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girl discord Anonymous 39978

Anyone want to be in a female only discord. I don't have many female friends.

Stuff that'd be fun that I like:
Anime, art, video games, etc.

Anonymous 39996

Oh my gosh, yes please!! I NEED female friends ><
how old are you, OP?

Anonymous 40009

Yeah, especially the art!

Anonymous 40047

I'm 21 turning 22 soon. I have few female friends but I don't talk to them much about things haha

I think we can create a discord and bond or something :')

Anonymous 40052

A female-only discord sounds based! I'm also 21 btw

Anonymous 40063

I don't use discord much, but can you change the groupchat name easily? I like changing the gc names a lot haha.

Anonymous 40064

I’m interested! Please I need female friends lol

Anonymous 40070

If you're the admin, you can change it yeah.The members can't though (afaik).

Anonymous 40071

im 21 and i love jrpgs.. I'm interested in joining!!

Anonymous 40073

https://[[read the rules]]/a8GtBR
Let me know if this doesn’t work!! I’m not too familiar with discord haha.

Anonymous 40074

The link just has d i s c o r d . g g removed but it’s with that without spaces.

Also it’s name is GirlsNightOut for now

Anonymous 40090


Anonymous 40093

thank :)

Anonymous 40185

Expired. Pls new?

Anonymous 40453


Anonymous 40863

im a female

Anonymous 40866

invalid :(

Anonymous 40869

can someone fix the link? I want chill female friends

Anonymous 40871

Hey lovely peeps here's a new link
https://[[read the rules]]/ pMFf4j

just delete the space between the / and pMFf4j

Anonymous 40872

Messed up once again my b,

https://d i s c o r d.gg/pMFf4j

delete the spaces in between those letters and it should work

Anonymous 40873

Is it a trap?

Anonymous 40877

probably in more than one way

Anonymous 40889

I try not to hate on my fellow sisters but a discord would just make me hate this site even more.
Plus strong doubt that there isn't a mood in there or controlling it.

Anonymous 40971

you have to set the link to not expire.

Anonymous 41239


New link??

Anonymous 41402



;_; seconded

Anonymous 41415


Anonymous 41985

why hasn't this been deleted yet? it reeks of moid/tranny

Anonymous 42054

you actually sound like one…

Anonymous 42111

yes bc a moid would want it deleted. this is bait for women to join

Anonymous 55595


Can someone link it again?

Anonymous 59105

bump :(

Anonymous 59112


Beat it dork! You're not invited.

Anonymous 59252


moid(s?) in CC server.

Anonymous 59253

Anonymous 59254

There is no CC discord anymore iirc.

Anonymous 59255

Yes, I think there was some drama and now group discords are banned because of it.

Anonymous 59256

Oh… last time I heard anything about it someone said it was comfy. RIP

Anonymous 59805



I was probably the one to enter all these discord servers made here. Always girls only. I thought hey, might be cool to speak to other females, even younger, didn't matter. (Me being 22 then).
Probably entered every single one created in the last 2 years.

And guess what?

I was ALWAYS one of 2 or 3 females there, surrounded by moids who lurk here.

No, I'm lying. Most of the times, I was the only female. They won't tell you right away but in time, you'll see for yourself.

Anonymous 59833


Fuck, I hoped we had some place to at least put up a song and put it on yt like those guys in /a/ who sing anime oppenings. ''Crystal Cafe sings Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics''. Anyone?

Anonymous 59861

This is actually a great idea anon. I'd be in for it. If you want to go forward you can make a thread and we'll have to find a mixer, an instrumental track, etc.

Anonymous 59862

How does it work? Different anons send it voiceclips of them singing part of the song and then it’s all collaborated?

Anonymous 59863

send in*

Anonymous 59893

One anon takes care of the mixing and usually makes an email where you can send voice clips (that you sang while listening to the same instrumental, so that everyone's in the same rhythm), then they put it all together.

Anonymous 59894


Yes! But should I ask the Admin for permission? Or shoul I try to start the thread today and see if she's okay with it?
Thanks for explaining the process, I was actually unsure of how it should be done.

I guess the first thing to do would be a brainstorm of songs (with the instrumental backgrounds already found) for a couple weeks or a month and then we should start a poll with all of them and see wich one get chosen. I'm afraid that it could get kidnapped by moids but if the only options available are song titles the risk only relies on their bad taste. After that we should open a period of time to send the audios.

I've never mixed before but I can start the thread and take care of the poll. Maybe the person responsible for the mixing should be the one who creates the special email and all of us who want to participate send her our audios.

Anonymous 59895

why can't it just be a public collaborative effort on a thread? just post vocaroos and your guys' proposed instrumentals, beats, whatever

Anonymous 59896

Idk but I find that the poll would be necessary for choosing the song. There has to be somewhere stable for having a decent amiunt of anons singing on it (8 at least¿?). We probably can't rely on doing it just in the thread because it would become impossible to follow the dialogue. Maybe I'm incorrect.

Anonymous 59906

Yeah. We can post vocaroos on the thread too, but if we don't work on the same base it will be difficult to mix. Also some anons might be shy and not want to post a whole vocaroo of themselves.

Anonymous 59912

I'd wanna sing a weeb song with fellow femanons but, can understand if everyone else wants a more feminist song/something more normie. also is the discord dead? I wanna talk to some of you femanons because you seem pretty cool.

Anonymous 60188

there goes my chance of friendship with other women

Anonymous 60192

this thread reeks of moids so don't worry you're not missing anything

Anonymous 60236

I don’t trust female only discord’s. Some moids use their sisters or a female friend to voice verify and gain access to female only spaces. perverts, the lot of ‘em.

Anonymous 60692

This is such a good idea! Please link a working invite again

Anonymous 60824

OP is obviously a troon (i think >>39996 is too) but a small female only discord server sounds nice tbh. i was in the process of putting one together a few months ago but i kind of lost motivation. should i go through with it? i understand why women would be reluctant to join but i want friends so idk.

Anonymous 60853

you should! i could help anon.

Anonymous 60870

ok !! my discord is Miss Y#7902

Anonymous 60882

can I get a non-expired link to a discord if it exists

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