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Bf hate thread Anonymous 76424

Post reasons or stories why you hate your SO. I’ll go first
>ask bf to help me take out trash because he hasn’t done it in a few days and now the can is too heavy for me and I have to take out another bag because he’s let it pile up
>”I knew you were gonna nag me about that”
>I want to bash his head in. I didn’t nag him I asked for help and if you knew I was gonna say something. WHY WOULDNT YOU TAKE IT OUT YOU FILTHY PIG.
Anyways your turn <3

Anonymous 76431


Ex bf hateposting:
>watched movies like Pretty in Pink as a girl and dreamed of having a cute romance
>meet ex bf
>a year into the relationship he starts completely fabricating bizarre fantastical lies about his life
>shit like his family sells drugs and if i break up with him his family would "have to kill me" for knowing their secret; that people are constantly monitoring me with cameras and my internet activity
>i believe him because i'm 15 and we've been dating for a year
>only realize how fucking insane and abusive that was 2 years after i broke up with him
>watch Pretty in Pink last night and start sobbing remembering how 13yo me just wanted a cute normal relationship but instead was psychologically abused by my first bf
I seriously want to bash his head in with a giant sledgehammer. I want to fucking murder him.

Anonymous 76434

If you hate your SO just break up with them. Stupid menheras.

Anonymous 76455

Your on the wrong board for that kind attitude

Anonymous 76456


I do the same thing. I remember turning 16 and just wanting to be loved and wanted like that so so bad. Now I just, I don’t even think love is a real thing. I’m sorry anon, men are just awful. I think that’s why fictional men are so popular.
>men will do everything but hit you and say how they aren’t abusive because they don’t hit you.

Anonymous 76462

Also maybe because they have made me feel so bad about myself that I think no one else will want me and I will end up alone and even more sad. He literally told me today no one would love me because of my mental illness. I have adhd. I wanna hurt him and watch him cry and when he starts I wanna start screeching in his face.
“Stop throwing yourself a pity party, I didn’t touch you, you have no right to cry” just like he did to me everytime he would push me to tears.

Anonymous 76463

I dont hate him personally, I hate the fact that he despises me for being xx.

But now all I do is despise him for that as well. I return everything. I dont avoid men for making rape or abuse jokes, I just do these jokes as well but about men.
Never understood how a female could joke about it bus as being the victim.
I dont tell my bf "hit me lol" jokes, I make jokes about hitting and killing him as well.

Anonymous 76464

It sounds really abusive that way lol
It doesnt happen a lot btw.

Most of the time we are being cute to each other. I would hate arelationship where we just hate each other.

Anonymous 76465

I still think that men dont get killed enough tho. But he doesnt get it. Too bad

Anonymous 76466

I really love him anyway.

Anonymous 76467

I cant explain how i feel

Anonymous 76468

Tbh if we ever break up and it wouldnt ruin my life i think id rather murder him than break up. I think. Not sure tho. But i think.

Anonymous 76471

Yeah, such a fucking blackpill that young girls watch innocent romance movies while men just fantasize about hurting us or fucking us.

Anonymous 76472

Anonymous 76473

Hate is a strong word, but I can understand feeling annoyed. At least mine takes out trash that's too heavy for me, he just seems to have trouble with putting trash in the can to begin with for some reason. If you want to live with one you'll have to get used to this since it seems most men have basically no sense of cleanliness or organization. Don't give in when something gets dirty past a certain point because they will let it get as bad as you allow. They need to be reminded, which they will call nagging, but what else can you do. What I find helps is convincing him to do chores together and agree to take turns with some things. Of course this does not always go without having to remind him anyway. I think what annoys me the most is when I'm cleaning something by myself, he will often try to poke fun at me saying how I'm such a clean freak when you know, it's something that needs to be done obviously, and I don't see him doing it.

Anonymous 76480


Different ex hateposting >Really vibe with guy >takes forever I was the one to initate >he's rebounding from his previous wife, I knew this but I was 20 and thought if I really liked him I should go for it >he would always get handsy in public, eventually ended up at his house once and he gets pissy that I didnt want him to do oral on me bc im coming off of a period but when I do oral for him he ignores me and comes in the back of my throat >Ends up moving away months later to get away from the memory of ex wife >Every time he comes into town I just imagine him killing himself because I hate him so so so much even though I have a nice boyfriend now.

Anonymous 76481

Sorry formatted like shit first time posting

Anonymous 76484

>>76468 I imagine the relief you would feel, would be the best drug you would ever take. I
like to think about mine dying of cancer sometimes The pain and fear he would feel almost makes me feel bad. But then I’ll remember how he tries to make me feel like a monster and I’m like might as well act like one ʕ •ₒ• ʔ

Anonymous 76485


Do you think Johnny just pushed Amber to go apeshit on him?
Imagine being with a almost 60 year old man and he’s calling you fat and ugly.

Anonymous 76486

depp literally lost the first two trials. he's a certified wifebeater. he's a bellidgerent drunk that romanticizes his drug issues amd has had multiple reports by casts and crews that he's crazy and violent. the way he treats the current court case is just as seemingly narcissistic as people think amber is.
his pr team is so fucking good that somehow everyone's on his side.

