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Being a fangirl as femcel cope Anonymous 41999

Any other femcels here who throw themselves into worshipping boybands as a distraction from loneliness?

I’ve realized this is a common cope for Asian femcels. The virginity rates in Japan are 25% for females aged 18-39. The beauty standards are so high and you have to be very thin (around 37-45kg is ideal) extra pretty & under 25 to really compete in the dating market there. Not to mention a lot of the guys are coomers married to their 2D waifus, and prostitution is everywhere in China, Korea and Japan. I feel really sad for East Asian women in this regard. So I can totally understand why they prefer to obsess over boy group members who represent the ideal boyfriend to them.

I’m 27 now and have been following boybands since 2007. I tried online dating for a while but each guy I met was awful or ended up ghosting me and I gave up and am now back to being fangirl. Yes some might say it’s kinda sad or pathetic for a woman my age but I really can’t see an alternative now. I really relate to these lonely single women, who have to resort to a fantasy ideal of a boyfriend. At least it’s fun. I’ve met a lot of really sweet female friends through concerts, and am considering staying in Japan or Korea on a work visa so I can attend more. If you are prone to maladaptive daydreaming and such anyway it’s a pretty good cope.

Anonymous 42000

It's not a femcel cope for them. Sooner or later, most of them grow out of their boyband phase and settle down. Some even bring their kids to fan meetings or leave the fandom because they're getting married.

And not to knock them or anything but despite their supposedly sky high beauty standards, plenty of average and ugly women in Asia have relationships and get married. Femceldom isn't normal anywhere.

Anonymous 42003

Seeing kids at concerts is pretty rare. True that many grow out of it, but many don’t too. And if 1/4 of women aged 18-39 are virgins in Japan (even higher for men afaik) that shows inceldom/femceldom is normalized there.

Anonymous 42004

>The virginity rates in Japan are 25% for females aged 18-39
It's 25% for never-married women across those ages.
And 45% for never-married men in those ages.
The virginity rates in East Asia are exaggerated profoundly, and for some reason no matter which end of the political spectrum some American is coming from they find some angle by which they benefit from calling Japan a nation of virgins.
When statements regarding sexuality are so consistent and so misleading, I can't help but think that there's a basic, fundamental level on which they act to reinforce the structural oppression of women, though I admit I have a hard time understanding how that works in this particular case.

Anonymous 42005

A lot of those women probably lost their virginities during one night stands or in adolescence to be fair, just for the experience. If you remain unmarried by 25 in Asia, its extremely hard to find a husband. Especially in China and Japan where over 25 women are called all kinds of disparaging terms.

If the quality of your men is overall shit, then you have more single women. I live in Russia and it’s really common for women to be single here, tons of single moms that probably haven’t had sex in years too.

Anonymous 42006

I ship boybands because my standards are high and I like men who are out of my league lol

Anonymous 42008

So that means there are about 2.5 million 18-39 year old femcels in Japan at least? I wish I could get a man hating Japanese lesbian gf.

Anonymous 42009

I think if a woman has had sex before but hasn’t had sex in say, 5-10+ years she deserves the femcel title. Men will fuck literally anything once, having sex is much easier to do as a woman. But if you can’t get a second date or haven’t been able to get a date in years, then I think it still counts as femceldom. Getting a relationship for femcels is like having sex for incels.

Anonymous 42010

Being a mom doesn’t really mean much either especially if the baby was produced from a one night stand or something. People always assume moms and single moms are having regular sex but many haven’t had sex in years.

Anonymous 42012

>used to be a huge jpop fangirl
>recently checked on one of my favorite idol groups out of curiosity
>2 members left and one got kicked out and arrested for doing drugs

Anonymous 42013

That's another thing. Most of those surveys of virginity don't take non-penetrative sex acts, including pretty much everything lesbians do together, as constituting a loss of virginity.
How this applies in real life:
>The study looked at 9,175 Americans across the country and found that of men and women who identified as straight, 12.6 percent of women and 2.8 percent of men still had some "same-sex sexual contact."

So, if we have reason to think that homosexuals and bisexuals are particularly likely to have had same-sex sexual experience, and say that perhaps half of those who identify as straight but keep having gay sex are not heterosexually active, then we could subtract a ballpark of 10% from the figure for heterosexual women, and let's say 5% from the figure for nominally heterosexual men (men are slightly more likely to be homosexual but have an utterly insignificant, trivial number of bisexuals and hetero-identifying sexual experimenters in their ranks), and then, since Japan doesn't have gay marriage, subtract all of the expected number of homosexuals from the singleton populations.

