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friends are so mentally ill Anonymous 39038

i have a few MtF friends, I tend not to care or comment on their lifestyle choices, but they sort of make me uncomfortable at times. One of them speaks very violently about radfems, and the other is so cynical its so concerning.

Neither of them do a good job at passing, one of them straight up just using a faceapp filter to look feminine. 2nd person claims to be a lesbian and hits on me.

I feel so trapped in these friendships because most of my friend group is pro-trans.

Anonymous 39042


I was friends with a MtF who make really creepy jokes about having a “feminine penis” openly even while I dating another women. He also made my female partner uncomfortable and would always suggest that she try dating a trans women (…when she was dating me). This person also didn’t pass at all and was really into trans communities. He even wanted to order hormones from the internet to give himself estrogen.

I would ghost yourself away from these people and find a friend group that isn’t involved into LGBT drama. That’d what I had to do as well.

Anonymous 39045


> find a friend group that isn’t involved into LGBT drama.
I think this is the best advice. I have some LGBT friends (mostly FtMs though) and even when I don't talk much to them I still get drama there and there. It's best to not hang around them too much and get friends that aren't too involved in things like this. It's gonna be more healthy. I don't personally advice to cut off all of your LGBT friendships (though do it if it turns very toxic) since I personally didn't need to. But for sure distance yourself anon, it's gonna be the best for your mind.

Anonymous 39047

Why do you people do this to yourselves? Put up with relationships that make you miserable. Because of social pressure? Stop being pressured by mentally ill men out of all things.

Get non pro-trans friends. If you hang around them enough you'll eventually realize that you don't need to be a doormat for these people, or anybody.

Anonymous 39050

Y'all only talk about trannies 24/7. Don't you have anything better going on in your livre?

Anonymous 39053

"ew why are you friends with them? just get new friends lol" is such bad advice when the best advice for making new friends is shit like "umm join a dance class and go to bookstores lol"

it's not easy to make new friends in this day and age. if you cut your ties without having new ones ready, you'll probably just end up without any ties for the foreseeable future.

especially if op lives in like, portland or any college town or some shit. literally everyone in her area in her age range is going to be like this. like be pragmatic. most people don't go through life getting to pick and choose their peers with the ease DTMFA-type advice suggests.

Anonymous 39054

You're the only one who keeps complaining. You get banned for talking about the gender cult anywhere else, so it makes sense people would want to vent about it here.

Anonymous 39055

It’s idiotic because this site is meant to be free of trannies but people who come here will complain because they willingly interact with them irl. If you really want to engage in a womens space, stop bringing trans shit in.

Anonymous 39058

>2nd person claims to be a lesbian and hits on me.

Oh god. I would just immediately leave. I used to have 2 trans friends. After a while it just became clear how toxic and mentally draining it is to be near them. They also hated my boyfriend and I shit you not, they wanted to convince me that he's bad for me and that I need someone more "feminine" like them. That made it easy to just leave them.

Anonymous 39060

In my experience, closet conservatives and moderates in college tend to be in engineering, economics, physical sciences, and sports.

Anonymous 39061

no one here wants conservative friends. they want radfem friends

Anonymous 39062

Moderate conservatives don't know what radfem is, but will tend to agree if you discuss their positions.

Anonymous 39063

moderate conservatives are the kind of people who watch jordan peterson and "epic sjw feminst DESTROYED" videos

Anonymous 39064

>I feel so trapped in these friendships because most of my friend group is pro-trans.
Good friends wouldn't force you to stay friends with toxic people. It sounds like those troons would be toxic regardless of being LGBT. You don't hang out with them privately?

Anonymous 39068

making & keeping good friends is quite difficult especially as an adult but you'll be much happier to cut them out of your life.

Anonymous 39074

that fox is so cute!!!!!

Anonymous 39087

That's easy to say. If you (even unintentionally) end up in a high drama friend circle you'll be the one who is cast out if you go against the general groupthink. And since a lot of LGB groups know each other you're fucked even more

Anonymous 39089


That sucks anon, just try to avoid them in closer groups as much as possible. Just avoid the topic of transgenderism and such, maybe look for avenues to make better friends in the future but don't cut these people off until you have a new and improved support system.

Anonymous 39113

that fox pic is very cute, thank you for sharing it

i am a college student in a mostly liberal state, so its not very easy finding people who don't exclude hons. i do think once this pandemic stuff calms down and things are open again, i'll probs try finding new people to befriend. I'm lucky that most of the people in my college's LGBT club were just FtM, but truthfully I was hoping to befriend more sapphic girls on my campus when I decided to join that club.

thank you for the words, i'm thinking of just sucking it up until i maybe drift apart from these people and find a better group.

Anonymous 39130

most people from LGBT clubs are straight tbh, go to gay clubs or join a club for video games or making music. find girls who are kinda artsy and like to skateboard

Anonymous 39134


I wanna be able to go to gay spaces to meet bi/lesbian girls but every time it's just full of non binary girls in straight relationships and trannies. I really just want to be able to meet girls like me, I feel your pain anon

Anonymous 39137


I’m not a TERF and I don’t sperg out over trans people, but I just wish it was easier meeting lesbians and bi girls instead of countless fujoshis

Anonymous 39140

At least fujos are mostly harmless and have usually no negative or positive interest in you. Trannies will just dive into your conversations to talk about their girl tinkler and try to talk lesbians into liking penis

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