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I got fucking arrested Anonymous 59277

I am not happy about it at all. I just got out of "jail" 40 minutes ago and I am still shook.
My mom, who lives more than an hour away, had to drive and pick me up as the police chief, or whoever the fuck this fat goober was, told me that "only family or a lawyer can come for you". (I have absolutely no idea if that's even legally true but he didn't seem to care) I sat in the police station for 9 hours, handcuffed to a bench behind fencing in the assclown's office while he questioned me, from the other side of the gate. He said he was "doing me a favour instead of putting me in the actual cells". I was allowed out ONCE to drink a water bottle. I cried pretty much the entire time. This happened because my friend's neighbours (she lives in a duplex) were messing with my motorcycle helmet, and when I asked them to stop and took my helmet back, one of them called me a bitch and kicked my bike over. I reacted… animalistically. Turned out the pricks were 14, and after hearing from one of their moms how if this happened before her accident "I'd be dead on the side of the road" They arrived while I was on my bike just making sure everything worked and none of the leaks were that bad.
When they arrested me, the "partner" got just a little gropey with me, but the "senior" was a sneering grumpy black woman who I figured wasn't interested in listening. and the worst part is one of the charges is "attempting to flee" I might never get my motorcycle, which belonged to my dad, back.

Anybody here have any experience getting arrested and dealing with police? what do I have to look forward to from here? Is the fact that the judge is a woman going to help me any?

Anonymous 59280

I’m so sorry that happened to you anon. That sounds horrifying. It sounds like those cops were really power tripping.

Anonymous 59287

I'm only familiar w burgerlaw but that sounds like BS. Is this aus?

Anonymous 59295

>I reacted… animalistically
what did you do?

Anonymous 59297

>Someone messes with your property
>When confronting them, they go further and actually cause damage to your property
>Teach them a life lesson so they don't repeat it in a shady area and get killed
I see nothing wrong here except the fact of them being 14 and assumingly being beaten badly (which you didn't know beforehand) and Gropey and Sneery the cops

Anonymous 59301

I hit them both a lot.
That's what I think but I have no idea, I still need to call a lawyer.
My court date is a month from now.
What's worse is my friend and her moidfriend might be facing eviction because of all of this, or at least the mom is trying to make that happen.

Anonymous 59302

>assaulting minors
Sorry, but you deserved to be arrested. There's no excuse to assault anyone unless to protect yourself.

Anonymous 59310

Lawyer up (which you’re doing).

I could drone on and sit on a pedestal but what’s done is done and if you’ve learned your lesson then there’s no point in beating a dead horse.

Do you have any record? Have you ever had any other record with the law outside of traffic tickets?

If not, it might be possible to try u can try and push for just a community sentence ie community service etc.

If you have any mental health problems (ie depression or anxiety etc) that you’re being seen for tell your lawyer. It will help. They can tell the judge that you had a momentary lapse in judgment yaddyayaddalawyerspeak.

Don’t panic. But don’t do it again, please.

Anonymous 59312

I dunno, there's the current case of the 14 year olds who had a 30 minute shoot out with the police as adults, perhaps the actions of the minors need to actually be taken into account for the situation.

Anonymous 59318

Protecting your property is a valid reason to beat their asses. I would have done the same, anon. But I don't live in a dystopia where criminals are rewarded so I probably wouldn't go to jail, since no one cares about them. You should move.

Anonymous 59320

>protecting your property
Both morally and under US Law, the health of a human is worth more than property. What OP should have done was record a video of those teens messing with her stuff and sue them (or their parents) for damage.

Anonymous 59321

You know damn well nothing would be done. Morally, they shouldn't have messed with other people's stuff.

Anonymous 59326

>Both morally and under US Law, the health of a human is worth more than property.
Really depends on the state as far as Castle doctrine is concerned. In the specific case of a robbery, doesn't matter if they were just going to steal my shit, I will gun that fucker down.

Anonymous 59327

Yeah, cursory glance at the average US state law, if someone is vandalizing your property (i.e. shoves your bike over) you're not allowed to kill them, but you can protect your property. I guess it does depend if OP just beat the hooligans until they ran away, or if she pinned them on the ground and repeatedly attacked them in that manner attempting to kill them.