So that would only be 10% of never-married women and 30% of never-married men. Virginity rates should start looking like a totally overblown nonissue about now, and femceldom in particular isn't going to be any more of a thing in Japan than anywhere else.

Anonymous 42018

This is unrelated to the thread but are you like Russian-Russian or did you immigrate from a western country like the USA? I always find Russian people so fascinating since there’s a lot of American propaganda teaching us to be distrustful of Russians. Are the men there really that bad?

Anonymous 42019

That kind of diminishes the virginity of femcels when you try to put it like that. What would a woman that's never had sex be called to differentiate them?

Anonymous 42025

>Are the men there really that bad

Not her but they have almost 10 times less the rape rate, on the other hand they decriminalized domestic violence and drink 3 times more alcohol. It sounds bad but I'll take it over the woke politics free fall the US is going through where we're valued even less than men pretending to be women. Hell, the US is tripping over themselves so bad they released thousands of criminals from jail that committed crimes against women because of "covid concerns", meanwhile Russia does not have a fuck to give.

Also despite what she said about
>it’s really common for women to be single here, tons of single moms that probably haven’t had sex in years too.

Women in russia are only 15% never married vs the almost 30% from the US while having the same divorce rate.

You should still be distrustful of all men and judge on a case by case basis because it could very well be a case of "the grass is greener" on the other side for both of you.

Anonymous 42039

Most people get married young in Russia. But the men have earlier deaths, many are alcoholics, violent wifebeaters, in prison etc. Anecdotal but I knew 3 Russian girls, two of their dads were dead and one was in jail.

Anonymous 42040

Oh yeah and not to mention Russian men love fighting and doing dumb risky shit like drunk driving. So many have accidents. The stereotypes are kind of true.

Anonymous 42042


With the amount of shit I've seen on youtube I believe this full heartedly, specially the parkour ones wew

Anonymous 42044


I was a worshiper fangirl for 4 years. Not exactly K-pop/K-pop boy bands, but something similar. Now I'm in a 2-year relationship with my bf. Honestly if you have the money to support yourself forever and don't want kids I'd say staying as a fangirl is fine. My bf is great and makes me very happy, but I was also happy in my fangirl days. Sex is pretty nice tho so maybe hire an Asian escort or something to fuck once in a while.

Anonymous 42063

I second this.

Anonymous 42121


>Is being a fangirl femcel cope?
Yes and no. I'd probably say yes, but even if, so what? Is being a "femcel" even a negative thing?

I remember that many years ago there was a documentary on local tv which most of my classmates watched and they showed a japanese woman who said she feels like killing all couples when she sees them happily strolling around on christmas (that's of course an extreme case). We talked about this for days, everybody was so shocked, but because I'm an introvert and spent a lot of time on the internet during the last couple years, I realized that there are many such lonely people outside of East Asia too. I think that they're just a couple years ahead of us but soon the situation in the US and Europe will be similar. Just look at all those statistics, the number of people who are adult virgins or the people who never marry is rising so fast.

As for the reason, I think you have to differentiate between Japan and other countries. Japan is simply so sexist and backwards, women are pretty much expected to either never work (a serious job) and get married immediately or completely quit working once they marry. Even celebrity women "retire" at under 30 to become housewives, despite being rich and famous. That's just not appealing to many young women nowadays, so they opt out of being a "normal" member of society (aka submissive, obedient) and instead spend their time fangirling over otaku stuff etc.
In Korea and China many young women are very successful career-wise (e.g. China has the highest number of self-made millionaires under 25) and just like in the west, men hate that. Plus despite working hard, they still have to fit high beauty standards as well, they basically have to do everything. When you get married your option is either quit or cut down on the hours you work (possibly at a job you really like) or continue working but likely nevertheless doing all the housework (and child raising) on your own. It's a lose-lose situation for most women, so why not become a "femcel" and spent your time and money on yourself and things you love, like pretty boy singers/actors?

Anonymous 42122

Screenshot (222).p…

Samefag, just wanted to add this post of mine from a couple days ago.
I don't think I already give up on meeting somebody (at least not yet), but otherwise I feel similarly to you, OP.

Anonymous 42126

Femcel rant incoming, but I’m proud of being a femcel, I see no shame in the title whatsoever. I like the fact that femcels exist, I like the fact they make men seethe just by existing. I feel proud of women who won’t settle for being treated like trash or taken advantage of, as is the case to at least some extent in what I see in most other people’s relationships.

