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uhhh feels Anonymous 64760

girls who cultivated a male persona online can i ask you smth?

idk why but I'm so enamoured with the identity I've created online, I like messaging girls my age thru this persona and act like I'm flirting with them, inb4 you say wow lesbian moment Im straight but I can like girls through that male persona. It also helps that I can disguise myself as a guy because it's so much fun, like leading them on cuz they fuel this persona of mine.

Irl I'm okay with being a girl but online I'm comfortable as a man. One day i type she/her in my bio then quickly delete it cuz i dont want anyone to see it. But I'm not gender dysphoric or anything I'd never transition but I feel more comfortable as a guy online.

Maybe it just boils down to attention, I like the attention I get from other girls, I like the power I have, but I think I'm in too much love with this persona and I need to grow up, I need to learn to be accepted as a woman but it becomes difficult when the communities your in are weird to women and I feel dumb af when I see other girls be brave enough while im just hiding behind a male persona bc im afraid of a guy flirting and make moans when I speak. Even though as a guy I FLIRT with other girls,

Its just a sad cycle that Im ashamed of being a hypocrite of. Tldr I'm just a weakling who hides behind a male persona bc Im afraid of guys flirting with me but Ive become the mask bc Im doing the same thing

Anonymous 64844

I used to pretend to be a guy online. I stopped because I would rather talk to people earnestly.
Why are you scared of men flirting with you online, again? You can just tell them to piss off.
Also, stop writing like a tard.

Anonymous 64845

What was the point of this reply?

Anonymous 64851

Yeah don't do that. You'll stunt your own identity's growth, your very self, if it's not interacting with others to cement it's relativity. Giving power and shape to this persona that isn't you. Gotta do it genuinely. Identities need power to help remind them they're not actually a collection of simultaneous functions in a bag of meat.
I think you like the power that's associated with a male persona, that it makes you feel more comfortable. Being anonymous online gives us the opportunity to project what we want to people and you don't appear to feel safe doing that. I think you're enamored with this persona because you can't imagine yourself having power the way you imagine a male version of yourself would so in a way it's how you perceive your fullest and most independent self. This version of you doesn't have to be afraid of the things you are because it is a man. I think the flirting is definitely you trying to take the fear of what might happen to you and control it by doing it to someone else. The girls you're flirting with might as well be you! And I bet they would be really grateful to have you as yourself and anyone else worth your time.

Anonymous 64865

Well I think a lot of people use the internet as an outlet for their insecurities, that is why you have so many nasty and awful people on the internet who would usually be quite decent irl, they just hide that part irl.
IMO it would be great if you started to identify more with your male persona, as in, you start acting in real life like that too, because you definitely have what it takes, all you lack is the courage. I used to be pretty shy too but honestly people really like to be in the presence of someone who talks a lot and is energetic. Just my two cents

Anonymous 64867

/feels/ might not be the right board for you…

Anonymous 64871

Are you the counterpart to that anon whose online "boyfriend" would never voice or videochat with her which she suspected meant "he" was a woman?

Anonymous 65448

>Are you the counterpart to that anon whose online "boyfriend" would never voice or videochat with her which she suspected meant "he" was a woman?
Yikes, that is a massive red flag. I hope she's allright.

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