Anonymous 59328

Sorry I missed this earlier, no it's in burger land
I do not have a record, the judge told me that is why I was allowed to go.
My mother says she "knows a guy" so I am waiting on a lawyer.

A bit of an update: Apparently they heard the mom on the phone with their LL, she's going full speed ahead with trying to have them evicted over this, no idea where that's gonna go.
According to digging my friend and her bf did, the son's friend is part of some facebook group called "the [areacode] knockout squad" which also had an instagram that the police monitored before it was shut down (no idea if that was by ig or the owner but shrug). Some of the members of the group are as old as 29, and they think one of them was originally the boyfriend of their neighbor. Which just, wow.
I have no idea if any of this helps my case at all, or if the fact that they were minors means their character vs mine is even taken into account. but that's what's changed know so far.

Anonymous 59382

Lawyer up. Say nothing else without a lawyer.

Anonymous 60472

Update #2

I lawyered up. Apparently the attempting to flee the scene thing is the easiest thing to beat here (the opposite of what I expected) but I'm not homefree until I actually beat this whole case.
My friend probably won't be facing eviction as the landlord got a bunch of complaints about her son, and he got in trouble for abandoning summer school. Her neighbour is still trying though.

Anonymous 60478

>some kids call you bitch
>you reacted… animalistically.
are you literally retarded? Are you even surprised? Get a fucking grip on yourself.

Anonymous 60479

tell the judge you believe you were wronged but that you also realise that your reaction was disproportionate and therefore be seeking counselling in order to address this problem (which you fucking should). Even better would be to already go to a therapist and then show the judge proof of this. If your judge is a decent person, they will recognise and respect you for owning your shit and taking initiative.

Anonymous 60519

Not to defend my stupid actions too much but did you miss the part where they also attempted to damage my property?

Anonymous 60560

scratched bike vs. having to go to court, pay lawyer, possibly pay fine and/or worse
priorities, anon. A little bit of self-control would have gone a long way. In fact, the table could've easily been turned 180° and you know it.
Excellent opportunity to learn from your mistake though!

Anonymous 60563

Don't know how much OP is paying for various things but a Motorcycle paintjob (assuming the only thing that happened was paint damage, and not possible bent parts, though that's less likely) ranges anywhere from 100$ to 1500$ to repair. Furthermore that object has sentimental value. The cost of a minor case like this is probably very comparable.

This also assumes she can't get any court fees waived.

Anonymous 60591

the level op cope…
What about OP getting a record?
Sentimental value? This is no argument to start a fight. Moids do dumb shit like this all the time but no woman will ever make excuses for that, in fact, the opposite: we call it 'toxic masculinity'.
The costs for the paint job isn't even something OP should have payed for. If only she kept her cool and called the cops.

Anonymous 60847


>protecting your property
Ancap moment

Anonymous 60849

Moid post

Anonymous 60852


Everything will be okay, anon. Get a lawyer that cares about results and ask to participate in a “pre trial diversion” program or your county’s version of a first-time offender program. Let them know you are willing to make payments to make up any damages but that you don’t want any convictions. A lot of the times, county courts don’t want to spend time on smaller cases like yours—they would rather spend time and taxpayer resources on bigger, more serious cases. Your case is minor and you are not a criminal, so this is likely not a big concern to the prosecutors, but nonetheless you should work towards getting this charge dropped. Enter the program, kiss as much DA ass as you can, “repent”, and make the most of this second fresh start!

I have been in your shoes and everything turned out better than expected. Use your rights, respect the rules of law and order and basic rights, and the Law and Order and Rights will respect you back! Sending you love and good energy. Everything will be okay!

Anonymous 60854

>I reacted… animalistically. Turned out the pricks were 14

This is not ok, OP. You should really seek help for your anger management issues

Anonymous 61009

sorry you had to go through that anon, i know i would've done the same thing

Anonymous 62174

you can only say everything you did was in defence of yourself and your property
they were over next to your shitty motorcycle screwing with it, the shitbag mom threatened to murder you
when you were on your bike you were checking for damages the kids had done to the bike
bring the shitbag kids facebook page as proof of their shitbagness

Anonymous 62175

Id also be willing to bet theres a bunch of violent behavior and skipping school on the shithead kids school records

Anonymous 62177

bill of rights says otherwise

Anonymous 62231

My motorcycle is not shitty

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