I constantly see women being cheated on, ignored, mocked, bullied, coerced, taken for a ride by their boyfriends and husbands. Each week at least one of my coworkers will have some drama with her husband or boyfriend, he’s been cheating on her, or she found some concerning porn on his computer or some shit. Most modern men are selfish, narcissistic, lazy manchild garbage with no leadership or provider skills. Women’s love for men is like Stockholm syndrome, as far as I can see.

I say fuck it, I’m not dealing with that garbage. I want to enjoy myself and live my life for myself, not be the personal slave and support system to some sleazy coomer dickhead who bitches about me to his friends, expects me to mutilate my body through pregnancy for him, and will leave me for a 17 year old once I hit 35 anyway. There are some good men out there, but they are snapped up by smart women by age 20, and we all know the fantasy of men is much nicer than the reality, and the reality is that most are garbage. There are far more dateable women out there than there are dateable men.

Anonymous 42128

I think most women’s marital and familial happiness and fulfilment comes from their children, not their husbands. And I think the reason mothers with husbands are happier than single mothers isn’t necessarily because they have a man, but because they have a financier and safety net, which takes considerable pressure off a woman with children. Men’s main role in my opinion is absolutely to provide for their kids. I think blackpilled and redpilled women pour everything into their children because they know, deep down, that their kids will always love them. But will their husbands? Probably not. Kids>husbands.

Anonymous 42135

But doesn't the word femcel automatically come with the connotation that a woman desires a relationship but is unable to find one because of this or that reason? You can be a proud single or volcel but not a proud femcel.

Anonymous 42138

>There are some good men out there, but they are snapped up by smart women by age 20
You're smart enough to see through society's lies. Why haven't you snatched a "good one" up yet? Are you afraid of feeling manipulative?

Anonymous 42146

Not really, incel is short for involuntary celibate. But femcel would just be a shortening of female celibate.
It doesn't really work, but that's slang for you.

To be honest about myself, I never had any friends/boyfriends in high school and have been a shut in since then.
So my parasocial relationships with youtubers and self-inserting with fictional characters is just the minimal amount of emotional stimulation to keep me sane. I wouldn't call it a cope though, because I've never even tried to date real people, and with covid happening the year I was really going to try and get myself out there it's maybe reinforced my nihilist fuck the real world personality even more.

Anonymous 42147

>kids will always love them.

I hate my mother more than anyone else on earth.

Anonymous 42149

This world view isn't even remotely close to reality, 60% of women are very happy in their marriage and marital satisfaction goes down when kids are present.

>I think the reason mothers with husbands are happier than single mothers isn’t necessarily because they have a man, but because they have a financier and safety net

I hope one day you know what it's like to be held in the arms of someone you love, then you'll understand.

Anonymous 42154

That's true in theory, but in reality all women who aren't married by 25 or who don't simp for every male can or will get insulted as femcel. It's just a way of trying to get back at people for hating incels ("you femcels are just as bad as…!").

>I hope one day you know what it's like to be held in the arms of someone you love, then you'll understand.
Fuck off this this oldfashioned yet childish shit, sounds like something a fedora tipper would write. Statistics show that married women are unhappier and die earlier than unmarried women, while the life of men increases when they're married. There's very clearly only one site majorly profiting of marriage.

Anonymous 42170

I have no intention of getting married or having biological kids

Anonymous 42171

People like to paint single unmarried women as miserable, who wouldn’t be miserable when you live in a society that tells women their lives MUST revolve around men and that if they didn’t manage to bag a rich handsome husband they have failed at life. People also bully single women who don’t have husbands as they see them as a softer target with no male protection.

Of course men like being married, what’s not to like about having an attractive personal domestic servant, cook and onahole? People argue that women get a free wallet to delve into or half his stuff, well a lot of modern guys want a traditional slave wife but aren’t even willing to share or play provider, and prenups are extremely common now. Alimony was invented to disincentivize men from cheating and compensate divorced women, for having to be thrown back in the dating pool at the deep end, we live in an ageist society that looks down on divorced women as tainted and men want women 15-20 or more years younger than them. Clearly men are still willing to risk it, since husbands cheating and husbands having porn addiction are the two main reasons women file for divorce. Coomers gonna coom.

Anonymous 42187

That's your fault. Not hers.
Then there are no good men. Make up your mind already.

