fan BingBing. I can kind of see why so many Asian women flock to white guys, white guys have way lower standards.

Anonymous 48105

Yeah and the fact there’s only one beauty standard in places like Korea and China. It’s always been big eyes, pale skin, pointy face but also babyish looking, long and willowy body, but also busty with a perky ass.

Anonymous 48109

>leg-lengthening surgery
I read somewhere this surgery only adds a few inches to your height. It won't turn someone who's 5'2" with short legs into a 5'9" catwalk model.

Many tall people you see in these Chinese video clips use filters and angles to stretch their figure. Sure, there are naturally tall people too but if their legs look unproportionally long and skinny, it's most likely some kind of video effect.

Anonymous 48112


I just noticed the surgery shown at 6:38 isn't about leg lenghtening, it's for turning bow legs and knock knees into straight legs.

Anonymous 48321


>tfw 6'1" skeleton monster
You womanlets would never understand.
Most cute clothes feel too small length wise when I put it on, and the things that reach the correct length are made for people that have at least 100lbs on me.

Anonymous 48322

I wish i was tall. have you tried your hand at sewing?

Anonymous 48323


All I do in my free time is play videogames and maybe watch anime if someone recommends something.
I've got absolutely 0 non-essential skills / hobbies.
I just want to be able to buy nice fitting cute clothes.

Anonymous 48356


Do you like maxi dresses? I think they're very cute but some people (like me) can't wear them because we're too short. Or try looking for brands from countries where women tend to be taller?

Anonymous 48368


Anonymous 48369

Holy shit is this real. The women look both kind of weird, but the guys are like day and night.

Anonymous 48371

Maybe it's on average? But tall babyfaced people exist, and one of my close male friends is 5'3" and 105 lbs but has a face shape like the top one.

Anonymous 48728

i'm 5'1" and i have a long face (mostly midface), and people are constantly mistaking me as being tall in photos lol

Anonymous 48731

No. I'm 6'1". I try to stay a skeleton to counterbalance but it turns out I have an orc skeleton underneath. I've never felt pretty or feminine.

Anonymous 48732

Do people actually care that you're too tall even if you have a very pretty face?

Anonymous 48740

Your dating is limited to those at least as tall as you, so if you're very tall it can be restrictive. Apart from that, it's neither an advantage nor a disadvantage I'd say

Anonymous 48757

Anonymous 48775

this makes so much sense, holy shit

Anonymous 48777

Which one do you prefer?

Anonymous 48867


>thinking anyone prefers the bottom

Anonymous 48869

>Your dating is limited to those at least as tall as you

Anonymous 48870

Well that's obvious

Anonymous 48872

It seems like a self-imposed limit. Sure, there are a lot of guys who wouldn't be open to it, but there are plenty that don't care.

Anonymous 48874


Because moids are rarely ballsy enough to approach amazonian tall girls. I can only think of Joe Jonas that has done it but he is like 1 or 2 centimeters shorter than his gf which is almost nothing, both are at almost the same height.

Anonymous 48875

You could always approach them.
Although, from what I've read online, that lack of confidence seems to extend both ways. A lot of tall women assume shorter men would never want to date them and a lot of short men assume taller women would always reject them, so even between pairs who might not otherwise mind, nothing happens because no one makes the first move. It's unfortunate.

Anonymous 48878

>You could always approach them

Short men are still men. No matter how badly they want to fuck a pretty girl, they will reject her if she's the one who asks just so they can feel like they're better than her. NEVER make the first move.

Anonymous 48879

Well that would just be men that you wouldn't want to associate with in the first place filtering themselves out now wouldn't it?
So if anything that would be a reason to make the first move more than anything.
(Insert napkin speech here)

Anonymous 48880

>they will reject her if she's the one who asks just so they can feel like they're better than her
Where would you get that idea? That's a really antagonistic line of thinking.

Anonymous 48881

>Where would you get that idea?

From reality, where women who chase men get shot down.

Anonymous 48882

>From reality
You sound like you're making up excuses to justify your own inaction.

Anonymous 48885

You're wrong. I have asked men out and all it ever got me was my heart broken. It hurts more than if I just kept my mouth shut.

Anonymous 48889

>you ask a man out
>he rejects you so he can feel like he's better than you
>you are now heartbroken
This doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous 48890

Is it so hard just to move on?

Anonymous 48892

>be in love
>ask the man you love to love you back
>he tells you to fuck off

Are you a robot?

>Is it so hard just to move on?

Not the first several times. The several times after that it starts to hurt.

Anonymous 48894

Nope, filled out the captcha and everything.

