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shit normies say Anonymous 57823

>Why do you never talk?

Anonymous 57836


>reconnect with old friends from school!

Anonymous 59681

>Good morning
its morning, its never good.

Anonymous 59692


>Ashleighynn please finish your CBD hotdog, I'm late for my artisan kombucha class

Anonymous 59704

Isn't my little girl so cute?

Anonymous 59712


>don’t worry about being loved anon! you should make friends before focusing on boyfriends and dating

That made me kek so hard

Anonymous 59713


I have a paragraph … You should meet my husband? When are you having children? You just haven't met the right one! When are you going to get out of survival mode and live? Why can't you move on? Just get over it!

Anonymous 59727

>When are you going to get out of survival mode and live? Why can't you move on? Just get over it!
these are the worst and the most damaging. it costs nothing to be understanding of the process.

Anonymous 59736

I know, normies just don't understand trauma. I just have to shrug it off.

Anonymous 59745


-You’re too sensitive.
-Who cares about (internet) privacy?
-You sound like a femmenazi (to me)
-I don’t care about privacy
-You sound like a tradthot (to me)
-Why don’t you talk much?

Cause nothing I say ever pleases anybody because everyone in my life besides my mother is apparently a fucking narcissist or at least self centered assclowns.

Plus I learn more by watching and keeping quiet than just squawking to hear myself talk.

Anonymous 59763

>Do you really not have any friends?
>Why don't you go outside for a change?
>You're always quiet.
>I was just teasing you. Relax.

Anonymous 60115

>Why don't you talk much?
i hate this one even more than the first two you put down. Why aren't you like mee?!?!

Anonymous 60133


>You're so quiet.
>You don't talk much huh?
>You should be more sociable and communicate more! Don't be shy!
>Be strong and be more independent!
>What kind of job you're working as?
>Do you have a boyfriend?

This world isn't fit for introverts like me.

Anonymous 60134

Ikr. Like bro maybe I’d talk more if 1) you’d let me get a word in edgewise and 2) you didn’t make me feel weird about not bogarting the conversation.

Anonymous 60138

>when are you having kids
>do you have a boyfriend
>when are you getting married
>why don’t you just go out and talk to guys
>why don’t you just ask a guy out

Anonymous 60145

Why don’t you just ask a guy out though?

Anonymous 60146

This is how you should counter next time:

>And why do you always talk?

>You're always so loud!
>Do you really have so many friends or are they just shallow acquaintances?
>You should listen more, don't be so forward!

Anonymous 60177


>so what do you do all day?

Anonymous 60178

>What do young girls like you do with their friends these days?
>You do go out with your friends, do you?
Whenever they assume I have friends I just freeze.

Anonymous 60182

Already tried it dozens of times, got rejected

Anonymous 60187

Those are rookie numbers. Ask one moid out once a week and that's 52 tries a year.

Anonymous 60189

>Coworkers asking me what I’m doing this weekend
Stop asking me. The answer is always nothing.

Anonymous 60193


>You don't have your drivers license yet? You better hurry up and get it soon!
Every time at places like the dentist or hairdresser.

Anonymous 60196

really depends on how old you are. I'm surprised a lot of people in the 18-27 range dont drive

Anonymous 60213


Me when I get asked by my siblings just because they're doing much better than I am in which they have good jobs, friends and driving confidently with a driver's license.

I know that driving is essential but it's absolutely terrifying. Like I don't want to end up causing accidents, dealing with damages and pissed off drivers. Still don't have a license yet.

Anonymous 60217

I think it depends on where you live.
You absolutely need to get a drivers license.
But having a car? That all depends on where you live. If you live in a location where you don’t need one then no worries.
But it is absolutely paramount to know how to drive a car for safety reasons.
You never know when you’ll need to drive (legally) to take someone somewhere for something.

Anonymous 60218


>"Why are you all so quiet?" or "Wow, it's so quiet!" (The moment there isn't someone in the room talking non-stop)
> "I used to be quiet" (kthx for that information.)
> "There's nothing wrong with being quiet" (Then stop commenting on it for fucks sake.)

Anonymous 60219


I've met multiple people my age that don't drive at this point. And we're in the suburbs, where you need a car to get almost everywhere, and in our 20s. Personally, I have a license but can't afford a car and don't have anyone to practice with, but at the same time I'm glad I'm not stuck with yet another huge financial burden that is owning a vehicle. I'm trying to find a way out of the U.S ASAP and to somewhere where there's actually decent public transportation, so hopefully I'll never even need one.

Anonymous 60220

I was the same. I won’t tell you why.
Use this.
Lots of people drive like it’s nothing. Like they don’t care their car is a literal weapon.
You on the other hand, my friend, do know this.
This realization will make staying alert and vigilant easier.