Anonymous 42190

>Statistics show that married women are unhappier and die earlier than unmarried women

Yeah single women are so happy they kill themselves at 2-3x times the rate as married women. I can just feel the aura of happiness in your posts. God forbid I might be happy being taken care of by a kind capable guy, better throw that out because it's what the men want, women shouldn't have any desires at all lol.

Anonymous 42195

She's probably too old to snatch a good man and raise a family.

Anonymous 42228

>a good man
No such thing.

Anonymous 42229

>hi I have Stockholm syndrome!
Yawn. Get back to me once he’s cucked you and left you for a 17 year old once you hit 40.

Anonymous 42231

> in reality all women who aren't married by 25 or who don't simp for every male can or will get insulted as femcel. It's just a way of trying to get back at people for hating incels ("you femcels are just as bad as…!").
Dependent on your social circle. I literally can't think of a single woman or honestly man in my professional life who thinks like this; most women here get married in their 30s or 40s if at all. They're all educated, most from rich families, and work respectable careers. There's really no opportunity for someone with the quoted kind of mindset to exist among them.

Meanwhile the uneducated boomer neighborhood (no hate, saying how it is) I grew up in is shocked that I'm not settled down with kids yet. But even they don't even know what 'femcel/incel' is, it's a hilariously middle school internet term.

Anonymous 42233

Agreed about the statistics, here are some more trends off the top of my head, but I'm sure you can find even more.

>Married men are happier and live longer compared to single men, while married women are less happy and have shorter lifespans compared to single women.

>Women initiate most divorces. They're more likely to be happy after divorce than men. Divorced/widowed men are more likely than divorced/widow women to remarry.
>Widowers are more likely to die soon after their wife dies compared to the reverse.
>Women aged 60+ prefer to live alone and refuse to live with the men they're dating because they've learned better, while the men still want to live together.
>Husbands leave their wives diagnosed with an illness at 7x the rate than wives leave their husbands when diagnosed.
>Even when the wife is the breadwinner, she still ends up doing most of the housework.

It's clear that marriage is mostly for the benefit of men and a complete scam for women (as >>42171 mentioned) but society tries to brainwash women into thinking that's what they want through fancy white dresses and rings and with all those "wholesome" films, shows, and books about weddings.

Anonymous 42234

Then why bring it up? I swear some people just have to vent their insanity instead of making an argument.

Anonymous 42239

>my man takes good care of me!
>all of you are just bitter jelly hags, too old and ugly to get good men!
Wrong thread ladies, this is for us femcels and not for you to kiss your man's ass.

>"[Men calm down], take less risks, earn more money at work, and live a little longer. [Women], on the other hand, has to put up with that, and dies sooner than if she never married. The healthiest and happiest population subgroup are women who never married or had children."
>"Married people are happier than other population subgroups, but only when their spouse is in the room when they’re asked how happy they are. When the spouse is not present: fucking miserable."
Says Paul Dolan, professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics - and not some "uhm ackshually, wammenz…"-scrote on 4chan.

Anonymous 42242

You seriously need to start talking to people in real life instead of just reading studies and anecdotes. Are you experienced, even?

Anonymous 42245

>trusting soft sciences
Does "replication crisis" mean anything to you?

Anonymous 42247

>this is for us femcels and not for you to kiss your man's ass.

You know you can be a femcel with aspirations to be in a loving relationship with a man right?

Anonymous 42249


Forget replication crisis this is some loser interpreting whatever the hell they want for a quick buck.

>The problem? That finding is the result of a grievous misunderstanding on Dolan’s part of how the American Time Use Survey works. The people conducting the survey didn’t ask married people how happy they were, shoo their spouses out of the room, and then ask again. Dolan had misinterpreted one of the categories in the survey, “spouse absent,” which refers to married people whose partner is no longer living in their household, as meaning the spouse stepped out of the room.


The article goes on to describe other ways he made things up.

Surely she'll accept she was wrong and that she was misled by no other than a moid preying on her ignorance.

Anonymous 42250

>inb4 it was a man? Ree!
I'm really glad I'm not so far gone as this. I hope I can become one of those sweet old people, and not this.

Anonymous 42252

>Surely she'll accept she was wrong and that she was misled by no other than a moid preying on her ignorance.
You'd hope so but people still won't accept that 'women used to be treated medically with vibrators' was made up bullshit too.

