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Anonymous 49012

>Hate this shithole website
>Loathe it with every fiber of my being.
>See absolutely no redeeming qualities for it

Why are people still using this site? In 2020?
If Google had just simply allowed YouTube to keep their upvote/downvote comment section system, I can bank on it that this shithole site wouldn’t even have lasted and it would have simply died and gone underway.
But no. YouTube had to develop retarded policies. And now the only place we have left on the internet with an upvote downvote system is Cuckdit, the land of the circle-jerking white knights and Karma pointed narcissistic cunts.
People shouldn’t have to rely on Reddit for a true objective opinion. It’s no where near as good as how 2005 YouTube comments section used to be.
There is no way to get an objective opinion on Reddit without too many variables affecting the replies. The sheer narcissism of mods and their bots to do the work they’re too lazy to do. You have to jump through hoops just to post a simple fucking thread.
>Post a thread
>Gets deleted
>yOu dIdNt AdD A fLaIr
>Tries again
>Gets deleted
>yOu NeEd tO rEpLy tO tHiS bOt

And the comments. Don’t even get me started on the comments.
Unless you post the most generic, banal superficial comment that emits you have a vapid personality just like the rest of the flock there, you’ll be shunned away and never have your opinion heard. They just want the same regurgitated shit said over and over again, then people shill out Karma points to them because they’re “lel so original” and they receive asspats and praise because they’re the hundredth person to post the same shit saying “Orange Man Bad” just to get 4,000 upvotes and a Gold medal.
This place is where the waste of humanity come to suck each other’s dicks and pet each other’s egos.

Anonymous 49015

I hate when they remove your comments and don’t even tell you why. Or how you need a certain amount of karma to post in most subreddits making it harder to use throwaway accounts. Who wants their entire posting history with personal stuff all in one place. It’s super easy to find the accounts of people you know if they have a sizeable history.

I deleted my accounts when they removed all the GC content. Now I only browse female majority subreddits without logging in (tip: use old.reddit.com on mobile). Mainstream male majority subreddits are awful and a study proved that the relationships one is biased towards men.

Anonymous 49016

> Or how you need a certain amount of karma to post in most subreddits making it harder to use throwaway accounts

Fucking hell!
I didn’t even know there was such a thing as that!
Geez, this trash website just gets more and more worse the more you learn about it.
Fuck that shit anon. This website needs to die.
Or someone needs to at least convince YouTube CEO to add back downvoting and upvoting.

Anonymous 49017

out of the few dozen times i clicked a link to a reddit thread at the top of my google search, i dont think i found a real answer to my answer more than three times. seems like the entire point of the website is to make an ass of yourself for epic upvotes.

Anonymous 49021

The reason they changed the YouTube voting is because a lot of spam comments were being made the top comment by upvoting it a lot and then downvoting others. Now it seems to be more complicated and also affected by which region you're in (e.g. you'll see more French comments if you're in a French speaking country).

Anonymous 49022

It's the only way you can have still have forum like discussion. I don't hate reddit but I also don't post on it ever. It's not like other social media is different, it's just even worse.

Anonymous 49024

OP here. Just as soon as I got done writing this discussion, I went on to Reddit and found out I was banned from the subreddit I had posted on lol. This garbage fire website just needs to die already.

Anonymous 49025

Still I don't think that is enough reason to remove a voting system entirely. YouTube was the only nonbiased platform that allowed users to upvote/downvote without subjectivity, unlike with Reddit where "karma" and other bullshit sways your opinion.

Anonymous 49029

>I went on to Reddit and found out I was banned from the subreddit I had posted on lol
At least you got to post on it. A bunch ban you before you can even post if you comment on a rival subreddit (even if your comment was against that sub).

Anonymous 49030

Oh trust me, I know that. That has already happened to me too.

Anonymous 49031

Have you considered just not using the site instead of raging about how much you hate it? Clearly that isn't the case if you're using it.

Anonymous 49032

NTA but Reddit has basically killed off a lot of niche forums. If you want to talk about certain topics it's basically Reddit or not at all.

Anonymous Moderator 49048

Reddit thread: >>>/b/10778

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