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Anonymous 41200

what do i do when my fp starts dating someone? has this happened to anyone else? how did you feel?

BPD replies only please

Anonymous 41205

harass her until she dumps him

Anonymous 41237


did you have a crush on your favorite person?

the non-BPD/healthy thing to do is do respect your fp’s relationship and boundaries. maybe talk to your therapist about this?

Anonymous 41243

Kiss in front of her. Use tongue.

Anonymous 41261

Becky energy. You need to just do what you want, not ask.

Anonymous 41262

I've never understood the fp thing, isn't it essentially just a crush even without the mentally ill angle?

Anonymous 41282


probably, I’m not sure

I’m aware of that. I’m trying my best to accept this but it’s hard. I just feel like he shouldn’t be dating anyone else because I know him the best

Anonymous 41283



It’s not always in a romantic way, it could just be platonic too. I know some people whos gf/bf isn’t their fp

But if you want a really watered down explanation then yeah I guess you could just call it a crush but ur mentally unstable

Anonymous 41298

Anonymous 41299

Anonymous 41306

BPD not even once.

Anonymous 41308

is your fav person not just your best friend???
>be me
>might have bpd

Anonymous 41310

my constatution.pn…

your fp is a guy? oh that sounds painful

Anonymous 41311

If your fp never showed romantic interest, just respect their decision. BPD or not, you don't have a right of controlling other persons lives.

Anonymous 41313

You gotta close yourself and trust no one. Let NO ONE close. Hold everyone at arm's lenght. That way you wont be a creep to nobody. Its working for me so far

Anonymous 41315

So is a FP a platonic obsession? Sounds like some anons have romantic interest, is that a sometimes/not necessarily trait?

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