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I’m so tired of being ugly Anonymous 55834

Looking in the mirror has become a chore. Also, general ugliness vent thread

Anonymous 55842


Get rid of your mirror. I threw mine away months ago and I don't think about my ugliness as much. You get used to brushing your teeth and washing your face without seeing yourself after a few days.

Anonymous 55843

How ugly are you, I've made piece with being unattractive but I don't know if that's because I'm at least not actively repulsive to look at

Anonymous 55844

sometimes i have days where i think im cute and post pics online to get compliments then on regular days when I become aware that I'm ugly I look back at those pics and feel so bad and betrayed not only by my unfortunate genetics and build but also by people who complimented me and led me on.

Anonymous 55845

This sounds more like you being mentally ill than ugly

Anonymous 55846

I’m not physically deformed but I know I’m not attractive either. I have a hard time giving an objective judgement though because in one photo I might look like a normal person but in the next I’m a hideous monster, mirrors are a whole different story…I’ll just go with a 4/10.
I’ve been avoiding mirrors lately, but I still feel obsessed with checking myself in any reflective surface while I’m out. I guess I still have some work to do.
I never post myself but I feel the same way on the rare occasions I might send my friends photos.

Anonymous 55857

Get a god complex

Anonymous 55861

I could never even fathom the concept of having enough confidence to show your face anywhere online. The closest thing to that I ever did was having to upload an ID photo for uni, it was painful enough but at least it's not public. The only picture of me (that I know of) accessible on the internet is my 10 year old self featured in some kind of ancient article on her elementary school's webpage.

Anonymous 55862

I never have but my mom regularly posts photos of me to her facebook. My whole childhood is up there and she posts new photos too. I wish she wouldn't but I don't have the heart to tell her to stop.

Anonymous 55864

Sorry to hear that anon. I'd definitely bring it up if it makes you uncomfortable. I have to forcefully stop my mom from doing the same whenever I see her, if any of my photos made their way online I'd want to fucking kill myself with an even greater intensity than usual.

Anonymous 55865

Sometimes people say I'm pretty but that is when I am wearing makeup and fully clothed. Underneath all of it I am probably disgusting to most people. I don't want to have a bf/gf because I will have to reveal my body some day and I am afraid of disappointing or even being repulsive and I won't have the courage to warn them beforehand.

Anonymous 55888

My face is very ugly, but after losing weight I realised I have excellent genetics and proportions for the rest of my body. I've spent so long trying to ignore my face and focus on making my body more attractive, that now when I dream, or even when I imagine myself, I see a headless body.

Anonymous 55892

I hope you don't mind but I am stealing this for a story I'll write. It's simply too good an image.

Anonymous 55893

>I don't want to have a bf/gf because I will have to reveal my body some day and I am afraid of disappointing or even being repulsive and I won't have the courage to warn them beforehand.
I feel this very acutely. I constantly have fantasies about disfiguring myself, like cutting my face or cutting off my fingers/toes, so there is a reason for me to be unattractive beyond just looking ugly.

Anonymous 55907

Neon Genesis Evang…

only thing that helps me cope with my ugliness is that it lowers the chances of me being raped/assaulted. when i realize that i don't have to deal with haggling from scrotes, or jealous women throwing acid at my face to damage it (something that actually happened at my university, in the past), i just feel better.

that being said knowing that i'll never have a cute partner because i am…sub-average, with a bottom of the barrel personality, is kind of miserable.

Anonymous 55941

I didn’t know other people did that, sometimes I imagine cutting off my own nose, I’d never do it to myself though

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