The best advice for driving is this:
Always be 100% sure you can make it.
Don’t ever hesitate past the event horizon/point of no return (you’ll know what I mean when you start driving).
Don’t fuck with your phone. Like ever (if you do for the LOVE OF GOD PLZ DO IT ONLY AT A RED LIGHT).

Anonymous 60228

Listen to this >>60220 anon. I was nervous to drive for years and didn't get my license until 18, but I don't regret it. I had a few close calls and totaled my first car, but after that I learned (and was fortunate enough!) to drive well, or at least well enough not to get into anymore accidents over five years later.

It's much more rewarding when you learn to drive and pat yourself on the back for accomplishing strides than it is to sit around fearing the idea of it.

Anonymous 60268

i'm the normie

i wouldn't mind being asked any of these questions. even when they're weirdly phrased, people don't seem to have a bad intention when asking them. or at least i just live happily ignoring their bad intentions lol

Anonymous 60274

not the anon you guys were replying to but i will take your advice to heart as well, i am sick of not being able to do things on my own because i can't drive. thank you for the words of encouragement

Anonymous 60278

don't mean to stray off topic but who is that in the pic?

Anonymous 60396

Some rotoscoped actress from Aku no Hana.

Anonymous 60631


>Do you drink?
Not really a fan of the taste of alcohol. It's too strong and nasty for me. I really don't get why it's such a huge thing. Is this like some sort of validation of maturity? Though I like drinking bubble tea instead.

Anonymous 60653

People don't drink for the taste. It just makes you more sociable. It helps for me because I can hardly talk to people I don't know well. If I'm at some get together where I don't know everyone there, alcohol helps me act as I normally would around friends.

Anonymous 60668

>People don't drink for the taste
yes they do. there are hundreds of types of drinks that it's not really comparable to lump them together.

bubble tea is a meme and it usually just tastes like sweet milk. maybe the problem is you can't appreciate more complicated flavours. not that drinking alcohol is a good thing.

Anonymous 60683

>I don’t care about privacy
It makes me livid to think how little people care about thinking ahead. Like there would be a huge problem and for one day if someone puts a lot of effort in making people aware with a whole campaing, even then they will get bored of it. Next time you tell them "Hey privacy is still under siege" "The environment is still going to hell" "People are still dying in a senseless war in the middle east" they will not hear it. And the worst of it is that they don't do it out of personal conviction, their opinions or any sense of self assurance in any way. They will tell you they don't care because they are BORED. They would care about great injustices for a limited time and then they don't care to hear any more, because people living comfortable lives see tragedy and suffering as another movie, another piece of entertainment to consume and keep them busy so they don't have to think for or abount themselves. This apathy is eating the entire world from the inside out. Most people just care about feeling without doing anything and move on to the next borrowed experience they can get from social media. In my opinion this is by far the biggest problem humanity is facing and there's no real solution for it

I'm sorry to unload all this on your post but that thing about privacy made me remember why humanity is doomed

Anonymous 60694

It’s >>59745 here. Yup. I totally understand, ppl think you get on your little soapbox to rant about “big brother” but it’s not just the goverment big brother…it’s corporate big brother. Like. Dude. You use blinds in your house right? Same concept.

Anonymous 60695

Hmm me, too. Not for bad taste though. I get hooked on things easily and my dad struggled with alcohol and drugs so I refuse to partake in it. On top of that my diet is pretty strict because I gain weight easily. Alcohol is simply out of the question.

I also hate being around drunk people, so most normies can't be close to me lmao. Where I live at least it's a social necessity because every socially adjusted person is involved in drinking and clubbing. I am weird and unnerving for other reasons, but this certainly doesn't help.

Anonymous 60703


>It just makes you more sociable. It helps for me because I can hardly talk to people I don't know well.
Ah, you're right on that. Drinking does help you open up. Never done it before, but I get it.

>bubble tea is a meme
Sure it seems trendy nowadays, but I like them before they became popular.

>and it usually just tastes like sweet milk.

Yeah, but comes in different flavors though I prefer milk tea. The tapioca pearls are a tasty treat too.

>maybe the problem is you can't appreciate more complicated flavours. not that drinking alcohol is a good thing.

I guess I can't really enjoy it because of it's strong taste and smell. Plus the burning feeling after swallowing it. If it's sweet or mixed with juice/soda, then it's fine.

>I get hooked on things easily and my dad struggled with alcohol and drugs so I refuse to partake in it.
That's understandable. Avoiding addiction and not going through what your father had experienced.

>On top of that my diet is pretty strict because I gain weight easily. Alcohol is simply out of the question.

Does alchohol really make people gain weight? I mean I've seen beer belly men, but alchohol can make you fat?

