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Intrusive thoughts Anonymous 50227

Does anyone else struggle with thoughts they don't want to have? In my experience, when I have fragile things in my hands, I sometimes start thinking about how awful it'd be if I dropped them. Then I start to feel guilty and anxious, as if it actually happened. I have an overactive imagination in the worst possible way.
There are also times when I get mental flashbacks to shock images, and they put me off whatever I'm doing until I can make them fade out. I feel like I have some kind of sadistic NSA agent in my brain that likes to flip switches to make me suffer. Please tell me I'm not alone.

Anonymous 50228

Two things here anon.

1. Imaging breaking something fragile is normal or being tempted to break it. Get anxiety over is not.

2. Getting flashbacks is not normal. Did you have an unhappy or traumatic period in your life? This could be complex PTSD.

Anonymous 50235

>Does anyone else struggle with thoughts they don't want to have?
Yes, I have OCD.

Anonymous 50237


>tfw you touched the wrong part of the door and you contaminated everything else and now you have to buy a new laptop
this disorder is ruining my fucking life, please send help

Anonymous 50239

Intrusive thoughts are something most normal people have. Common ones include dropping a baby while holding it or jumping off of tall buildings you're standing on. If you focus too much on it you might get OCD.
t. Psych. student

Anonymous 50242

My heart goes out to you anon. I too have an obsession with contamination. I don't know where you live, but cognitive behavioural therapy with the help of a therapists might help you, maybe you can find an online therapists if you can't find one in real life. I wish you happiness.

Anonymous 50257

I often have intrusive memories of all the embarrassing things Ive done over the years. This causes me to react verbally via saying either "Fuck you XYZ" or "I love XYZ". The name of XYZ is seemingly random, rarely related to the memory, and often someone Ive never loved or hated.

Anonymous 50276

This is called ruminating. Next time you feel a thought coming along, start tapping the back of your hand and it will pull you out of it. I know it can sound impossible to do as it feels like the memories come out of nowhere but once you start paying attention, you will notice when it happens.

Anonymous 50281

There was an anon in here who talked about hating herself because she imagines hurting innocent things in detail without wanting to actually do it, and also sexual scenarios. No enjoyment from any of the thoughts.
I didn't get time to reply before it was deleted, but you're not alone, anon. It's the kind of thing that fills you with self-disgust, but know that we're not bad people. We actually hate it, it's almost like a form of mental torment or self-harm.

Anonymous 50282

>This causes me to react verbally
I didn't think other people did this too, good to know I'm not alone. I usually react by saying "cringe" or "shut the fuck up".

Anonymous 50284

I do this too.

I hope this works.

Anonymous 50298

Ill give it a shot. Also its nice to know the name so I can read more about it. Thank you.

Anonymous 51187

When I was very young, around 6-8 years old, I had a LOT of intrusive thoughts for some reason. I don’t remember their content at all now, but they used to bother me and drive me crazy. True story: mom ended up taking me to a church and as I walked out, my mind was free.

I am not even religious

Anonymous 51200

omg me too. I yell “stress” or “anxiety” during flashbacks and then I’m usually calmer or at least able to move to the next thought.

There is a mental schema that doesn’t quite explain this, but it’s basically where we think and vividly imagine that we will die at any second, whether by fatal illness, natural disaster, hit by a train, etc etc. It reminds me a bit of what OP described, holding something precious and delicate and imagining dropping it on the floor . I do the same when all the time , always expecting all screw up

Anonymous 51206

I tried to develop a habit of slapping myself, but I was too lazy to keep reinforcing it and now I just tell myself to stfu. Glad to not be the only sick fuck who does this

Anonymous 51214

Intrusive SH thoughts do not go away until I do them I can hold off for a while but have to satisfy them I get others as well. Do you have OCD OP? I get all sorts like you mentioned it is a pain but what can we do just cope?

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