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moid friend dating lesbian Anonymous 43918

moid friend's gf messaged me saying she really isn't into men as much as she thought and is losing feelings for said moid.
I'm close enough to both to know this may end poorly.

I also have a crush on her but I will never admit that to them

Anonymous 43919

Take her man. Bam, third option.

Anonymous 43920

I'm also a lesbian and even then I don't see him in that way.

Anonymous 43922

Does she feel the same towards you? If so, you should really just consider telling her to break up with him.

Anonymous 43935

Steal his gf fuck moids tbh.

Anonymous 43940

devil sticker.png

>let them break it off
>over the course of a couple weeks hook up with his ex gf
>keep it low key
>calmly tell him a couple months down the line (assuming you and his ex are still together) that you and ex-chan are an item now
>he either is sad but understanding or pissed, if pissed just leave him alone to come to terms with it
>now the proud half of a moid-free couple

Anonymous 43943


I'm suddenly reminded of pic related story.

Anonymous 43944

>if pissed just leave him alone to come to terms with it
I really don't think you've thought this through. It'd be better if he didn't know.

Anonymous 44057


How long have they been dating? if its only been a couple months then I doubt its that serious. If his ex is falling out of love with him then theres a good chance the feeling is mutual anyway. He'd probably prefer his ex dating a girl than a guy anyway

Anonymous 44069

Never downplay the rage of a moid.

Anonymous 44071

if he's like that then they should both cut the moid off when the ex is done with him

Anonymous 44072

I'm not saying he is, but he could be. Don't turn your back on one no matter how nice they seem.

Anonymous 44076


theyve been dating for a little over 2 years.
should mention they are an LDR and he is my IRL friend.

Anonymous 44079


Ahh that changes things quite a bit anon, ldrs are generally painful and largely pointless, they never really stood a chance anyway
I recommend you prioritise your friendship with the moid instead as you actually know him irl and probably distance yourself from this girl a little bit
Maybe seek out available women irl if you can, the lesbian dating pool may be small but it's better to dip into that then try an ldr with the bi curious ex of your friend

Anonymous 44081

Moids are like children throwing tantrums. Ultimately his would be “rage” (lol) doesn’t matter

Anonymous 44083

i appreciate the concern but I can assure you this guy isnt violent, but he'd probs push me away if I ever took his girl

although she isn't too far from me, I don't know if I could do LDRs regardless if I liked her romantically.

Anonymous 44089

Yes, children with the bodies of chimpanzees. Don't get drunk off your courage anon.
No, anon. LDRs won't work out. The fact any of this is happening is just hilariously bad. People should really just break the barriers and talk to each other irl. It's not like the secret police will get you.

Anonymous 44311


Please give us an update op

Anonymous 44312


OP here.
they are "on break" if that means anything.
she's been too busy at her job so she isn't online much lately.

Anonymous 44339

Please don't let yourself get caught up in any of it, LDRs are almost always bad news

Anonymous 44353

truthfully im not that interested in her. shes cute and nice but i dont like long distance.
i also dont want to risk losing an irl over something like this.

Anonymous 44354


That's good anon, it sounds like you've got your priorities in check

Anonymous 45480


OP here. this situation got even more ridiculous.
moid friend makes questionable decisions at times. out of the blue, he messages me to tell me he thinks our friendship is toxic because we "enable" each other to overshare, which sounds super dumb to me because that is literally what all of my friendships are like. he claims us oversharing is what ruined his relationship? i dont understand this logic at all. he then unfriends/unfollows me on all social media.

I had to admit I was quite hurt by this because it wasn't any flimsy online friendship. We were irls and had been close for 5 years. i considered him a brother. i hate men because they're all so violent and stupid, and yet i could tell you i trusted this moid with my life. it felt like betrayal

oddly enough, his ex gf even messenged me saying she thought his sudden decision was stupid and apparently even yelled at him for this, because there was no good reason for him to do this.

Anonymous 45481

wow heejin looks gorgeous here

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