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Anonymous 49336

Has anyone here had emotional numbness from antipsychotics and got their emotions back once you switched to different antipsychotics? Is it possible?

What if the antipsychotic i wanted to go on was one from years ago that didnt mess with my emotions?
Would it still work? or not?

Anonymous 49338

53122 - drum drums…

Anon, please stop taking antipsychotics/neuroleptics. I was forced to take them because I was falsely diagnosed with schizophrenia. I still feel numb and dumb. I'm recovering very slowly but I will always feel partly lobotomized.

Anonymous 49339

I am being forced by my loved ones.

Anonymous 49341

btw diagnosed as schizoeffective, i i was recovering too off of them, but kept losing touch with reality becuase of the stress of no emotions (but stress and anxiety) pretty much.

Recently told people about my problems, everyone still wants me to take it though.

Anonymous 49342

I had good effects with quetiapine 6 years ago though, i am hoping it will work when i take it as my main medication again and it will give me back my emotions, if not im fucking quitting and never using any ever again..

Though i am scared if i end up in the ward again becuase they will force inject me (again)

Anonymous 49343

What i wouldn't give to be "partly lobotomized" compared to this….

Anonymous 49349

I haven't had emotional numbness yet, but I have gone through major life changes in the past month. My main illness is BPD and I'm given it to control my delusions and paranoia. It works pretty well, mixed with an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer. I'm on risperidone at the moment and I take seroquel if I can't sleep or am panicking.

Anonymous 49350

I meant I've gone through emotional life changes that usually affect people strongly and on top of that I feel strongly, so maybe that's why the numbness hasn't hit in yet

I did feel numb on Prozac, though. My meds were switched out by my psychiatrist and the new antidepressant I've been on for months has not had the unpleasant side effects. Are antipsychotics all you are on?

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