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More positive/fun female-only online spaces? Anonymous 59046

I feel like many of the female-only spaces online end up concentrating on hatred of moids and subsets of moids– or just negative emotions in general. I mean, I get it, that's actually how I ended up finding the female-only spaces I'm referring to, but I suppose what really drew me to female-only online spaces was this deep desire to connect and enjoy things with other women.

I try to only involve myself in the more fun threads and make more lighthearted/shitposty threads myself (be the change, etc.) , but I feel like it just doesn't get as much traction as threads that cultivate feelings of anger, outrage, sadness, or a blackpilled/cynical view of life.

I guess I've been craving female-only online communities where I can just chill and talk about interesting stuff and meme around and such. I keep coming back here because I have that craving, but it seems like the most active threads are also the ones that are the most hatred or sadness driven. Again, I get it. Moids take away so much from us and it's unjust and repulsive to the nth degree. But I just want to chill in a female-only online space without feeling my own mental health deteriorating.

I thought about posting this in /meta/, but I already made a post suggesting we have boards for specific interests, e.g. science/tech, sport/exercise/fitness, music. I think having boards that are more interest-focused might improve things. IDK.

Anonymous 59061

That would work if we had more users. We don't. It would thin out boards.

Anonymous 59062

And I do agree with you, it is taxing seeing so much anti-male stuff not because I even disagree with it, but because it's just furthering my paranoia and fear of the outside world. I feel like if you're already familiar with how moids operate, it's just annoying to see the same shit posted about them. I want to better my life and relationships and I am not going to demonize the men I interact with basis them being a moid; in fact, sometimes the demonization irks me because I feel like it almost perpetuates a "boys will be boys" mentality instead of making men accountable for their actions. Anyway, my point is, I see where you're coming from, but I don't think more boards would be helpful right now. Maybe in the future, though!

Anonymous 59073

yeah, I get you anon

Anonymous 59096

I agree with pretty much everyone above and yeah it's an issue of lacking users. Anon, maybe we should start some threads for these specific topics and see if there's enough interest. There's a fitness thread in /hb/ IIRC and you can tell it doesn't attract enough people that we could dedicate an entire board to it. I think it would help if the mods were more insistent on containment threads - I feel like a lot of threads on /feels/ and /b/ belong to the pinkpill or relationship advice threads. That way these topics would be easier to avoid for girls who don't want to talk about them. But honestly I don't know how to attract more people without attracting more men. Sometimes I feel like we should have kept the kpop thread up because it generated more traffic to the site, but then we need to convince those people to stay and participate in other threads.

Anonymous 59125

I completely agree with you anon! I just want to be able to connect with other women with some light hearted fun! I have tried looking for some answers tho, and the only plausible thing to do is to make a female only discord :(

Anonymous 59131

Go on Instagram or female Reddit’s

Anonymous 59132

Or any other normalfag solutions

Anonymous 59200

>complains about male hate threads
pick one

Anonymous 59201

You can have both, dont be so offended

Anonymous 59259

I feel the same anon. I'm not active here but on lolcow I just ignore the negative stuff and I try to bump the more positive threads, stuff about hobbies etc.

I avoid reading about bad news in general, it's usually stuff you already know. At some point there's no way to get more pinkpilled, so let's just have fun and grow and uplift each other instead of driving ourselves sick with anxiety over males.

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