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Anonymous 4781

I want to know what it's like to be loved.

Anonymous 4783


That's such a funny picture lel.

Knowing you're loved is extremely comforting. I personally feel like my loved one will always be there for me, and that there's nothing in the world that could break us apart. And even if something tried to separate us along the way, this person wouldn't let it happen. I know what I'm saying may sound like the standard answer and that these thoughts may not be completely realistic, but that's how I feel.

It really is like a warm fuzzy feeling in the chest. -w-~~ <3

Anonymous 4808

Romantic love or platonic love? For the former, it's nice if you reciprocate their feelings, otherwise it's just annoying.

If someone develops a crush on you without really knowing you, they're more than likely going to idealize you, put you on a pedestal, and then get their feathers ruffled when you don't live up to those expectations. Some people will even become emotionally or physically abusive and then claim, 'well, you drove me to it because my feelings for you are so intense' or something.

i don't know whether I've ever experienced perfect, selfless love, but when I think of that concept, the only thing that comes to mind is the love a parent has for her/his child. I feel really lucky that I was born into the family that I was, because I've met so many people along the way who had awful parents and are now either estranged or straight-up disowned from their 'family'. In a way, though, I also admire those people for their independence and their courage to leave what usually sounds like it must have been a horrible situation. But being loved like that is like having an enormous burden lifted off of your shoulders. There's nothing quite so scary to me as being truly alone in the world, but because of my family, I know that even if shit hits the fan–like nuclear fallout kind of shit, even–I'll be alright. If I didn't have them, I would most likely either be in prison or teetering on the edge of suicide right now.
I think it's important to demonstrate that your love is reciprocated, though. I've actively made the effort to get closer to my parents and understand them better as people for the past few years, and I can tell that it gives them comfort. And as they've noticed that I've been trying to show more affection and compassion towards them, they've also become more respectful of my decisions and lifestyle.

Anonymous 54855


someone please answer this question
i don't know if im in love or in lust

Anonymous 54856

This post literally reached a hand right through my chest and ripped out my heart.

Anonymous 54861

Mom taking care of you when you're sick, packing you a lunch. Being worried enough about you to bring you a water bottle when she knows you're going to practice that day even though it embarrasses you.
As far as I know other types of love don't exist

Anonymous 54890

A mother’s love is unconditional, no matter how bad of a princess you’ve been.

Anonymous 54894

I feel kind of skeptical about maternal love, probably because of my childhood. It feels like moms love you more the more helpless you are, and don't like you becoming an independent person. Of course a good mom will counteract that but that love instinct comes from taking care of cute, helpless things like babies and animals, it feels less pure when you are a functioning person and they still want to see you the same way.

Anonymous 54899

If he got a haircut you didn’t like, how would you feel about him?

Anonymous 54906


being loved is meaningless if you can't reciprocate. so many times I've had people become obessively in love with me and it's honestly just a nuisance every time. I do wonder what it is like to love someone though…

Anonymous 54915

Pretty much this although I don't know how much of my discomfort was because it was obvious that everyone that's been in love with me so far didn't really know me that well. I feel like someone being in love with you while also knowing you on a more intimate level would be more gratifying

Anonymous 54917


>I do wonder what it is like to love someone though
Warm, but also stressful. The thought of them makes you happy and you want them to succeed (it's as satisfying as if it were your success), but you're also afraid of losing them. And when they hurt, you also hurt.
I love my mother and my friends. I've only been "in love" once but it wasn't reciprocated. Since accepting that and transitioning to just being friends, I find the core of love still feels pretty similar whether it is romantic or platonic.

Infatuation is different though. It's REALLY stressful since the goal is getting them to reciprocate and not true admiration for the person. Thoughts of them also bug you all the time. Yearning. Anxiety. Pretty distracting and awful!
Stable love is more like being comfy around someone and caring about them.

Anonymous 54921

I keep seeing the OP pic and wanting to pet a giant guinea pig :(

Anonymous 54931

I want to know what even that feel is like, especially if they really truly had a crush on me and not the version of me they created. Nobody has ever had a crush on me, or at least if they have I've never known about it.

Anonymous 54988

The idea of being in a relationship where you are home together a lot of the time and have to share a bed and do activities together sounds quite nice but would be exhausting and scary irl. I think I would start to get annoyed having someone in my space a lot. I would feel so self conscious about things like morning breath or farting or getting BO and I know you’re supposed to stop caring about that stuff when you’re comfortable together but for me I will never feel comfortable with letting a man see me at my most slobby and gross. I’m also worried the sex would get boring really fast or that you would run out of things to talk about or say. I will never feel comfortable with another human sharing my personal space. It’s why the only relationships I have ever had were solely online.

Anonymous 54993


For me, love is a feeling of security. It’s an attachment that makes you able to face the world better, even if they’re not by your side at that moment. Knowing that someone loves you isn’t this constant euphoria that media would make you believe, but it makes the daily challenges of life a little bit easier.

Anonymous 55007

The problem is I don’t believe any guy is gonna stick around long term and I don’t really trust any guy because every ex I had let eventually. I would love a stable long term partner but I just don’t think in this world of throwaway dating and selfishness and fear of commitment that many men can offer that anymore.

Anonymous 55035

that's a capybara

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