Anonymous 76490

I love my bf and I don't know what I'd do without him, but holy fuck I'm pissed at him right now.
>Come back after a week away from home because I had to take care of my sick aunt
>Expect to find the house turned into a pigpen, but I'm looking forward to having kinky "I missed you" sex
>House is clean, not a single dish needs to be washed
>He's making dinner for me, everything seems perfect
>He asks me to set the table, I do it happily
>Wait a minute
>These dishes aren't clean. They have dust on them
>This lazy fucker didn't use a single plate in a whole week
>Ask him what he ate during these days
>He can't answer so I go look at the trash
>12 fucking boxes of pizza, three buckets of fried chicken, countless burger wraps and many more pieces of evidence. He had tacos, sushi, chinese, literally every single take out option in ridiculous amounts. Like, if I didn't know that his friends are out of town I'd think he had a party… every single day.
>It's not even like he's some useless idiot, he's an amazing cook
>Get mad at him and start yelling
>Call him a fucking pig
>I realize how much I fucked up because he genuinely struggles with body issues and overeating disorder, he has trauma about being called names, etc.
>I'm just fucking pissed because it took me months to finally get him down to only a few kilos over his ideal weight and we were very happy about it
>He just starts crying and storms out of the house
>Oh, and dinner is burnt
>He didn't even leave any of that trash food for me
>He came back an hour ago
>Ok, I'll just apologize, have make up sex and we'll get over this
>He just crashes in the guest room, smelling like alcohol AND trash food
>Go check the car out of curiosity
>He went to at least three different places to get food again

All my effort trying to make him lose weight feels like a waste now and the worst part is that he's acting like the victim. Yes, I said something awful. He's never said anything hurtful in the years we've been together (at least not outside kink shit). But holy fuck I can't help but feel like my blood is boiling.
Maybe I should just accept he's never going to change. He was large when I met him and I liked him, so I don't even know why I'm trying to get him to lose weight.

Anonymous 76491

Is he at least tall

Anonymous 76494

If there's one proven way to make people lose weight it's lowering their self-esteem, gj.

Anonymous 76497

Sorry but you are the (entitled) asshole in this story. You clearly are the only one interested in the weight loss.
Can't believe you are mad that he didn't leave you junk food lmao. Entitled and also a hypocrite.

Anonymous 76499

>i knew you were gonna nag me about that
>if that's the case, so why didn't you do it?

Anonymous 76512

maybe someday he will, sis

Anonymous 76513

Taller than me, yeah.
I don't think that'll work with him.
You are right. I'm an asshole for caring about his health and wanting him to live longer. Also, if I'm mad he didn't leave any junk food it's because the dinner burned while we were arguing.
I am a bitch for lashing out, yes. But I worked hard to get him to a healthier state. I stopped buying sweets so that he wouldn't be tempted. I learned to cook healthy meals. I did everything I could to help him and the first thing he does when I'm away is binge eat? I do feel like his mom in moments like this and I can't stand seeing his progress go down the drain. Like, I am in the wrong for calling him names but I'm also totally in my right to be mad at him because he clearly doesn't appreciate my effort.

Also, update:
>He's been in his office all day
>I can clearly smell tobacco from outside the room
Now he's smoking too. He told me he quit years ago.

Anonymous 76515

sounds tough. I don't think he's the victim, he's the one who fucked up first. he is throwing his progress away, progress which you helped him accomplish. however, I think you could have reacted better. yes, he could have acted better in the first place, and then you wouldn't even have to worry about how to react, but you have no control over that.
anyway I'm sorry to hear all of that, sis. I hope things work out for you.

Anonymous 76519

>young girls watch innocent romance movies while men just fantasize about hurting us or fucking us.
Plenty of zoomer girls also have porn brainrot. Not saying this in a "women are just as bad as men" kind of way.

Anonymous 76520

Lol you're right, but even on this board pickmes crawl out of the woodwork to defend males. Your bf sounds great from the looks of it but has issues, and you're trying your best to help him, yet he still indulges in his food addiction.
Calling you the asshole or even worse an abuser is hilarious, it's like calling someone an asshole for wanting your partner to stop binge drinking or smoking.

Anonymous 76525


I hope her and Elon get back together.
Honestly she looks so happy in all of the photos with him and he looks pretty content too. Depp is a weird old man, who should of been dropped from Hollywood awhile ago.

Anonymous 76534


posting in a schizo thread

Anonymous 76535

Honestly I dislike this occasional unspoken standard that all women must be pure and borderline asexual.
There's a medium between pickmes pornifying themselves for men and women who are sex repulsed angels. Both are impossible for many women.
I guess repression sucks a bit less but it still isn't very fun.

Anonymous 76538

Well adjusted people like sex and even porn without becoming addicts or exploiters.

