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anyone else? Anonymous 52215

Post a question to ask if anyone else feels the same way.
MNE: Is anyone else generally a bitch off of CC because they just think of others as normalfags and do not really care abut their bullshit in general?
I know this is wrong but I cannot really empathize with normalfags I do not wish ill on them I just cannot care about their problems but when I read a Cafe poster share about some problem even if minor it hits me emotionally.

Anonymous 52216

low quality and up…

If you take a normalfag and examine them closely, you'll start to see some weird stuff. Normalfags are just better at hiding their defects.

Anonymous 52217

I'm not sure how to properly answer questions like these because the application of "normalfag" is inconsistent as a rule. You'll see similar terms ("normie" "norman" "normal") used by all sorts of different people who other anyone on the basis of their own insecurities. If you have an eating disorder, anyone who doesn't is a normie. If you're a femcel, anyone who has ever had a boyfriend is a normie. If you're a CSA survivor, anyone who wasn't abused as a child is normal. If you're avoidant, anyone who has friends is a normie. If you're lesbian, anyone who isn't is a normie. It makes sense that you would care about those you perceive to be more similar to you; they are less likely to threaten your status as [insert identifier], and perhaps (if you are capable of feeling) you might have a one-sided emotional attachment to them. Though, not everyone will see things that way. There are also many who should be outcasts by your definitions who would not hold up the same lines as you between themselves and other people. Or conversely, they might consider you outside themselves on some other basis. Of course, for many of these qualifiers, you wouldn't know this information just walking by random strangers.

As soon as you accept your defects you cannot see the same system of self vs. other in this way, because those particular flaws are no longer a significant part of your identity. Is this desirable? I'm not sure. Perhaps feeling as part of an in-group conveys some benefits, though I imagine positive associations would be better than shared victimhood (which normalfag and associated terms usually convey.) I wonder also if acting on these potential immediate emotional attachments (or debasements) is a good thing. Does it prevent you from seeing people is new ways? What doors do you close by passing judgments so easily?

As for myself, I have been hostile to those I perceived that way. I feel differently now. Everyone is like a stranger, and I see no reason to be mean or kind.

Anonymous 52218

Normalfag this, normal fag that. There isn't even a consensus on a definition, what a "normalfag" is. Its same old in group/out group politics and one-upmanship, or reverse one-upmanship if you will.

Anonymous 52219

I laregely agree with what you have said and I do judge I am biased I am able to look past these on a conscious level but it still does not change how I feel when it comes to others if that makes sense.
The prolonged isolation and self alienation may play a part in this also.

I do accept my defects I just have been on chans too long and very insular of thought despite being able to talk to normans.
I am unsure if this makes any sense at all.

I can act nice and kind to everyone I try to be compassionate but for example I will see someone on some imageboard say they are suicidal and when it comes to the point where the poster mentions they are an incel I just cannot give a rats ass about their problems on a feeling level.

Wow really bad post I did not articulate myself well sorry am ashamed.

Anonymous 52220

>loser elitism
A common trait among the chronically lonely.

Anonymous 52221

Losers are usually more self-aware, humbled, and introspective than normies.

Anonymous 52223

implying that male incels are more self-aware, humble, and introspective than normie males. kek.

Anonymous 52224

Everything about this is wrong. It’s almost like you can’t judge people correctly because you don’t talk to them enough.

Anonymous 52225

God I wish I could get rid of it. My life has taken some odd turns and now I don't relate to normies because I feel like nobody really knows me because the things that make me feel so isolated are things I can't talk about with anyone because the vast majority wouldn't know what I'm talking about and those who do would have the power to ruin my life.

Anonymous 52226

haters make me famous tier cope

Anonymous 52227

In what fucking universe?

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