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Anonymous 43110

>diagnosed with anxiety at age 11
>minor symptoms, barely affects my life
>fast forward 8 years
>in the span of a year develop a major fear of storms and hypochondria, as well as frequent paranoid delusions
What the fuck happened

Anonymous 43114

i dunno but chill

Anonymous 43116

i'm trying bro i really am

Anonymous 43139

Don't try, do.

Anonymous 43160

thanks i'm cured

Anonymous 43161

Good! You figured out that mentally yelling "I'm trying I'm trying" doesn't actually help you do what you're attempting to do.

Anonymous 43183

Stop running up to people in their cars and screaming at them for not wearing masks, please. Thanks.

Anonymous 43210

>implying i leave my house

Anonymous 43277

Good. You're one of the smart ones.

Anonymous 43453

Just my onion but I think you're expecting more paranoia because of the trend to record strangers and post it online, or the trend of "lolcows"

Anonymous 45201

idk anon, but I have had the same thing happen to me. I've had mild anxiety for years, but suddenly last year I started have constant panic attacks and periods of dissociation. It's absolutely terrifying and, yeah it's easy for people to say "huh just calm down, do deep breathing, meditate" but that doesn't always work

hang in there. just keep reminding yourself it will pass

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