Anonymous 76546

I'm on your side for this and I don't care if I get hate too. I'm a recovered anorexic, my husband used to be obese. I would not demand for him to date me if I were still mentally ill, especially if I made him feel like I was dependent on him to keep my eating habits normal. That kind of "duty" is not something a bf should normally have to bear. He did help with my self-image, but it's not like I would relapse if he left.
Conversely, I give him motivation to lose weight because having a family gives him hope for the future and a reason to work on himself. He doesn't want the guilt of destroying his health and bringing down his family.
The binge eating may not be 100% his fault, but if it's destroying trust in the relationship and putting an undue burden on you, you're not overreacting. You're right to be horrified, and lashing out was understandable. You're not entitled for refusing to affirm his messed up actions. Sometimes mental illness is a dealbreaker.

Anonymous 76550

t. porn addict

Anonymous 76554

You're the asshole for trying to force your ideas on other people, yes. It doesn't matter if what you're doing is good if it makes the other person miserable.
There is also absolutely 0 reason to insult another person. Specially if you're angry because he destroyed "your" effort.

Anonymous 76564

I've had the trial on as background noise during work but it was said she never loved Elon. I think she texted it to someone.

Anonymous 76576

I dated this guy for 5 years, 2 in person and then 3 long distance because he was military. After he separated I tried to get him to move in with me and he did. Around a year later he smokes too much THC, has some sort of religious experience, and confesses that he cheated on me with a coworker before he moved in with me. Like multiple times over a month right before he moved in with me. I broke up with him, but my best/only friend happened to be moving across the nation for work the very next day and it was during peak pandemic. I did not handle it well. I was drinking constantly. I've never had an alcohol problem before or since. It's embarrassing, but I was legit afraid I was going to suicide over this boy. I went on a couple tinder dates that were terrible (way too soon). I knew something had to change and figured if I was going to date someone and try to make it work I'd try with my ex. no logic I know. So I got back together with him. I've 'broken up' with him a couple times since, but we're still together almost a year and a half later. So now I'm in one of those embarrassing relationships. He's nice and all, but I can't get over how he lied for a year. Now that he knows how easy it is to get away with it that's a line that's always going to be easier to cross. Once a cheater always a cheater. Why are men?

Anonymous 76596

I realized that my mistake was both lashing out and calling him horrible things while knowing very well about his past trauma. His binge eating is something he couldn't entirely control just like I couldn't control my own eating disorder way back in the day, and by shaming him I'm only making things worse.
Yes, I am in my right to be mad about his relapse but I shouldn't be mad at him when he has consciously made a huge effort to please me in every possible way and now unconsciously he relapsed into bad behavior that hurts him. It's not that my trust has been betrayed, it's more like I selfishly saw his progress as mine simply because I made sacrifices to help him. This is not okay. He made so many sacrifices too when helping me recover from my own ED, and in our years together he's figuratively crawled over burning coal and glass for me. While of course it's not healthy to justify his relapse and ignore its seriousness, it was incredibly toxic to explode at him and call him the names that hurt him the most. I remembered too late those long talks we had about his trauma where he specifically asked me to never use certain words or use certain things against him, and it made me feel sick to my stomach. He betrayed his progress by letting his mental illness creep up on him, but I betrayed his trust.
It hurts to realize this so fucking late. He left the house yesterday and said he needed some time alone. His phone location shows that he's been in the same place since last night and I'm starting to feel very scared.

Anonymous 76658

There’s so much misinformation going on in the media though. It had been her assistant who texted about her using him as a space filler. The same assistant who said Amber spit her face but she still then felt comfortable telling Heard her own rape experience. She probably got paid of by Depp. Everyone’s ignoring the fact that he settled out of court with anthony foxs family. The times he’s assaulted crew members while drunk. People will literally support abusers no matter what.

Anonymous 76830

>I got into a relationship
>I started hating the guy
>now I'm staying with him and complaining about it instead of just leaving
>and I won't even mention leaving or my reasons for not leaving
what is this mental illness called? pickmeishas? codependency?

Anonymous 76831

try the Enter key next time.

Anonymous 76843

>Why are men?
He's being a scrote because you LET him! Anon I can't believe you didn't leave him ugh.

Anonymous 76854

I didn't really 'let him' though, I broke up with him over it and had a lot of discussions and changes in requirements and boundaries. I feel like he's probably not going to do it again…although I didn't think he would at that time either. Is there no difference between dating him now and "letting him be a scrote"? I do have his location shared now, and I'm not planning my future with him in mind much anymore. Just planning to do what I want and if he can make himself fit I'll probably let him do that. I guess the real issue is that I don't really have faith that other scrotes are much better, or that I'll be able to tell the difference. I still don't know how I could have figured out he was cheating then. He seems to think he's less likely to cheat now that he knows it's 'not worth it' (I asked him about it after making the prior post). Plus this one understands and accepts responsibility for the problems he caused, I'd feel bad dating a new guy and being all suspicious of him unfairly because of an ex who cheated.