>I also hate being around drunk people, so most normies can't be close to me lmao.

Just by looking at them, they seem to be enjoying themselves, but yeah they can be rowdy and annoying too.

>Where I live at least it's a social necessity because every socially adjusted person is involved in drinking and clubbing.

Yep, mostly successful people with friends that hang out together.

>I am weird and unnerving for other reasons, but this certainly doesn't help.

Is it because you're quiet or something? Sometimes it's okay to weird than being completely normal.

Anonymous 60704

>Why aren't you drinking alcohol? Are you pregnant or something? Come on, one glass won't hurt.
>You do exercieses? But you are thin, you don't need that!

I'm looking after my health and want to be able to walk when I'm 80.

Anonymous 60707

Shit normies say:
>you should do more than sit in your room that is not a life worth living
not even kidding a counselor said this to me… Maybe I enjoy being by myself.
Normies are just different and that is ok but I have done what they have and tried what normie life has to offer and it is so hollow to me.

Anonymous 60757

>Does alchohol really make people gain weight? I mean I've seen beer belly men, but alchohol can make you fat?
It's liquid calories and I also don't eat sugary things. Not keto, it just breaks me out. I also avoid juice and smoothies.
>Is it because you're quiet or something?
I'm not quite sure. You're likely right; the quietness makes me unintentionally cold and rude. People my age never get close unless they're awkward in the opposite way (poor sense of boundaries). I like listening to people and try to be nice but something about me is off for sure.

Anonymous 60767

>you have to love yourself before someone else can love you
>I met my husband on tinder/facebook/twitter/pinterest
>dude just join a club and make friends there
>did you see (flavor of the month) series on Netflix yet?
>I'm so hungover today, too much partying this weekend
>maybe people are intimidated by you because you don't smile!

Anonymous 60785


>maybe people are intimidated by you because you don't smile!
If I had a dollar for everytime someone said this to me…

Anonymous 60833

Kek. I love being told by Karens and Beckies that the reason men don’t approach me is probably because I intimidate them. Like shut up bitch u know its cuz I’m ugly.

Anonymous 64509

I'm 27 and only got my license last year. Still have issues with fear of driving, I can't go to a new place I've never driven to by myself yet, I have to have someone I trust with me. I sometimes will cancel appointments because I start having an episode or get sick from anxiety over anticipation of driving.

Anonymous 64511

>I just freeze.
this hits too close to home

Anonymous 64512


>what do you do for fun?
Work out
>besides working out, what do you do for fun?
God I need more than one hobby now? Fuck off
>want to meet at [bar]? how is 9pm?
I hate drinking and I sleep by then
Dating sucks -__-

Anonymous 64514

>do you even hang out with anyone?
>are you mute?

Anonymous 64615

I tried to pass my driving licence but failed miserably. It's too anxiety inducing. Not driving per se, but the instructors screaming at you. And god the fucking price. I'm not paying 50 euros/ hour to be treated like a retard, fuck you. I absolutely hated it.

On the other hand I got a bike, and I'm very independant.

Fuck drivers licence, I will get a scooter licence instead, it's easier and I will have a motorized vehicle this way.

Anonymous 64616

>you should eat something, you are so thin!!!

like imagine i was walking around telling these people to stop eating because they are so fat

Anonymous 64624

normies definitely do that though. they have a weird obsession with commenting on people's weight.

Anonymous 64627

It's just an easy topic to bring up. If you decorated your cubicle with [insert sportsball team] merchandise they'd talk about that too. I suppose some of the more narcissitic ones would get pleasure out of knocking a given person down, but weight is just a simple easy thing to talk about.

Anonymous 64628

? Ntas but weight isn't an easy thing to talk about, it's a conversation full of land mines and I never bring it up personally

Anonymous 64629

>weight is not an easy thing to talk about
<why do normies do this all the time?
I'm going to go with the normies with what's pretty easy to talk about because you know, they're normal.

Anonymous 64630

You're conflating "normie" with "average." The average person is dumb and overweight, and assumes everyone will respond well when they bring up weight. Whereas reasonable people think twice before bringing up weight just like they would politics or religion.

Anonymous 64631

If dumb people find it easy to talk about it then by definition it should be easier. Tasks that dumb people can do are easier than ones only smart people can do. Furthermore, assuming the average person is fat and dumb, and is okay talking with others about weight, and talks to other average people, who are also fat and dumb, and also comfortable talking about weight, then they're right by definition.

Anonymous 64632

Dumb ≠ normal

Anonymous 64633

Dumb tasks = easy tasks

Anonymous 64708


>you really don’t have a car?
>how do you walk everywhere?

Anonymous 65134

Same but I'm 26.

