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Trouble making friends Anonymous 52236

Anyone else has trouble finding friends, in real life and online?
I want a female friend, I truly do, but I find myself unable to. My politicals views, in all honestly, a turn off for most women. I'm not a BLM/ACAB SJW type of girl, and I'm not the "right" type of feminist (oh no, she's a terf.)
I don't use social media, nor do I go to the the places where you could find women around my age (clubs/pubs, sports teams, college.) Which leaves me the online world as my only option to find female friends. I'm not in fandoms and I don't use social media. I tried going on 4chan, and other male-dominated spaces (not the smartest choice if what you want is finding a girl friend, an actual adult female.)
Where should I go? What should I do? Should I hide my views? My hobbies include literature and art which are, on my opinion, feminine hobbies. Is there any female community with people who share those interests I'm not aware of?

Anonymous 52237

Sorry for my shitty english, ESL.

Anonymous 52238

I've met most of my internet friends by discord hopping, honestly.

If you don't have one already, make a discord with a bullshit email, Go to a site like disboard, and filter by 18+
Ignore any listing that has tags like "dating", "egirls", "rp", etc.

But don't be afraid to leave places that don't vibe with you.

I've met plenty of good people through this.
In my experience, no one will care that you're not a sjw, but they will get uncomfy if you start terfposting in public.

Your english is amazing btw.
Wouldn't have guessed you're ESL. What made you learn it?

Anonymous 52240

I'll try finding a good discord server, that will do it.

Thank you! I started learning english when I was maybe 15 (I'm 18) because I really wanted to read mangas that weren't translated to my mother language.

Anonymous 52245


I feel like "my political views are so extra and that's why I can't make friends :(" is a silly excuse that I see all the time on here.

When I was 15/16 I became a retarded /pol/ semi-nazi and I still had friends despite going to a german art school full of girls that wore Antifa badges.

I think if you're a genuine person who is willing to listen to folks people won't find you obnoxious (even if you won't shut up about the free market place of ideas and defending every dumb thing trump does).

The trouble of finding people to socialize with is a different beast but >>52238 has a good plan for that.

Anonymous 52250

Well, I don't want to talk to people who think I'm evil or a baf person because of my views (trust me, they do.) Nor do I want to keep quiet while someone defends things I personally find evil (like trannies.) I don't know WHERE to find friends, which was the whole point of my post. Not my fault I want like-minded people.

Anonymous 52266

Find a decently chill church. You might have to try a few in your area, but there's plenty around, at least where I live. For a lot of people, the belief in God is kind of secondary to the socialization that church provides. My mom is kinda like that, not many friends, political beliefs that don't fit in our area, but church has been great for her even though she's not religious in any kind of serious spiritual sense.

Anonymous 52277

be very fucking careful, someone I know was sexually assaulted very seriously by someone at one of these "chill" barely actually religious churches after we went there weekly for five fucking years. you NEVER know with those fucking people.

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