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Other people Anonymous 61104

How do/would you react to your partner talking about how someone is attractive? What do you say to them after that? Do you care at all? Does it make you insecure? Do you consider other people attractive?

I personally have no idea what to say. I do feel insecure and shit but just because i know im not pretty. I dont even know what kind of conversation he expects, do i just say my opinion? I can ask him who he finds more attractive, me or her, but i already know the answer to that.
Well honestly i dont even know what it means to him when he says that someone is attractive…

Anonymous 61112


You should probably adress that issue telling him that it hurts you when he says shit like that, because that makes you compare and feel bad about things that are out of your control, which is most of your appearance.

Anonymous 61113

There’s a difference between nonchalantly passing comment on it when asked, and intentionally trying to neg you. You can usually tell. But I have never met a guy who is comfortable with his gf complimenting other men’s attractiveness in front of him.

Anonymous 61114

But i think that other people are attractive too, i tell him and he doesnt mind. I dont know why the opposite is such a problem. I mean hes attractive (objectively), im not, so if he says that someone is attractive i know that that means better looking than me. But again, why is that a problem. I dont get insecure when he says that someone does something else better than me.

Anonymous 61116

Its always just a casual comment. No big deal. Also this >>61114

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