Anonymous 76862


I just wanna curl inside myself and cry
>do my boyfriends laundry, cook for him, go to the store and get all the food he eats, I just basically do everything.
>I don’t have a job but even when I did. I would just work on top of all the stuff I did.
>I have to make sure I’m around him so he gets up in the morning. If I’m not he’ll scream at me about how he slept in and it’s my fault.
>constantly tells me how I’m lazy and don’t do anything whenever I tell him no
>I wouldn’t ask my mom for $20 because he hasn’t got his paycheck yet
>screams at me about how worthless I am and he doesn’t know why he dates me because I don’t do anything and how I’m just horrible and all I do is complain.
>uses our plans for a date against me
>breaks up with me because he wants to date someone whose nice to him
>tells me if I don’t leave our place rn he’ll go around breaking my things
I’ve hit him before after he told me my mom was an alcoholic because of me. I wish I was stronger so he’d actually be scared of me. I wish I was the monster he makes me out to be.

Anonymous 76863

He just started texting me
>it’s all my fault ofc because he does so much for me and I do absolutely nothing at all
>I forgot to mention he said he’d kill me if I told him “k whatever again”
>I learned awhile ago that I can’t win no matter what I say or do so I’ve just given up.
>I won’t have friends anymore cause they’ll just hate me. It would be better if I would just drop dead. Cause this whole living stuff is way too hard

Anonymous 76865

based on what you've said it sounds like you're in an abusive relationship and should GTFO, find someone else and try for a happier life
i believe in you, anon

Anonymous 76866

>he’ll go around breaking my things
>I forgot to mention he said he’d kill me
You need out of this "relationship" immediately. Destroying people's belongings is what people who want to harm others do when they feel they can't attack the target of their ire directly, and I don't think I need to explain why a death threat is so serious. He's not "toxic", he's an existential threat to your safety and wellbeing and you must not remain in this situation.

Anonymous 76867

I could move with my dad but I’d have to get rid of my dogs and their honestly the only reason I haven’t killed myself. So I really don’t wanna do that. He’s told me I’m the problem so much, I just feel like it’s true. Maybe I just don’t hold myself accountable enough. I’m not perfect I just don’t think I deserve to be told how I fuck up all the time.
I don’t think I’ll find anyone else. I can’t even watch my favorite romance movies anymore. The either just make me cry or incredibly jealous.
He’s never hit me before just lots of threats. One time I was like hiding in my pillows crying because I had done something and he was yelling. Because I wasn’t listening he yanked my head back by my hair and in the meanest tone he could just starting going at me. Compared to most girls that’s nothing. He doesn’t cheat and buys me stuff . It could be worse

Anonymous 76900

I'm sorry what? Are some gifts worth being treated like that? He's clearly violent, hitting you is the next thing on his list. He will keep pushing you until he knows you will take the beating without calling the cops.
And then you'll still say it's not that bad because he only hits you a little bit. Jesus.

Anonymous 77135

you really need to get out, this is horrific and abusive. you're endangering yourself. this is awful and you don't deserve to be treated this way.

Anonymous 77136


>he rips your head out of the pillow to yell at you
>not physical abuse

Anonymous 77147

He's fucking obsessed with static, unchanging household chores. He doesn't care if he has to do more than me, but God forbid if I ask him to pick up the slack for me. Every time "That's your job" comes out of his mouth I want to strangle him.

Spontaneity is not a problem with him, but once he has a plan for the day, any change to it that is not submitted at least 4 hours in advance is a huge inconvenience that he will audibly lament for the rest of said day. Even telling him I plan to do something which improves our lives, something he would absolutely enjoy, something he would not have to do, results in loud sighing and muttering.

Getting some god damned physical affection out of him is a crapshoot most days. He's always willing to express affection, but it's 50/50 if he even thinks to touch me in a given day. It's not an aversion, as he'll do it if I ask, but the thought of it just doesn't occur to him.

Just as he doesn't remember to so much as give me a pat on the shoulder, he will deprive himself constantly; going without water for more than 24 hours, eating a single meal over 2 days, staying up for over 24 hours, sitting in the freezing cold in boxers ect.

He refuses to allow comfort and appearance to dictate his belongings. He will wear-out clothes until they fall apart, then buy second-hand crap. He bought a $99 office chair in 2008 that has lost all its padding, most of its pleather, both arms, all its wheels at least once and gas cylinder, but he continually repairs it. He will fix $10 purchases until they're so broken that they literally cannot be repaired without buying an entire new one. He's perfectly willing to spend any amount of money on others, but won't spend a single fucking cent on anything only he uses.

Anonymous 77161

This is isn’t really about bf hating just kind of man hating
I have accidentally had sex with two, 17 year olds because they lied to me about their age. I feel repulsed. I even specifically asked because a lot of people think I’m a lot younger than I am. They looked at me and lied. I’m so frustrated, I wanna scream.

Anonymous 77172

How European of you, nona.

Anonymous 77173

Only amerimutts get triggered about having sex with literal adult males because they are less than a year under 18

Anonymous 77177

Having sex with any male under 20 should be illegal, they look like kids and have even smaller brains.

Anonymous 77178


Anonymous 77179

I think it's a little silly to be repulsed over that if you're already having threesomes. Like morality is clearly out of the window, why let 1 year bother you. If anything you are the victim and they should feel bad for tricking you, not you for being tricked.

