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Betrayal Anonymous 43593

I am a part of a gang of friends. One of my friends really betrayed my trust. What can I consider as acceptable from my other friends, knowing that they know the situation and acknowledge that it wasn’t right?

I tried to treat her like normal tho there was no accountability from her side. She blamed instead for overreacting and my other friends agreed with me that I didn’t. On group chats, I can talk to her but seeing her today, I felt ultimately disgusted.

Anonymous 43594

Her behaviour, includes that if I confront her of a lie, she’ll start talking about how I have trust issues with ppl and she’ll say stuff like “oh, you feel that way, too bad” so talking is a big no-no with her.

Anonymous 43599

If you keep being upset like this, just skip being part if you don't feel like it. There is no merit in brewing more drama.

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