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art feel Anonymous 52475

idk if it is because i am depressed but my already bad art is getting somehow worse ,which since drawing is the only thing i like doing (i wish i could become an illustrator)is making me suicidal

Anonymous 52476

Do you draw at least a little bit everyday? The muscle memory for lines and forms(not drawing knowledge, but line quality, perspective and forms) are like muscle strenght, if you dont train it will atrophy. but it's quick to come back to where you were.
I didn't draw for a month or so, and tried to draw again and hated my drawings, after a week of drawing a bit each day im back up again

Anonymous 52478

is your art getting worse or are you being overly critical of yourself and hitting a rough patch? also effective ways of improving can really help you along, a lot of artists don't like that though

Anonymous 52485

yeah,you mean fundamentals?
ok i hope since i had some gaps due to life its that but i am not that hopeful

Anonymous 52490

Maybe your vision for mistakes has improved but not your hands yet. Your hands develop slower than your head. Which makes sense because you first need to recognize your mistakes before you are able to correct them. Just keep practicing and your hands will catch up again

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