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Anonymous 60897

So I thought I finally found a group of people I like and I somehow belong to. I was in a quite big facebook and the only rule was not to report. I was there for ca. 2 years, organizing meetups and I know many many of them personally. And today I misstaped and accidentally reported a post. The admins immediately kicked me out, without any discusion, without chance of any explanation. When I tried to contact the one who kicked me, he laughed at me. Another admind added me back and I wrote apologizing, however they kicked me again. Fortunately, some of them still like me and are on my side.
I am so sad. During the last year I was slowly starting isolating myself, started having problems with getting know others and avoiding strangers.
And this hurts me, because many of them just denounced me. And I know if some of them do the same, they wouldn't be so tough.

Anonymous 60898

Try as hard as you can OP to get back in or remain in contact. Maybe you could join another group that the users you know are aware of?

I have never used face book so can you please enlighten my ignorant a** on why you got kicked for reporting? if you end up being alone you can get all weird in the head and have lots of sad times until you only know sad times.

Anonymous 60901

It is because facebook may delete the whole groupe because of reporting and it happened for several times, because facebook thought we are sharing "extremist content"

Anonymous 60902

sooo why do people use facebook again?

Anonymous 60903

Because here literally everybody has it, so you can keep in touch with them

Anonymous 60905

well that makes sense and explains why I have not had a friend in 10 years.

If you made friends fro mthe group what is the issue with being banned? can't you just do irl stuff? I was around before facebook and our group chat was just us all talking arranging to hang out.

Anonymous 60912

Do you talk separately to the people who still like you? If not, add them. You can also invite them to other groups you're in or make your own group.

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