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Anonymous 41416

>crashed my first car the first time i drove it
>had my license revoked for a while
>got fired from job for doing dumb impulsive shit
>consistently forget to take my meds
>don't take care of my body
why the fuck do i do this to myself? why do i keep self sabotaging? i can't get a job, nobody likes me, and i'm unattractive in every aspect. every time to try to do something good i fuck it up without fail and i'm not even allowed to kill myself. i don't even want to go into any career because it's just a matter of time before i fuck that up too. god i fucking hate myself

Anonymous 41420

Meds? What are they for?

Anonymous 41422

anxiety and depression. also my doctor says i have moderate adhd but i'm not so sure

Anonymous 41433

Did they help alleviate your problems?

Anonymous 41447

It sounds like your problem is that you need more focus

Anonymous 41467

i honestly don't know, i've been on some kind of medication for almost 6 years

Anonymous 41468

I think you should tell them it's not working.

Anonymous 42167

stop taking your meds, don't listen to jewberg, he is poisoning your brain with nasty chemical shit, you're probably so fucked up due to the meds

Anonymous 42266

>>41416 maybe you also need help in changing your habits/getting a routine down? only meds as treatment isn't very effective. also… have you considered that lots of stuff fails because you're self sabotaging yourself, due to the fact that you hate yourself so much? not blaming you but something to think about.

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