Anonymous 48896

>be in love
>ask the man you love to love you back
>he tells you to fuck off
You realize this is sounding exactly like bizarro-/r9k/, right? There are thousands upon thousands of posts on the Internet where guys lament this exact same situation.
Rejection is a possible and even likely outcome for whoever takes the initiative, male or female. That's just the way it is. If you'd rather not try so you can avoid failing that's fine, but it has nothing to do with being a woman.
Really, I think your problem is that you're "in love" before you're even in a relationship. Outright confessions of love almost never work out, for anyone.

Anonymous 48898


>Nope, filled out the captcha and everything.

Anonymous 48899

>Rejection is a possible and even likely outcome for whoever takes the initiative

Rejection is likely for men, almost guaranteed for women.

>If you'd rather not try so you can avoid failing that's fine

If you want to be passive-aggressive, that's fine, too :)

>but it has nothing to do with being a woman

Yes, it does. Men are psychologically different from women. They do not want to be pursued. They get upset when you pursue them.

I never once suggested that I or anyone else in this thread couldn't get a man, by the way. Just that you can't get them by acting like men.

Anonymous 48900

>Men are psychologically different from women. They do not want to be pursued. They get upset when you pursue them.
It's not the 1900s anymore. Women can even be the ones to propose marriage nowadays, a date is nothing compared to that.

Anonymous 48901


Imagine believing that the condition of women has not worsened since the 1900' due to porn

Anonymous 48902

>rejection is almost guaranteed for women
You're out of your fucking mind, if you go and ask out any single guy, or even taken guys you'll be guaranteed a yes if you spend 30 mins asking them out. A guy could spend his entire day asking out women and he'll get maybe 1 yes. The average guy looks unattractive, and it's the opposite for men.

I think it's since the 60's.

Anonymous 49129

My coworker is over 6'. She has wide shoulders and wide hips and has a reasonable amount of body fat. She looks really strong.
I always see normal people checking her out. Being a strong looking woman is not a bad thing. Sometimes, being outside of the norm can be a good thing.

Anonymous 49142

But it's common sense that pursuing lonely and desperate men only yields success because they take what they can get since they are too cowardly/awkward/whatever to do the chasing. Sure, he will say yes to you but not necessarily because he's genuinely attracted to you, unless you're in fact an attractive woman. Would you really want to be in this kind of relationship?

Anonymous 49143

Ok but, "I can't get the kind of relationship I want" is a far cry from "rejection for women is almost guaranteed" isn't it?

Anonymous 49169

I've just learned about something called "The Decapitation Constant."

In polls, nearly 4% of respondants will routinely answer "yes" to the question "Have you ever been decapitated?"

Therefore, in political polling and other highly rigorous forms of polling meant to guide important decisions, any result less than 5% is taken as equal to 0%. If 5% of respondents claim that they would purchase an item at a given price, it is assumed that 0 sales will actually occur at that price point, for example. There are other similar poll analyses that happen when small percentages claim that societies of subterrenean lizard people control the government.

>But a whopping 89 percent of women said the shortest person they would date would still have to be taller than them. Only seven percent would accept someone who was their height, and just four percent would allow for a shorter guy.
Posters here need to stop trying to argue tall-anon into joining a category that effectively does not exist, or which, if real, is actually dramatically smaller than the poll results show (for example, 4% of Americans polled might respond that they believe in lizard people conspiracies, but we can be effectively sure that only a couple of thousand actual Americans actually believe that, at highest near to 0.01%). Trying to convince a woman to join a 4% that effectively equals 0% shows a special contempt for her based on her height, that she ought to feel guilted and coerced to do something that very nearly nobody else has ever had to do and by god she's a horrible person if she doesn't enjoy doing this thing that nobody else has to or wants to do. It's mean.

Anonymous 49170

All 4% are miners.

Anonymous 49173

The decapitation question is funny to answer "yes" to though, because in the first place it's not a question worth asking and can't be seen as serious anyway. I don't see why it'd remain the same for things where there is no funny answer.

Anonymous 49174

men are desperate for attention, but unless they’re subby they usually don’t want to feel like they’re being pursued. they want to feel like they’re setting the terms of the relationship and actively winning you. even not-so-subby men can be won over by dominant women if you make them feel comfortable, but it’s not the societal default and people tend to get wary when you break conventional scripts. it can really take a lot of subtlety to get men where you want them, sadly.

Anonymous 49175

I think the point was that some women are going to think answering "yes" would be funny.