Anonymous 77180

I was just making a silly joke, not a serious point.

Anonymous 77181

It wasn’t a threesome, it was two separate times

Anonymous 77182

Having sex with any male over 20 should be illegal. They look like corpses and produce rotten mutant babies.

Anonymous 77336

this human being has insanely low self esteem. This does not excuse his cunty attitude but this reads to me like immense, constant self loathing.

Anonymous 77410

my ex is so fucking digusting and creepy and i want to poke my eyes out thinking about giving time and emotions to this absolute scab

i found his reddit porn throwaway account by chance and saw his comments on some onlyfans girl acc (even though he lied to me and says he doesnt use it). he wrote saying that he would wash her feet meanwhile he was such an asshole to me. everytime he got angry that i wouldnt make him the centre of my universe he'd get a baby fit and being a general c^nt. and then he goes and says these kind of shit to some ewhore. honestly he is a fucking creep and a half and he repackaged himself as high value even tho he probably gets 0 girls in real life since the onlyfans girls he's paying pics for and probably buying presents for look like a 6/10 with filters. when i saw the kind of girls he thirsted after they were so fugly so i was like, im definitely not ur type and definitely can do better.

just thinking about him and his pathtic penis jerking it to ugly girls mkes me puke! the audacity he has to treat me that way and then treat these whores better. fucking loser. it also makes me cackle in secret since he cant recognise my value and his type is literally whore.

Anonymous 77411

i still get so angry!!!! thinking that this loser had claim on my time!!!!!!!!! and he lied to me about pretty much his entire life. imagine being this person who needs to lie everything about himself just so girls will even talk to him!!!!!!

im just puking in my mouth thinking how many bs lines that he fed me and he just pasted that to some ewhore. he probably spent more money paying some egirls nudes than spending it on me!

anyways im never talking to a guy unless he pays me next time so i vet out these absolute worthless creeps in the future.

Anonymous 77412

also he was indian. lol
what did i expect. he was always so horny and wanting to talk about sex. i was probably just his fapping tool. disgusting creep. is2g men are so worthless

Anonymous 77414

im also never telling anyone about this "relationship" since it was long distnace and it was a month. im so ashamed. i wish i could wipe this person entirely from my memories but i literally cannot get over how angry and disugsted i am, mostly at myself for not vetting better. honestly making me doubt my own gut feeling like how did absolute worthless maggot manage to come thru? and ive rejected way nicer guys before him??? honestly never going to give manlets a chance next time or indians.

Anonymous 77422

What stuff did he lie about?
t. >>76431 also dated a disgusting liar

Anonymous 77424

Wasn't Amber the one who called Johnny a fat old man?
Regardless, the facts seems to be that anyone who interacts with Amber has only bad things to say about her, and every person who is not Amber that interacts with Johnny only has good things to say about him.
This is outside of their drama as well.
I mean if everyone is saying you are the asshole…

Anonymous 77425

Man fatsoes, not even once.

Anonymous 77428

This post screams thinly veiled chipped armor.

Anonymous 77463


I don't know if i can count my ex in this, but i hated him even while dating. Most boring white leftist male "marxist" who works a corporate office job. I am also pretty sure he fetishized me because I'm latina. Literally went through the worst week of my life while dating him, I had covid pneumonia & ran out of groceries while quarantined. Instead of trying to help with my grocery situation, he thought sending me pics of his ugly fucking cat would make me feel better. He also spent money on some deviantart tier commission of my favorite fictional pairing and also commissioned matching icons of us in the omori art style. I have never played omori in my life nor do i plan on doing so.

A week after this ordeal, I break up with him, claiming I'm not mentally stable for a relationship (which wasnt a lie) and he is sooo "shocked" because it seemed so "out of nowhere" and then had the audacity to tell staying together would be better for my mental health. My friends and I would kill this scrote with hammers if we could.

It doesn't matter anymore because he's dating a fat tranny now kek. "She" is ugly as hell and a massive downgrade. its ironic because I'm a massive terf

Honestly just wanted this out of my chest

Anonymous 77475

The only thing I hate about him is that he smokes

Anonymous 77478


i found my bfs journal with a page detailing cons of being with me. the thing that stuck out the most was him saying he doesn't view me as his life partner, and that im too childish for him. i cried hysterically for a day, and now i dont know what to do with this information. i think its a testament to how much moids r willing to lie, considering everything i briefly looked at from that page goes against everything he verbally tells me, and how he interacts with me.

some part of me thinks i hallucinated it, or im looking for problems somehow. it was his personal and private journal in fairness, he told me he kept poetry in it. it was maybe my fault for expecting honesty. i don't want to victimize myself, since i saw the page sticking out and decided to take a peek at it regardless. maybe that's apart of the problem. but how can i justify keeping a fucking mean girl diary page of my S/O. i would never do that to him, or anyone. no matter if he was just ''venting'', who the fuck does that.

>pic related

Anonymous 77479

He should break up with you for reading his private journal.

Anonymous 77481

you're an awful partner lol who reads someones journal??

