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Anonymous 60309

I downloaded tiktok and I got this horrible feeling in my stomach it was weird. I felt like everyone was degenerate or weird while they weren't doing anything wrong and I'm quite confused why I felt that way. I had this feeling when I went out the other day as well with my boyfriend, it was like we were the only clean people in the world everyone else was dirty. I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with me, is this because of quarantine? This is the reason that I kinda cut contracts with most of my friends like everyone just seems degenerate or ugly. Why is this happening I wasn't like this I was always enjoying meeting new people I'm so mad and sad about myself. Am I a bad person, how can I fix that?

Anonymous 60310

a lot of people are shitty and gross but what you're specifically describing just sounds like mental illness to me, imo

Anonymous 60311

I was never like that pre-quarantine. People just disgust me.

Anonymous 60312

OP again forgot to add that and because people disgust me I'm worried what gonna happen if Ilost the 4 people in this world that make me feel okay. I'm gonna be stuck with the disgusting people and never find people like my peers again cause everyone is cringy and act like honey 12 year olds

Anonymous 60341

Tiktok just grosses me out due to the number of underage chicks pedobaiting on there and the number of horny pedos jacking off to this stuff. It’s so weird how everyone is so het up about pedophilia and groomers and metoo and the age of consent, yet one of the biggest and most widely used social media outlets is a softcore CP free for all. And you can openly see subreddits with requests for adult women who look underage with millions of moid subscribers. This kind of moral schizophrenia society has makes me absolutely detest most people especially men.

Anonymous 60342

AMAP (All Men Are Pedos) is the final blackpill.

Truthfully I think even normie women are slowly becoming blackpilled on this subject. Which is why society is breaking down even further.

There is zero trust between men and women anymore. The veil has been lifted and we cannot go back.

Anonymous 60344


The statistical, biological, and historical evidence of AMAP on its own is severely overwhelming. Take into account the behavior and attractions of men, shown in pornography and content catered to men, there's no denying it.

All Men Are Pedophiles

Anonymous 60346

Delete the app before you get sucked in and your attention span becomes limited to a few seconds. I can't even imagine how badly this app is fucking up the development of children right now, not to mention all the degenerate crap on there they're being exposed to.

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