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Anonymous 42898

hot asian guy at grad school. he scowls all the time, acts fake polite to people to get them to stop bothering him, and leaves as soon as he can. he doesn't have a girlfriend. how do you get his attention?

Anonymous 42899


Shoot him

Anonymous 42900

Trap him against the wall with your arm. That's what they do over there. Right?

Anonymous 42901

he probably wants to be left alone, he is in grad school

Anonymous 42904

alright but i dont care.

Anonymous 42923


I would wear my sluttiest clothes, ask him if he would spare me five minutes just to entertain me and slip him a little note that says

"hey I've had a crush on you for a while, want to have some fun no strings attached?"

Works every time, men are so cute when they're nerdy and work hard.

Anonymous 42928

i doubt you own slutty clothes you ding dong woman.

Anonymous 42933


Yeah, okay, considering the current "gender relations" I doubt he be feeling excited and more like he is being set up, making him less friendly. Why not be direct yet not encroaching?

Anonymous 42983

Approach him and give him your number for whatever he uses whatsapp or line or snapchat. You don't need to tell him anything he will probably understand & make his own choice.

Moid answer.

Anonymous 42989

ask him if he likes kpop

Anonymous 43002


You have to take into consideration that he‘s very introverted. Approach him only when you two are completely alone. Don‘t small talk with him, start very slowly.
Ideally you catch him when he‘s alone, hand him a sheet of paper (while smiling, but don‘t overdo the smile) with your phone number that says something really simple like - text me :).
You hand him the sheet while saying "this is for you", you turn around and leave him. He will likely only text you when he comes back home and at around evening or night time.
Now his thought process:
1. This is bait.
2. Someone actually took interest in me – hory shit!
3. No way, she‘s probably mocking me, she probably told the other girls and will use me for entertainment.
Possible responses:
>Why did you hand me this sheet?
>What do you want from me?
>Is this not a joke/prank?
>So uh, hello, what‘s your name?
>Do yu rike hentai?
He may pretend to be clueless, be persistent, adaptive, be like water.

Anonymous 43003


Based powerstacy

Anonymous 43048

Alright, "don't care". Just molest him and have him visit you in conjugal if you're so careless.

Anonymous 43051

ask him if he likes kpop x2

Anonymous 43059

Do this, anon, and keep us updated.

>kung fu guy, hory shit
Stop acting weird just because some girls like guys who happen to be Asian.

Anonymous 43086

Ask him "am I kawaii uguu"

Anonymous 43102

ask him if he likes kpop x3

Anonymous 43354

It's a jealous whiteoid moid. Happens.

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