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Your thought Anonymous 59237

Thoughts are plants. What is a thought plant you water but have told none?

Anonymous 59452

I think lots of people are sociopaths and don't know it.

Socialization is when the company you keep and society around you adjust the way you think and act. Gives you a sense of what's right and wrong.

Well, some people are good because they like the self image being good gives them. Being their definition of 'good' is like putting on nice clothes- they feel better about themselves, because they learned that these objective actions make them the objective definition of a good person.

Doing something immoral may make them uncomfortable only because it makes them feel ugly and goes against their ego. But societies values are fleeting, and many people took part in witch burnings, in human hunting, all over the world. They may have felt like good people when they did it.

That's it, that some people don't have an innate sense of what's right or wrong, but act to appease their self image, to FEEL good rather than BE good. Like are you a good person if you only do good deeds to feel good?

You have to be honest with yourself even when it's uncomfortable to be moral, because there is no goodness without truth. And to me, goodness is obedience to nature, and respect of the spirit. Walking the line between self flagellation and sheer decadence, so that you aren't mastered by anything. Being mastered by anything of flesh keeps you from the truth. The want of ego boost, of power, lust, these all keep you from growing. We ourselves didn't build the universe, our conscience is constructed, just like everything we see, and the design of things tells us how things are supposed to be used, like scissors have thumb holes and blades to hold and cut, we have hands to build and make, and our disposition is to seek spirit and purpose, so God made us like satellites to receive his signal. Art is supposed to mean something, and we are made with purposes that we may not understand.

I don't know if we're good people deep down, but the animal side of us seeks things on earth that disintegrate and die out, things that serve our decaying body. Our spirits are forever, and God calls us to set our eyes on things above rather than on earth. The animal part of us is the power seeking, ego seeking one, and the spirit goes against it, and flesh and spirit drown each other out. When quenched in spirit, with living waters, you don't need to serve the flesh so much. Only God can give that to us. Romans explains this.

If you can correct any of my takes on the Bible please mention.

Anonymous 59475

People aren’t meant to have an exact goal in life but they do have a general purpose and a base desire that drives them forward. Most people aren’t aware of it in themselves but can spot it in others, especially those we don’t know very well. You can categorize this primary desire however you want or stereotype people based on their purpose but people who have contradicting purposes can rarely truly understand each other. Conflict is inevitable and a part of life, even in the most homogeneous societies, and this has to do with people who have different purposes, or in some cases the same purpose that rely on them being the only one with that purpose.
Sorry for my word salad

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