Anonymous 77482

So you have a type huh

Anonymous 77484

None of these are bad?
I mean, is it really a reason to cry for your bf not seeing you as a a life partner, even if you both are 40

Anonymous 77485

Oh fuck off.
>is it really a reason to cry for your bf not seeing you as a a life partner
Fucking really? I don't even know how to respond to this because it's such a stupid question.

Anonymous 77490

Are you saying its morally justifiable to keep an entire hidden page that does nothing but detail your distaste for your partner while lying to them directly etc about how you truly feel? what is wrong with you guys.

Anonymous 77491

A lot of them if not most can grow facial hair before turning 20, you are dumb.

Anonymous 77494

Reading through someones private belongings is wrong but I agree with >>77490 it's even worse to lie to someones face like that while secretly disliking them. You're just leading someone on for your personal gain, and in this case it's not even just leading on, it's keeping a journal where you detail how much you dislike them. it means he either can't stand her so much he has to get his feelings out somewhere but still stays with her for some personal reason, or he gets some kind of pleasure out of it.

Anonymous 77518

Sorry sis but moids are liars and cannot be trusted. They will actually keep you around for years despite not seeing a future with you. I've seen it so many times. It's fine to go through their phone/journal.
Now that you've realized he is a sociopath, it's time to leave him.

Anonymous 77532


toxic as fuck

Anonymous 77533

>It's fine to go through their phone/journal.
>he is a sociopath
Sounds like you're projecting.

Anonymous 77541

>He calls me dumb all the time.
>He takes his stress out on me by criticizing me in places like car rides and grocery stores and gets angry when I finally react loudly.
>Almost no shared interests. Our shared interests are things he likes that I started to do to make him happy.

Anonymous 77574

I'm sorry but why are you even with this jackass?

Anonymous 77591


Anonymous 77640

>every person who is not Amber that interacts with Johnny only has good things to say about him.
How the fuck is Depp's bot here? Are we not remote enough. Seriously, one google search will show you multiple coworkers and ex-girlfriends talking about how he's a crazy alcoholic?

Anonymous 77650

>Cultuvating an eating disorder because you want your fucktoy being more desireable.

Based sociopath. Next time beat him.

Anonymous 78577

Bf grew a beard when he knows it makes me lose attraction to him

Anonymous 78585


i am seriously reaching my limit with my relationship.
>bf gets a job, i am happy for him
>make him breakfast and a lunch to take to work since i work full time from home
>barely even get a thank you, and he talks to me like im an annoying kid
>i tell him i dont like it when he talks to me like that
>he says he was so tired he doesnt remember saying those thing
>whatever, ill move on
>week goes by of him constantly being tired and taking it all out on me
>i have been cooking and cleaning all week
>"hey im too tired to do anything else tonight is that okay with you?" he asks after i eating a home cooked meal i made for him
>"no, can you please do the dishes?"
>"I made dinner and did dishes for like the whole week"
>he pisses and moans for like five minutes then goes to play video games and i assume he just plans on doing them later
>he falls asleep on the couch and doesnt do the dishes

i am seriously at my fucking limit and i wont be able to dump him for at least another half a year

Anonymous 78587

I feel!! Why cant he be better? Just throw an emotional arguments with him, make him know your feelings and stuff. It’s not normal that he is not doing his best in EVERYTHING. He is just making stuff harder for you. Im so sorry that he cant even do basic stuff to make life easie

Anonymous 78588


its okay, i just have to deal for now. he'll apologize then go back to doing it in a week though. i just want him to be a bit more grateful.

Anonymous 78589

I hope he will start being grateful !!!! Good luck

Anonymous 78809

Stop making him breakfast and lunch?? Come on nona, he doesn't even fucking thank you for it. Also establish clear chores distribution and stick to it.

Anonymous 78885

>bf yelled at me for ranting at him
>can’t really help cause ADHD
>cry watching a Tiktok cause the husband is so nice and caring with his ADHD wife

I’m proabbly just unbearable and my bf has every right to dislike and criticize me. I just need someone to listen so my feelings don’t get too hurt.

Anonymous 78886

Fuck that. It's "bare minimum" time. Let him suffer by having to feed himself for once. Only make big enough portions for yourself. Leave no leftovers. Only wash the dishes you use. Looking forward to your separation from this useless mooch.

Anonymous 78912


>bf got disability
>health and mental state progressively deteriorate
>gets violent thoughts and urges
>claims to care about me and gets pissy the second I go "out of bounds" for his tastes
yeah he didn't choose to get disabled, but neither did I choose to live with a disabled man
the worst part that literally everyone, my own family included, will shame and reject me if (when) I leave and I just want to not be killed, but that's apparently too much to ask of men
and of course he gets medical treatment and everyone are being nice and considerate of him while I, having a bunch of my own severe health problems, have to play a role of obedient servant who should cater to him and keep her mouth shut

Anonymous 78922

Fucking go away in an other country
Nuke this life away

Anonymous 78923

>bf too involved in videogames to pay any attention to me
>deliberately ignores me and says "sorry it's my ADHD" and "sorry I didn't notice you messaged"
Tired of this shit but hoping it will get better when we move in together, in a year.
Then when I get mad at him he gives a half assed apology.
This is really hard to deal with when I constantly think everyone is mad at me for one reason or another and have doubts people actually care about me or love me, it just adda fuel to the fire.

