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Being more hopeful Anonymous 39524

I'm a very jaded, shy and anxious person, but deep down, I just want to be happy. I want to be one of those girls who has a sparkle in their eyes and warm, kind energy. I want stray and wild animals to instinctively like me. I want to smile at people, have them smile back, and not feel bad if they don't. I want babies to smile at me and kids to just automatically like me. I know these kinds of people exist, because I've been around them. Me, on the other hand? People think I'm glaring at them if I stare too long, when the truth is, they look familiar, or I think they're pretty, or I'm just scared of them.
I just want a cute, happy, pure heart/soul/mind. It's like people can sense evil in me, but I swear it's all aimed at myself, not people in general. I can be snarky or even mean, but I don't hold true malice. I always feel guilty and just want to be friends in the end. Can anyone else relate? Any tips?

Anonymous 39528

Are you smiling when they say you're glaring at them?

Anonymous 39531

yeah, I can relate. To be pure as the driven snow.
But answers to such problems never come from the outside, only from within. It's the great work you're looking to accomplish.
Do your best, and take it slowly, angel.

Anonymous 39536

Do you want to feel like a good and happy person, or be perceived as one? They are two very different goals. The former can be achieved by being kind to others and volunteering in charity. The latter can be achieved by wearing more colorful clothes, learning to fake smile/laugh, and acting more bubbly.

Anonymous 39556

They aren't mutually exclusive. Being perceived as a happier person can make one happier, and vice versa.

Anonymous 39562

They aren't mutually exclusive, but there is a direct way to get one, the other, or both. OP should clarify whether she wants to "be" happy or "appear" happy, because her language is vague, and she says "be happy" then goes on to describe what a happy person appears like.

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