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I got approached by a cute guy 54411

I dont particularly see myself as an ugly woman, maybe something like a 6 or 7 (makeup), Other than that I'm also a 20yo KHHV

So, while i was walking back to my dorm after class this cute guy (i'd give him a 6.5 or 7) comes upto me and says "Hey i think youre cute so i thought I'd come talk to you"

I didnt know how to react to this , no one has ever said this to me let alone approaching me out of nowhere, I didn't know how to react ,i said thanks and kept walking but now i cant stop thinking about our marriage and the babies we would have together
and now i'm beating myself over for not continuing to talk to him and what could have led to something

How would you feel if some 6 or 7/10 guy came upto you and called you cute ? What was your experience ?

Anonymous 54413

You should maybe try to find him and tell him that you didn't know how to react because of his suddenness.

I got approached by a cute guy 54414

idk but what if he's a f*ckboy ? am i just another girl to him or did he finally muster up the courage to talk to me ?

Anonymous 54415

Sorry to tell you OP, but an opening this strong sounds like a pick-up artist trying to get laid. You did the right thing to keep walking.

I got approached by a cute guy 54418

were you approached like this ?

Anonymous 54419

>How would you feel if some 6 or 7/10 guy came upto you and called you cute

I dated him. He turned out to be a shithead, but I had fun for the half a year before that.

Anonymous 54421

This. Men don’t like women in the same way women become attached to certain men. They see us as one of many, granted we meet their attractiveness threshold. Any man who approaches a random girl like this with confidence probably has done it many times before.

Anonymous 54423

Why wouldn't you just be another girl to him? It would be one thing if you recognized him from shared classes but if you don't know who he is >>54415 is right.

Anonymous 54424


Anonymous 54428

i’d take the compliment but i don’t think it’s worth pursuing anyone over, he might just be an fboy

Anonymous 54429


don't think like that anon! maybe he's a good guy

Anonymous 54436

How are you able to just keep walking? I would be way too anxious. I would either have to run away or at least make some dumb apology that I have to be somewhere else.

Anonymous 54437

Yes, I've been approached like this before and sadly fell for it. I read up on PUA things since and had similar approaches happen and it's always obvious. They always hang around in public places where a lot of people pass by. They either give a bold compliment, ask a dumb question like what the time is or directions, or ask you to just straight give them your phone number or have coffee. The worst ones will try and immediately touch you.

Normal guys will approach you somewhere quieter or where you expect to be approached (e.g. a bar), talk to you a bit to see if they like your personality and then make a move. They won't come on too strong.

Bold compliments like this make you feel special but if you think about it, if they really liked you and it was a special rare thing for them, they would be more nervous about messing it up. A guy who can tell a woman instantly that he likes her without thinking much about it has had too much practice.

I got approached by a cute guy 54444

The one guy who approached me with this much confidence ….. I just reject him because i didnt know how to react and he genuinely seemed like a nice guy
Still cant stop beating myself over it :(

Anonymous 54450

How can you be a 6 or 7 (above average) if you've never even been approached before at age 20? Maybe you're uglier

Anonymous 54451

Being “good” has nothing to do with it. This isn’t a value judgment. The fact is men have a dating strategy where they see women as interchangeable. They approach as many women as they can until they find one that sticks, then dispose of them when they get bored. A random guy approaching you is doing the same to other women. It would be stupid to believe otherwise. Men are born sluts.

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