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After-Death Plans Anonymous 51460

What do you want to happen after you die? Do you want to be embalmed or not? Cremated? What do you want your funeral and burial to be like?

Anonymous 51461

I want a motion-activated gravescreen that shows me waving to passersby.

Anonymous 51465


OP here and I just made a funeral moodboard. When I die, I seriously want my funeral to be happy and calming. I don’t want it to be depressing whatsoever. I am not suicidal LOL.
Omg yes I love that. Anything silly like that to take away from the sadness.

Anonymous 51468

It's really stupid, but I want to be buried with some kind of representation (like a plush or something) of a favorite character. It's illogical but it seems so lonely to me to be buried or cremated by yourself.
Your funeral seems really nice anon! I really like the locks of hair idea.

Anonymous 51471

I want to be a skeleton hanging in a classroom. I want kids to raise my bony hands and slap them whenever they make a joke, and I want a necktie and a funny tophat.

Occasionally, if the science teacher could rattle my bones… That would be nice.

Anonymous 51478

If you donate your body to science you’re more likely to be a dissection specimen. Just saying, you don’t choose how it’s used.

Anonymous 51483

somebody really ought to fight for the right to be specifically turned into a classroom skeleton then

Anonymous 51497


i just want to die in peace and for people to forget about me and my existence altogether immediately after the funeral's over please

Anonymous 51506

cat not amused.jpg

I am going to make like a cat and fuck off somewhere noone else will find me when it's time for me to go out. I don't want a funeral, I don't want any kind of fuss, even the fact that they'd wonder what happened to me is kind of not ideal but it's the best I can do. No one will know I've died until some fucker looks at a registry and realizes that I'm supposed to be 150 years old and haven't been seen in 70 years.

Anonymous 51513

based af

Anonymous 51548


I can't say I really care what happens to my body after I die, so whatever my loved once would prefer.
I think a funeral is more for them than it is for me.
But then again, I'm in my early 20s, typically it's when you get quite older that this starts bothering you, I'll probably change my mind if I don't bite the dust before that.
I don't think classroom skeletons are actual skeletons anymore, I'm fairly certain they just make plastic models nowadays.
At least that's what we had when I was in elementary school.

Anonymous 52149

When I feel ready to go I’ll probably just go blow my brains out in a remote forest and decompose into the ground

Anonymous 52152

We had to make death plans in a class in high school (long story) and mine back then was:
>Buried in a simple pine box, no embalming for maximum biodegradability that’s within local ordinances.
>No open casket because that’s weird.
>I will be buried in nothing but a shroud because I want the thrifters to have my fancy old lady clothes.
>Guests can say their final goodbyes to pictures of me taken throughout my life that the home can place on my box during the viewing
>If I die childless, my partner dies before me, and my brother doesn’t manage to reproduce, I’ll liquidate my assets and give all of my money to the local women/children’s shelter that I used to volunteer at

Based plan

Anonymous 52181

that's the dream

Anonymous 52201

Sounds simple and nice.

Anonymous 52203

dang, wanted the same for over ten years now. still not sure how practical it is so probably just going to ask for cremation and flushed down the toilet, cotton hill-style.

Anonymous 52210

Me too but a public toilet one of my parents is onboard but I now think it may be wrong to force family to dispose me like trash once I am dead also I am starting to think it would be best to be eaten by an animal so my consciousness in the form of matter can live on but then again who really wants to go through this hell again.

It is not legal at least where I am to officially dispose human remains in the sewrage system.

Anonymous 52222

I want a natural burial like Caitlin Doughty talks about, no chemicals, no fancy casket. Just your body being returned to the earth. I would hate to be cremated.

>I don't think classroom skeletons are actual skeletons anymore, I'm fairly certain they just make plastic models nowadays.
>At least that's what we had when I was in elementary school.
Yes, I think this is the case. However you can donate your skeleton if you really want. I remember some guy donated his skull to be used in Hamlet.

Anonymous 52231

If I die I want to be burned on a funeral pyre on my own property. If that is not legal where I am, my spouse will have to ship me to the cheapest chemical based body break down facility.

I suppose I could donate for science, but eh, I am ambivalent.

Anonymous 52244


I want my consciousness to be uploaded to a computer so I can shitpost and play vidya for millenia even after the degradation of my flesh.

But realistically I want to die on a warm, sunny day in December, surrounded by all my loved ones who are still alive. My funeral would happen on a bright day, buried in a biodegradable casket with pictures of my family and pets surrounding me, a gothic gravestone with angels and devils and a giant Rosemary bush surrounding me so I can give it nutrients and "become the plant" in a sense. People can pick off some branches from time to time but fuckers better not over-harvest me.

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