Anonymous 42258


I seriously don't get what all you people advocating for relationships want from femcels. Single women are already mocked and pressured enough, why must you come here and additionally tell us how amazing being with a man is and that we're all gonna end up miserable, bitter, alone blah blah. OP and other anons already said that they tried but just didn't succeed, are they supposed to off themselves because they aren't deemed "good" enough to attract a man? What is your goal, other than rubbing in how uber perfect your life is?

Anonymous 42260


Pic related.

Anonymous 42261

It makes more sense when you realize you're in a thread about femcels having boybands as a cope and a radfem comes over to post how liking men is the root of all evil, using extremely dodgy studies to "prove" being single is better than being married and shitting on the other women here for daring to be attracted to other humans.

Literally the theme of the thread is idealized fantasy boyfriends as a cope.

Anonymous 42262

I'm >>42195 and didn't intend to mean it this way. >>42126 says good men are snapped up by women by age 20 so according to her logic, I guessed she might think she's too old to get a good man.

Anonymous 42264

based, find your happiness where you can anon. just don't swim across a lake to propose to them

Anonymous 42265


>liking men is the root of evil
>being single is better than being married
Nobody said that. Many women nowadays don't want to get married because that could mean slaving their life away as a housewife, but that does NOT mean they want to stay alone all their life. There's an inbetween, you know?
Right now I'm a femcel but if one day I meet a cute guy who magically likes me and who allows me to lead my life how I want to, then I'd be willing to date him.

>shitting on the other women here for daring to be attracted to other humans.

Quit being so dramatic. You, a female being with a male is seen as normal, the standard in society all over the world, while we are the loser spinsters. Women who can't get a man because they're too ugly or shy or whatever not wanting to listen to you telling them how amazing your life and your man is doesn't make you a victim.
What can I do other than trying to be content while single? Telling me I'm I don't know how many times more likely to kill myself isn't really helpful. Yes, maybe you with your man are happier than me, but there's not really anything I can do to change my life and therefore I cope with watching cute guys on screen.
Femcels are so inoffensive, we act the opposite of how incels do, we're mostly by ourselves, so I don't get why so many people are so bothered by us and so mean to us. Trust me, there are enough people who are already bothering us for not having a man and kids irl, no need to do that here too.

Anonymous 42267

>there's not really anything I can do to change my life
Like what? What can't you change?

Anonymous 42274

happiness chart.pn…

>Nobody said that

>Women’s love for men is like Stockholm syndrome, as far as I can see.

>I think the reason mothers with husbands are happier than single mothers isn’t necessarily because they have a man, but because they have a financier and safety net,
>their kids will always love them. But will their husbands? Probably not.
>It's clear that marriage is mostly for the benefit of men and a complete scam for women but society tries to brainwash women
>Then there are no good men. Make up your mind already.

I'm not going to pretend there aren't some shit relationships out there and that women don't get taken advantage of in some of them but the way it's put there is like the fact I would want a guy to be with is some kind of mental illness or that I've been "brainwashed" by society, they can't wrap their minds around women on their own accord would go out of their way to attract the attention of a man when 95% of men and women are heterosexual. It's literal human nature to seek out a partner of the opposite gender, yeah there's a 5% outlier too.

Just looking at even rough estimates gives you a better picture than this doom and gloom world painted there and I don't even disagree most men are shit because they are, complete and total garbage that shouldn't even be allowed near women.

>Quit being so dramatic

I'm just calling it like it is, how would you like it if you did find that cute guy to be with and some bitter woman tells you

>Yawn. Get back to me once he’s cucked you and left you for a 17 year old once you hit 40.

It's like you said, femcels already get enough shit as it is to also have other women attack us for having fantasy boyfriends to cope. I already have enough to put up with by being alone to have radfems police my own fantasies because of their warped view of society.

Anonymous 42277

>Telling me I'm I don't know how many times more likely to kill myself isn't really helpful.
They want you to hurry up and kill yourself, that's why they tell you that.

Anonymous 42279

Could it be that someone actually wants you to be happier, and less likely to kill yourself?

Anonymous 42281

In a place like this? No. It's the worry/advice version of a "backhanded compliment".

Anonymous 42282

>thread about women who try to cope with not being able to get a man
>"Actually you're 2-3 times more likely to commit suicide than us lucky ones in relationships!"
I fail to see how this is normie anons wanting femcels to be happier. It's cruel and just adds to their misery.

Anonymous 42283

Yeah. I don't understand why anons who are in happy relationships come here to bully us. There's no way I'm gonna ever find a boyfriend.