Anonymous 49176

Not as many as the decapitation thing

Anonymous 49178

It's an odd symmetry that runs through quite a lot of polls, though.
Lizard people:
Flat Earth:

Flat Earth is at about the same amount of funny as "would you date a man noticeably shorter than you," since Flat Earthers are a visible presence both online and irl; they aren't outlandish the way decapitation is. The actual number of Flat Earthers can also be understood to be numbered in the hundreds of thousands, not the millions-to-tens-of-millions that poll responses would suggest.

Anonymous 49179

>flat earthers
>not outlandish to basically anyone who isn't a flat earther already
Come on now anon. Same with lizard people. You can't put conspiracy theories on the same level as "what height do you prefer in a partner?" no matter how unpopular shorter men are

Anonymous 49180

No. If you're 5'10+ you're by law considered a freak and thus are allowed to date other freaks (e.g. short men)

Anonymous 49181

I'll come on if you come on; you need to admit that the only way to demonstrate the existence of the phenomenon is to take results that are manifestly counterfactual and will therefore fall into a category of ridiculousness. I can't demonstrate the same thing by showing a poll that says that only 4% of customers would buy hotdogs at $X and use that to argue that 0% of customers would buy hotdogs at that price, or that 4% of blind taste testers preferred New Coke with a spoonful of salt over Pepsi in the same way and for the same reason. About 5% of the population treat polls maliciously and respond counterfactually and there's no reason to think a poll asking about height preferences would be immune to that.

Anonymous 49195

Yes, but women who would date shorter men do exist. You've likely seen relationships like it irl.
And if you're here, you've likely talked to a short guy chaser already. And in the case you're speaking of (anons telling tallanons to date manlets), they may just see short guys as cute and so aren't urging tall women to sacrifice anything in their eyes.
"Raccoons are super cute though, why not date them???" sort of deal.

Anonymous 49199

Racoons have rabies and eat garbage.

Anonymous 49200

So do moids

Anonymous 49201

>You've likely seen relationships like it irl.
I haven't. But I did meet a flat-earther

Anonymous 49203

>I've just learned about something called "The Decapitation Constant."
>In polls, nearly 4% of respondants will routinely answer "yes" to the question "Have you ever been decapitated?"
Source? I googled "Decapitation Constant" and I'm getting nothing.

Anonymous 49204

>stop trying to argue tall-anon into joining a category
>that she ought to feel guilted and coerced
>nobody else has ever had to do
I don't think anyone here is saying that tall women, or any women for that matter, have to date any specific kind of man.
The recent posts were just about not writing shorter men off as guaranteed rejections, which is actually more about the perception of what men prefer than what women prefer.
If an anomalous 7' tall woman wants to look for a 7'6" guy, that's her right as long as she's comfortable with the smaller dating pool that would obviously leave for her.

Anonymous 49215


Real life conversation with a climate scientist on the strangely consistent 3% to 5% of climate scientists who disbelieve global warming in polls. It seemed extremely strange that professionals would act this way, but professionals are human and this is apparently a human response to polling.

DuckDuckGo has given me a few additional references.

Anonymous 49230

>It seemed extremely strange that professionals would act this way, but professionals are human and this is apparently a human response to polling.
Is it possible that 4% of respondents claim that they've been decapitated, in part at least, because some of them are just that dumb and perhaps misunderstood the question or didn't know what the word meant but pretended they did?
I'd find it more likely that 4% of climate scientists honestly disbelieve global warming just because they're being dumb about it despite all the evidence their field should supposedly give them, rather than the idea that they answered wrong on purpose to be funny. Having professional credentials doesn't make 100% of doctors immune to being quacks, after all. I assume the same goes for scientists.

Anonymous 49233

>normal people
Cool story, what do you mean by normal though?

Anonymous 49239

Yes, because it's actually known as the Lizardman's Constant, not sure where she took that from. It's sort of fascinating but not really studied. Polls tend to have all sorts of artifacts anyways.
You are exactly right. You have to look at how these polls are done, the people who reported the 4% were as far as I remember conducting a poll where they asked people several questions, one of which was "Is Obama a lizardman". Apparently it was conducted via phone calls, so you inherently get some people who didn't pay attention just take the first option and such.

Anonymous 49271

She's being bullied by tall.

Anonymous 51148

You're in the 1% of women that men would think twice about assaulting. Be grateful for that, anon. Also you have a very skewed perspective about how attraction works. If you were a blonde 5'6 bimbo the guys that find you attractive wouldn't have any less freaks or deviants. You would only have a bigger sample size. You can find someone that will think you're cute and not just fetishize you. You just have to go trough all the crap like the rest of us.

Anonymous 54114

Men love tall women, especially nowadays. Keep trying and you’ll be able to find the perfect guy who will accept you for who you are.

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