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Anonymous 55539

I'll be having my first ever therapy session soon, it's gonna be online given the current circumstance.

I'm both excited and scared, I feel like I'm gonna benefit hugely from therapy because I've been doing nothing all day but engage in escapist behaviour, I've been falling behind in life for 3+ years and I have no one to talk to about it with, I'm scared of being judged and I'm almost certain it will be so hard for me to open up to the therapist but I know that it has to be done, honestly I'm terrified, the thought of talking about myself with no filter is terrifying but this has been a long time coming.

I've been trying to put my life back on track for the past year+ but with no luck, I always relapse and get worse but this week I did some big girl decisions and left myself no way of engaging in destructive behaviour and applied for therapy, I'm tired of being a living corpse, I forgot the last time I lived in the moment or felt a real connection to myself, I lost interest in everything I once enjoyed and I've become a shell of my former self I truly don't know what I believe in or what I like anymore, I'm completely and utterly lost.

Wish me luck anons, and share some tips on how to open up/what to expect if you've been in a similar place.

Anonymous 55591

Best of luck to you anon. I've never been to therapy myself (I def need it though kek) so I can't give you any tips but I hope things work out for you.

Anonymous 55592


This is huge, anon. Crossing my fingers for you that you vibe well with the therapist. Good on you for taking this step.
Honestly, it just takes time. Take it one session at a time and give yourself the time to open up and see if you like the therapist.
You have gotten into this spot for a reason and a good therapist has the means to help you feel at ease with working with them. You'll be a team and you'll do the therapy work with their guidance.
You can always voice your discomfort, too, and just be mindful of your resistance until it softens. Trust takes time.
A therapist is a powerful supporter because it is their job to help you and mirror you. You can lean on them without guilt or shame, they get paid for that.

Anonymous 55596

So first of all good luck, that is a really positive step and I'm really glad for you.

Second of all (and this maybe sounds a bit negative), it is OK for you to find a therapist doesn't work for you and to shop around until you find someone you are comfortable with. I lucked out and got someone I was cool with first time, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know who works in mental health advises that it's fine to stop going to a therapist/look around if you're not gelling with one and finding it uncomfortable. So just be aware of that, this isn't all or nothing, if you find this therapist offputting you can still maintain your progress and look around for another.

In terms of opening up I found myself actually oversharing in therapy a lot, and it really made me cringe afterwards and I got very anxious thinking of all the things I disclosed that I had never really told anybody. I ended up taking long walks back home from the therapist's office to give me time to decompress and think about what I'd said and wanted to say next time. Having a checklist of what you want to cover before going in is a good idea.

Anonymous 55698

Tell us how it went

Anonymous 55700

I hate any kind of over-the-screen interaction and phonecalls. I always act much more socially retarded than I usually am in them. I can deal with social interactions much better in person.

Anonymous 55716

I find that you don't really need to prepare to open up at therapy. They seem to have ways to get you to talk even if you think you have nothing to say.

Anonymous 55718

Maybe depends on the therapist. I went to one that barely said anything the whole time. Half the session was awkward silence and half was me trying to fill it. Not surprisingly I didn't go back.

Anonymous 55720

The only time I saw a therapist was when my mom forced me to as a teenager, and she was really not very good at all. Nice lady but I don't think she knew how to deal with anyone older than 10.

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