Anonymous 42294

You shouldn't be cursing other people for being happy in their relationships. You should fix yourself up so you can have one of your own. No luck needed. It's never too late, anon.

Anonymous 42299

Who cursed people?
All we want is that you 1. stop giving us smug "advice" and 2. stay out of our thread.

Anonymous 42301

Nice job derailing a thread into generic marriage bad/man hate.

It really bugs me how so many people just can't understand how escapism might be appealing. It's like their brains just can't physically processes the notion. Real normie trait there.

Anonymous 42303


I brought it up and I apologize because it came across badly.

The reason I said it was in response to that other anon that was saying you should be single because uhm ackshually you're happier that way, men bad, fantasy men bad, your cope is bad, you should feel bad for liking men and they'll cheat on you anyways, which first is a pretty negative way to cope trying to drag everyone into their blackhole of misery and second it's complete horseshit if you look at the actual data. Yes yes, there's shit men out there which is why I'm taking my sweet time to be in a position where I can spend the time to vet a sweet kind soul that will treat me well, as I will to him and that's what moves me forwards.

I want all of you to be happy, I want to be happy, everyone should be happy with a loving partner. I'm far from being a normie and I'd be a miserable mess if I didn't cope by imagining myself in a relationship and watching those guys that make emotional support asmr videos, every day I try to better myself so eventually I can have someone that loves me without being a burden to them and if someone says that's a bad thing then they can rightfully go fuck themselves.

Anonymous 42305

Seriously. The vehement is too much. At first angry, and then sad. It's just pathetic. You need to take care of yourself before you can think about someone taking care of you, and it's obvious there are some serious issues here.

Anonymous 42311

I mean you can better yourself all you want, but at the end of the day all most men care about is looks and sex. Its their programming.

Most dudes would take a 9/10 with a horrible personality and extreme body count than a 5/10 who is sweet, loving and devoted. 40 year marriages break up over a teenage girl all the time. That’s how loyal men are. I just don’t see the point in wasting my time. But I also agree that it would be lovely if everyone found a nice partner. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. When women bash men, they aren’t trying to put you down, they are trying to warn you.

Anonymous 42313

Quit parroting rebranded incel memes and post your bogus graphs already. Seriously, this "eye for an eye" philosophy you're trying to build is only destroying you like it destroys them.

Anonymous 42317

Shut up, 5% of no previous partner marriages end in divorce, you're not a femcel you're a female incel, down right to drawing stupid conclusions not grounded in reality because you're so bitter you can't even imagine yourself happy with another, make you own man hate thread and stop shitting this one up.

Anonymous 42326


I'm not cursing anyone for being in happy relationship. If you are in one, then good for you, but I fail to see how getting itt to bully us is related to the topic of the thread or productive.
And it's really hurtful of you to say that I should just fix myself lol. You have no idea how much effort I put into it already, starting from specialized therapy, dressing for my body type, getting rlly /fit/, hanging out with many people, etc. But all that effort was in the end pointless, because there are some barriers I can't cross (I'm a diagnosed autist and I'm tall plus I have low-trust angry looking face). I asked out many ugly men and I'm still a khhv.
Anyway, sorry for getting off topic lol. To say something related to the thread, I was thinking about buying merch from my fav idol's fansite, but I'm worried I might be supporting harmful fan. I wish there was a list of bad fansites who don't respect privacy of the idols.

Anonymous 42349

She sounds like one of those people who refuse to improve themselves in any way and insists that their partner has to "take me as I am". Truly an incel mindset.

Anonymous 42354

You are just heartless, anon.

Anonymous 42356

Funny how anons like her are ignored and yet you keep fighting over the same 5 unhinged anons, I've never seen anyone congratulate anons who improve themselves.

Anonymous 42358

>e-everyone is the same person!!1!

Anonymous 42361


>Y-you're just like incels!
Yeah totez the same, only without the pedophilia, rape fantasies and shooting up places…

Anonymous 42368

I actually missed that she said that she was autistic. So so sorry I thought you were just another lazy incel or a troll.

Anonymous 42375


Didn't you know that because we just suggest that women might be happier single and marriage might not be all it's cracked up to be, we're literally just as bad as men who post things like this all day and go on mass shootings because they can't get their penis wet?

Anonymous 42392

Don't buy into that facial shape stuff. No matter how many studies you read, there's nobody out there that'll focus on your face for more than a second. If you're scared of making a bad impression, you should try being more nice instead of emotionless, even if that's an "autistic" niceness. There are plenty of people who like tall women, the main problem is either their insecurity or yours.

