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Anonymous 47471

all i want is cute lesbian friends why is that so hard im so fucking sad

Anonymous 47473

>why is that so hard

Troons colonized lesbian spaces, making it impossible for real lesbians to find each other in giant crowds of men in maid costumes. There are also fewer lesbians participating in those communities overall because many of them have been convinced they should mutilate their breasts and pretend to be boys instead. That's why.

Anonymous 47475

takes your pills please

Anonymous 47476

I miss when I lived in my cozy lgbt bubble of friends.

I tried to make lesbian friends a few years ago at a small lesbian club event but I haven't had friends in ages so I just ended up flirting with everyone and then ghosted them because I'm in a relationship.

Anonymous 47477

Most women who claim to be lesbians are bi anyway. They either claim the gay label to participate in oppression olympics or they believe in comphet and they think that just because men were terrible to them and they hate them now and don't want to fuck them it somehow makes them homosexual.

Anonymous 47481

>and don't want to fuck them
>wanting to fuck women and never fuck men isn't gay
Unless you mean the desire is there but men have repulsed them so much that it just stops at a knee-jerk urge?

Anonymous 47482

what's wrong with believing in comphet? it's very much a thing…

Anonymous 47483

Or they label themselves as lesbian because straights and gays both hate bis.

Anonymous 47487

link a throaway discord and i will talk to you

Anonymous 47554

>freshman year
>intro to psychology class
>meet a nice girl, was almost certain she was a lesbian
>never asked if she wanted to hang out after class because I couldnt figure out how to socialize at the time
>never saw her again
I'm a junior now, all I know is regret

Anonymous 47557

Do you actually talk to people to see who can be a friend?

Anonymous 47570

Oof. Here's a story from me.
>freshman year, first term
>be me, closeted (at the time) femme who reads as straight
>philosophy class
>an out and proud art lesbian is in my class
>I also draw
>approach her once, ask for and follow her art blog
>think the interaction went well
>she doesn't follow me back and never acknowledges me again
Crie evertim

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