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Bad dreams Anonymous 47199

I had another dream about my old friend who I was close to.
What bad dreams have you had lately anon?
>have they been good
>have they been bad
What are they like when bad or good?

Anonymous 47202


I've had a nightmare about my PC acting strange, then I saw a huge white rat chewing on my pc's power cable, tried to beat it with some book, it bit me and I woke up in a cold sweat.
Somehow I'm terrified of software errors and BSODs make me sweat horribly. I have no idea what might have caused this specific fear though.

Anonymous 47207

Anyone else has recurring dreams?
I have dreams of being a male soldier in some arid wasteland, trying to get somewhere, but I never make it..

Anonymous 47211

I had these types of dreams when I was online 24/7 for years.
Did all your dreams become purely online based?
Only PTSD dreams
What do you think your dream could mean anon??

Ever try to understand what your dreams mean?

Anonymous 47212

>beating a rat when you can just buy another power cable
for shame

Anonymous 47214

>Did all your dreams become purely online based?
No, I still have dreams about IRL stuff like my friends, etc. though they are becoming rarer than game/web dreams (I don't remember them much so I can't say for sure).
This wasn't a lucid dream so I had no idea what I was doing. The rat was very huge and scary though and if I'd seen it IRL I'd just run away like a pussy, buy another cable and a rat trap.

Anonymous 47216

What are your web dreams like?
Mine used to be like just posting on BB and IB boards.
You tried to get into lucid dreaming anon?

Anonymous 47218

Mostly social media stuff and multiplayer Minecraft with my e-friends.
Yes, I tried and I was kinda good at it a year or so ago but it was a hard time in my life so I basically used it as a cope to feel in control of something in my life. I still gain lucidity from time to time, the most exciting thing I do in them is the "rabbit hole" teleportation method where I imagine a huge hole in the ground in the back and just fall into it then it teleports me to a certain location in my mind. You should try it sometime, it's neat and when you're falling through it you feel all the wind blowing against you.
I also sometimes still do reality checks but not that often anymore.

Anonymous 47226

Thanks anon you have inspired me to try again.
I always forget to do reality checks and when I think about it it only makes me more pathetic lol

I never did anything like you mentioned but am interested in testing my consciousness whilst in a lucid dreaming state.

I met an anon once who said lucid dreaming took over their life and they became addicted in a way whilst neglecting real life.

Anonymous 47229

>it only makes me more pathetic
How so?
>lucid dreaming took over their life and they became addicted in a way whilst neglecting real life
It certainly can happen but you don't really have to worry about it if you enjoy something irl. That's just how all addictions are

Anonymous 47230

Because it is simple to do and I have done it before yet I fail to.

When I think about it like is it even bad to become addicted to lucid dreaming when your life is beyond fucked

Anonymous 47231

There are lots of ways to do a reality check, so if one doesn't work for you, try another one and so on.
>is it even bad to become addicted to lucid dreaming when your life is beyond fucked
Depends on what you call "fucked", if it can't be fixed at all then I have no idea. Lucid dreaming could even help you with something like talking to people, being in public, etc (you can practice it in the dream realm if you learn to change locations, populate them with people, etc)
You could even teleport yourself in a place you know and meet people you know IRL and their behavior will be based on your experiences with them. At least that's what I learned from my experience with dreampeople

Anonymous 47232

Have you ever tried killing yourself in a dream? What happens.
Oh thanks anon I will keep that in mind and may start doing reality checks again.

Anonymous 47234

In one of my lucid ones I tried to jump off a high building but I just landed on my feet and everything was pretty fine, it's impossible to feel any pain in a dream. The other time I did it I just glided downwards.
And in my non-lucid one I jumped off a bridge and then woke up immediately.
You could also make someone else kill you in a dream I guess but you'll probably just wake up.


My abusive step father of 7 years was in my dream. I never think of him and I've blocked out most of my experiences. It kinda shook me that I dreamed of him.. the entire time I was screaming at him. I think I have unresolved rage inside me, subconsciously

Anonymous 47282

I feel like I have nothing but recurring dreams.

Anonymous 47288

>What bad dreams have you had lately anon?
>>have they been good

Come on man

Also all my dreams lately have been me running away from something. It's not scary at all though. It's pretty fun with a lot of parkour. I love the dreams I've been having lately.

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