Anonymous 42403

>there's nobody out there that'll focus on your face for more than a second.
One second is enough to see the bigger picture and decide if it's good or bad.
It's you who has to make sure your face is in order down to the smallest detail.

Anonymous 42442

Your mood shows through your face. If you're in a bad one, it'll always show. Trying to act stoic will only make you look like a murderer. You need to be bright in spirits if you want people to be delighted by you. You probably think it's embarrassing, inhumane, degrading. Well so did I, but I gave up on the spock stuff and people aren't immediately put off by me.

Anonymous 43292

>If you remain unmarried by 25 in Asia
This is a meme. The clue is that it's in anime/manga (fake reality). Most East Asians today marry in their late 20s and there was never a strict prejudice to begin with.

Anonymous 43311

This is something that moids spread to guilt evil western roasties into thinking "my life is so good and easy in comparison, my country is so advanced when it comes to feminism compared to X, I have zero rights to complain, blah blah"
Average age marriage
>USA: men 29, women 27
>Japan: men 31, women 29
>S.Korea: men 32, women 30
>In 2017, the average age at which Korean women had their first child was 31.6, the oldest in the world.
>In Japan: A 2015 survey by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research found that among singles aged 18–34, 59.1% of women were not involved in a steady relationship. Approximately half of respondents also expressed that they had no intention of looking for a partner.

Anonymous 43321

As of the last two decades Japan at least is in a huge demographic crisis because nobody is having sex or kids. Is it possible to compare it to the same stats from the 1990s or 1980s?

Anonymous 43322

Those older women are being married by older men, and heavily the kind of marriage is one arranged by the parents rather than anything organic.

Anonymous 43326

>heavily the kind of marriage is one arranged by the parents
parent-arranged marriage in your 30s? are you sure?

Anonymous 43362

It's not 3rd world style arranged marriages. But in Japan 'marriage interviews' are still a thing.

Anonymous 55518

Based. This is totally true. Most of the women who are offended by this reality aren't old enough to have experienced it yet. All men, even men in their 60s, prefer women in their 20s. All men are pigs. If you think differently, you just haven't dated enough, or you're in your 20s and still in the peak age desired by men. Every woman will eventually see the truth of femcels opinion once they hit their 30s and 40s and their husband's eye starts to wander. The anon who blathers about how great her man is just hasn't lived with him long enough.

Anonymous 56781

>femcels are so inoffensive
This. In India spinsters get attacked and lynched, a few hundred years ago femcels and women who refused to get married were called witches. For centuries and still in many places in the Middle East and Africa women had to marry men simply because being an UNMARRIED SINGLE WOMAN was so fucking dangerous. Let femcels have their boyband and fanfic copes, they’re literally hurting no one.

Anonymous 56813

>nobody is having sex
If nobody was having sex, why are love hotels, basically for having sex so widespread in Japan? Isn't the having kids part that's not happening?

Anonymous 56814

Because prostitution is an everyday thing for men, however men often don’t count this when asked about sex or if they are a virgin, making data messed up.

Anonymous 56815

Aren't mistresses also widespread in Japan?

Anonymous 56816

Sugar babies are.

Anonymous 56842

I always found it interesting how transgressive female solitude.

Anonymous 56862

>im tall
Retard have you paid attention at all in the past few months to make gamers thirsting over Lady D from RE?

Anonymous 56863


Anonymous 56985


Hmmm interesting. There can be a balance. Be a Stacy and keep your fandoms in the closet.

Anonymous 56986

GTFO male.

Anonymous 56989

Cringe. Be based and broadcast that shit. Make an itabag. Tell everyone you know about your latest fanfic find. Be unapologetic about your interests and don't regret living life as someone else

Anonymous 57010

Not this again. Fine whatever, do what you want.

Anonymous 57019

I agree, it's something you should show to your close friends at least, keeping it secret feels like you're a loser or doing something wrong, but when you don't hide your fandom it just feels like you have a hobby

I play dating games a lot, I love my favorite bands but I don't obsess over boybands specifically. I don't listen to a lot of popular music anyway but if I could bond with other girls over boyband obsession I would do it for sure.
I'm not ugly or "undesirable" but meeting new people and getting involved with someone is so much work that I'd rather entertain myself with fictional boyfriends atm.