Anonymous 65174

Once my mom's friend's daughter came by to visit our house, she was a similar age and from a bigger city and so she asked me what there was to do in my smaller city and I said I don't know. She got really confused and kept asking variations of "but so what do you do with your friends? where do you hang out with your friends?" and I didn't know the non-awkward way to break it to her that I barely even left my room

Anonymous 65277

>that time I was alone in an empty and comfy classroom in uni doing my homework for next class
>suddenly a couple comes in
>they start making out in a corner in front of me
>their disgusting wet kissing sounds echo through the whole classroom
>try to ignore it, but i'm unable to focus
>stare at her only cuz her bf wasn't looking
>after a while she whispers something to him while looking at me
>she says "what?"
>"could you stop?"
>"it's annoying"
>"we're not doing anything wrong!"
I forgot what happened then but holy shit, why can't people like this at least use a fucking EMPTY room? Like, I don't give a shit if you fuck at school, just don't expose other people to something so intimate and awkward… Why do quiet people like us have to stand this bullshit?? Well, at least I had the courage to say something and voice my objections clearly this time, the first time this happened to me (in high school) the only word I could say was "no" after death staring for several minutes (and even then they didn't seem to understand the issue, could they be any more stupid? Motherfuckers, it's just you two and me, have you ever imagined what it feels like to be alone with a horny couple making out in front of you against your will? retards)

This, like, I got so fucking upset when I told my mom what was wrong with Smart TVs (cuz wow you can control the TV with your voice instead of having to use the remote!! and you can also watch YouTube on it!! What do you mean it can be used to spy on you?) and with giving your data to corporations and who knows what governments. It literally made me tear up because she took it like a joke or, you know, one of those things I "blow out of proportion"!!

Anonymous 65278

Yeah, when people ask me about my friends, a boyfriend, a crush, university, or what I do when I go out, that really catches me off-guard.
I guess the only answer one could give in that case is the truth, "I don't talk to anyone, I don't hang out with anyone, I don't give a shit about relationships, I don't have a crush because I don't interact with people anymore, I don't leave my house, I don't do anything at home, I'm not currently studying or working".

People who ask these things are not annoying on purpose, though it is extremely annoying. I guess it could be called "small talk". They just don't know what else to ask, because they assume these questions are universal. I mean, think about it, what kind of question could they possibly ask you to know more about you and have a pleasant conversation with you?

Anonymous 65282

>You look tired
Well maybe that's because I am.

Anonymous 65289

Insistently ask me "why" when I say I'm anxious. I'm anxious because my amygdala is a malfunctioning piece of shit, there's nothing deeper to it!

Anonymous 65292

Whenever I hear normies talking about politics or any complex topic it enrages me. They always have the most ignorant uneducated takes that they spout with such confidence. They just regurgitate whatever the pop media opinions are or something they heard that sounds smart without understanding it. I never join those conversations because it would be pointless to say anything to them because they take any discourse or outside opinions as an attack on their egos. Whenever I do they just resort to bullying me which scares me away and makes them think they're right. It just makes me reeee more than anything when normies pretend that they're smart.

Anonymous 65293

Can't relate.

Anonymous 65295

Can relate, especially with COVID happening, even my few more skeptical friends are now like lemmings just following what everyone else is doing and what media tells them.

Anonymous 65296

Never get the vaccine and visit large crowded places please

Anonymous 65297

I already had to begrudgingly take the fucker or the school wouldn't let me attend classes.

Anonymous 65311

1622477893312 (2).…

>When are you going to start dating?
>What do you wanna do after college?
>When are you gonna start driving?
>Have you made any friends yet?
>Keep your door open it's hot in here
>Are you playing video games? Are you playing games? You're on your phone a lot, are you playing games? Are you playing games on your laptop? Do your homework

Anonymous 65312

>Do you have a boyfriend?
I was 12 btw, my cousin asked this. She got pregnant when she was 16

>Stop being sad

>Why are you so serious all the time?
>Do you ever smile?
>Do you want to kill yourself?

Anonymous 65314

Yeah, I mean what I do all day is post on imageboards and play video games, and that's not something you can really discuss with someone who has no concept of what they're like. I just feel really awkward telling the truth because I can see people turn uncomfortable and confused, since like you said they assume it's universal, and it does not compute when you don't fit into their worldview.

Anonymous 65329

I know what you mean anon. Look, propaganda is very effective when it comes to controlling the people's opinion. It's not normies' fault that they're tired and trying to go on with their lives while so much shit is happening around them, it's the fault of those who are in power. It also serves as a way to cope with reality. It would take some really extreme situation for normies to wake up and fight for themselves.
Once you understand and accept how all of this works, it gets easier to stand normie political views.

It's either that, or
>Why do you look so sad?
Haha… Bruh…

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