Anonymous 78924


Anonymous 78925

Don't move in with him. Leave.

Anonymous 78927

>"sorry I didn't notice you messaged"
lie #1. he's a hot potato and you've gotta drop him or you'll burn your hands

Anonymous 79002

He doesn't sound very nice at all:C. I'm sure you're not as unbearable as you think. Maybe he is a very impatient and defensive person. I can be very defensive too, but he has to change that if you both want to be happy long term.

Anonymous 79022

lmao wat-

so if I have a partner and he's into crack and I force my belief that it's bad, I'm an asshole? Also there are millions of reasons to insult people.

Anonymous 79024


The general zeitgeist of modern morality is that nothing is really bad, except for thinking something is bad. Intolerance is the now ultimate crime. So you can ask him to be healthier, but forcing him to conform to your standards of health is toxic and evil.

Anonymous 79029


yeah i started waking up later so that i wont get roped into making him breakfast or packing his lunch lol. he apologized just like i thought he would, did a good job for like a few days, then got back on his bs. last night he got home from work and talked about how he wanted to go out and get a treat/dessert (which i wanted) but then immediately fell asleep when he got home and made the entire bed damp from his sweat. sigh.
the last time i tried to break up with him he said some lowkey violent stuff so for my safety i just tried to compromise with him. i have to just wait until our lease is up so i can dip.

Anonymous 79032

I've been with my bf for two years and we've lived together for six months. He presented himself as a "trad Christian right winger" but he keeps pressuring me to do disgusting sexual things and I caught him watching violent porn MULTIPLE TIMES and he keeps lying about stopping and pretends to be sorry but never changes. I'm scared and idk what to do I thought he loved me.

Anonymous 79034

extremely cringe, but yeah sounds like a lowlife that cant really live up to his own standards. as per standard response, dump him.

Anonymous 79035

Christian men are the biggest sexual deviants there are. You’re lucky he hasn’t asked you to play dead.

Anonymous 79061

i want to leave him but i still love him when i don't feel like vomiting because of what he wants to do to me and he pays the rent so id have to go back to my abusive parents
are they really all like that

i want to die

Anonymous 79071


>bf flies home to visit family
>family tells him they want to sell his car and keep the money to open a business
>he says wtf no and gets in a fight with his family
>he hasn’t driven the car in 8 months and lives in a very walkable city now
>he calls me and I try to comfort him
>I tell him to just let everyone sleep on it, hopefully they’ll find a compromise
>he’s mean and moody to me while I try to comfort him
>his mom walks in crying and speaks to him
>he starts yelling at her and he cries too
>I’m just sitting here listening to it
I don’t know what she’s saying to him, they don’t speak English in their house. According to him she just saying she’s scared he will be upset during the whole visit and doesn’t want split the family apart over some money
>I attempt to comfort him again, suggest we watch a show and distract ourselves
>he’s moody, says sure
>then he said “shouldn’t you just go to bed?”
>I say “sure wanna go to sleep”
>he says “not on voice call”
When we are in a long distant situation we sleep on voice call and watch a show together. So him saying no threw me off
>I ask why
>he says in the most pettiest voice “maybe sometimes I don’t wanna voice call every night”
>I’m confused, I ask him if I did something wrong. I understand he’s mad at his family but I tell him he’s hurting me with the way he’s been talking to me
>he blows up at me and tells me I’ve been guilt tripping him by text.
I’ll admit I was being a little clingy to him because I’m alone in my apartment. I said something like “you don’t wanna talk to me?” When we called each other. But I immediately apologized to him after I said that because it was messed up that I said that.
>he goes on a rant about how his car is his prized possession and the only thing he has left
>tries to gas light me into thinking he was talking to me nice all night and I’m the one freaking out for no reason
>I tell him I was just trying to cheer him up, I don’t deserve this.
>says he wants to kill himself
>I tell him not to talk like that, I’m worried and will call the cops if I need to
>he gets mad at me and I start having a panic attack because I have a lot of suicide related trauma and he knows this
>he says “maybe I’ll call the cops for you since you can’t breath from your panic attack”
>then he calls his mom a psychopath because she’s in the kitchen laughing with his sisters about something and not crying for hours over him
>calling her a psychopath while I’m mid panic attack
>I finally calm down and he hasn’t anything to me in awhile
>i told him I just wanna sleep
>”well if you think that’s the right choice”
>I say yes and we can hang up
>”no it’s okay we don’t have to hang up tonight we can vc to bed I guess” making it sound like he’s being forced into it
>I tell him over and over we can hang up but he keeps saying no.
we go to bed on call but his phone died.
I hope they sell that damn car and his mom keeps every penny. I was on my bfs side until he treated me and especially his mother horribly. It feels like he wanted to make me cry on purpose. He was going on and on about how people want to fuck with him but..maybe you’re the problem considering you made two separate people cry in the same night.