Anonymous 57027


> slaving their life away as a housewife,
oh the horror of having a roof over your head, a loving husband and children.

Anonymous 57030

You can have a roof over your head without becoming the slave to some dirty moid who can’t even wash his own underpants or cook a simple meal. Men today act like children and aren’t worth having a relationship.

Anonymous 57031


Have you ever actually been the sole member of a household who does domestic work? Have you ever lived in a house where you're completely at the whim of whoever owns it? It is not the uwu cottagecore life you think it is, and no matter what happens, including abuse, you're stuck as you have no income of your own. Also, good luck finding somebody that appreciates being given a clean house, meals, and child raising, I started taking care of kids when I was 15 years old and have never been thanked for it. You wannabe trad types are always either brainwashed or all talk and no experience.

Anonymous 57033

nta but i've always wanted to have kids. it just seems like there is no way in this climate to land a partner who values you as an equal and then will equally divide your duties in raising children.
if you want to have at least one kid like me, i it's better to just be a single mom and have your parents help you raise your kid. they're more reliable and will be there for you. a man can leave you at any moment, cheat on you, become complacent and lazy, make you feel like you're raising 2 kids instead of 1 etc.

Anonymous 57039

>single motherhood is a good thing.
Good lord I hope you don't have kids.

Anonymous 57040

For every single mother, there is a deadbeat dad.

Anonymous 57054

Why is it ok for moids to scream about sportsball and wear jerseys and plaster their cars with sports teams and have super bowl parties or whatever but a woman's hobbies are somehow shameful. Wtf kind of shit is that? Life's too short to be not be unapologetically yourself

Anonymous 57056

It’s because of misogyny

Anonymous 57057

Cringe bluepilled take. And then he leaves you for a 17 year old when you hit 40 and you find it impossible to find another husband within your looks and financial and age league because they all want to fuck 17 year old girls too. Not to mention your tits and pussy are blown out from pumping out the ungrateful fucks kids. Seen it time and time again.

Anonymous 57058

I saw a femanon describing how modern men are basically the same purity spiralling double standards misogynists of the 1950s. except without any of the provider, protector or responsibility perks of the men of those days. I honestly couldn’t agree more. Modern men don’t have shit to offer women these days sadly. They’re so busy crying over their own fake depression and anxiety and existential crises they don’t have time to take care of anyone else.

Anonymous 57059

Have you considered not hanging around meatheads?

Anonymous 57060

Meatheads I can actually tolerate. Apart from their toilet humor, loudness and stupid chauvinism they’re mostly harmless. I’m far more wary of bitter betas or manipulative fake shy ‘nice’ guys.

Anonymous 57061

Femanon was right. Purity culture was always fake but at least it sort of made sense in the past as there was something in it for women (protection, money, etc)
Nowadays women have no use for men outside of fun and someone to keep around and talk to. A luxury item instead of a necessity

Anonymous 57064

Exactly. You were expected to keep yourself pure and demure and chaste back then, but the payoff was that you got a (supposedly) devoted, caring, loving, loyal husband who promised to provide for and protect his family. Now I see girls trying to fashion themselves into the ideal pickme tradwife and mommy for some skinnyfat neckbeard porn addicted deadbeat loser who brings absolutely zero to the table. It’s tragic.

Anonymous 57065

this, don't fall for the "nice guy" meme.
100% accurate.

Anonymous 57087

I don't hang around them. I'm pointing out the fact that their hobbies are seen as normal but a lot of womens' hobbies are seen as cringe and weird.

Anonymous 57096


It has nothing to do with sexism, it's just personal preference. I value my IRL friends but I won't bore them with my fandoms that's what online friends are for. And no one wants to listen to someone talk about their fandom 24/7 in the workplace. Extreme fandom is a turn off in men for me and vise versa.

Anonymous 57097

cocktail shirt.jpg

I like being a Stacy in the fandom closet. It's like my little secret.

Anonymous 57098

Yeah, nightmare fuel right there. Having a companion and kids to love. :)

Anonymous 57100

>a companion
Who jerks off to the idea of fucking your sister and secretly thinks you look old and uglier now

Anonymous 57108

yikes this. my sisters fiance used to joke about how he was dating the wrong sister all along. i don't think he was joking because he clearly dislikes my sisters personality and prefers those gamer girl types (of which I outgrew but my sister hasn't seen me in ages and probably told him I'm still like that).

Anonymous 57109

It's a male poster.

Anonymous 57118

How about you go fuck yourself, thanks.

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