Anonymous 79072

the two "christian" men I've known were a) an alcoholic sex addict with sociopathic tendencies and b) a literal schizo who groped me and tried to have sex with me before moving away without telling me

Anonymous 79077

What language do they speak at home? I'm sorry, the instant you said they don't speak English at home I immediately imagined a My Big Fat Greek Wedding scenario with greek people shouting at each other.

Anonymous 79079

French, they’re Canadian snow birds

Anonymous 79086

Hire me I speak french

Anonymous 79123

That's a bit sad to hear, but don't let something that happened only once undermine your whole relationship. If it happens again, then sure, there may be something wrong. But as you may sure know, there are times even the nicest people will flip out or want to be left alone for a bit, especially when they're haunted by their families. But be wary if he flips out again in situation not related to his family.

I wish you the best nona.

Anonymous 79135

On the off chance this poor soul browses this board: there's a moid on 4chan bragging about falling in love with someone named S on a company meeting in New York. He is texting her, says his wife noticed he is happier lately, and has dreams of having sex with this woman while his wife is in bed. He will not tell his wife. He says they are much more compatible, and in true cheater fashion makes his wife seem boring and grey, and this woman exciting and colorful.
He is not from an English-speaking country (probably Europe), and has been married for 11 years. If this is any of you I hope you break up with his cheating ass.

Anonymous 79150


>got a uti last year around september
>trying to get rid of it since but it never fully goes away, still have pain nearly every time after peeing, doctors can't find anything
>sex life destroyed
>bf does not understand and keeps insisting I get him off somehow, do it out of pressure and guilt which in turn makes me want to do it less
>more and more fights about this
>bf tells me we must find a compromise
Honestly I do not see any other solution but breaking up, but he absolutely does not want to. I don't want to be forced to do sexual stuff like this.
I wish my mom and cats were dead so I could just kill myself.

Anonymous 79151

>trying to get rid of it since but it never fully goes away, still have pain nearly every time after peeing, doctors can't find anything
I deal with this. Usually if I am dehydrated. It took me long time to realize that was the cause, but that is what it was.
I also know diabetics usually have issues with burning when they pee. Is your urine cloudy?
>bf tells me we must find a compromise
Part of me says he doesn't actually care for you if he won't respect that you don't want to have sex, but then again sex is an important part of a relationship in most cases and is a huge deal. Just break up with him if he can't tolerate it, and breakups don't have to be mutual, just because he doesn't want to break up doesn't mean you have to stay with him. You don't have to find a compromise if you truely don't want sex.

Anonymous 79153

Damn I'll actually try to get tested for diabetes, I'm not fat but I do eat sugar often and don't exercise.

Anonymous 79238

bf is going through a really hard time right now and is moody almost all the time. he has very legitimate reasons to be moody (things are just not working out for him recently) but he's still taking it out on me by speaking to me rudely and keeping me up late so he can rant about the shit that keeps happening to him. im really tired and at this point i dread him coming home from work. he's not fun to be around at all. i want to leave but i cant because of this stupid lease.
theres nothing i can do to make him feel better. i have no energy to help him feel better. he has barely any friends so im the only one he talks to about this stuff.

Anonymous 79258

Contact the landlord and explain that you are going to break up and ask if you can leave the lease early. They are sometimes sympathetic. Or you can move out and find someone to move in as room mate if there is space.

Anonymous 79281

He told me that he was taking my anime figurines to the bathroom and cumming on them while I slept. He has been emotionally abusive for years but this is the final straw for me.

Anonymous 79282

Bin him

Anonymous 79283

Yeah, I think I really have no choice anymore. We've been together for years and we are so toxically codependent that it is going to really hurt to be apart. He's just done and said so many inexcusable things that I can't deal with it anymore. I'm not perfect either but all the times I got overly emotional in front of him were always reactions to him either insulting me and dragging me down, or ignoring me intentionally when I needed him.

Anonymous 79284

Make a list of all the reasons why you are leaving him and look at it if you start to miss him.

Anonymous 79285

Thanks anon, I will.
To be honest, this is going to be extra scary because I don't really have any friends. I'm going to be completely alone when we stop talking. I'm afraid. I honestly don't know if being alone would be worse than this or not.

Anonymous 79287

You’re not going to be alone forever, and even if you were, being alone is not so bad if you build a full life for yourself. It’s much better than being with someone abusive.

I recommend planning to spend some time around other people, such as joining a club or class, or just sitting in public areas like cafes, so you don’t sit at home and feel alone. Make sure to think of lots of activities to keep you busy at home too, like watching a tv series or Marie Kondo your house or baking.

Anonymous 79307

Thank you, you are right tbh I will keep all this in mind moving forward… I still feel scared but I feel like I'm able to control my reaction to that feeling and the things I do in response to it. Keeping busy is key right now I guess.

I've been trying to break my spell of avoidance for a while so maybe this will push me out of it finally.

Anonymous 79323

Not to excuse his behaviour but is he on the spectrum? Has he tried CBT (the mental health kind)?

Anonymous 79363

>bf studying some subject
>doesn’t understand it
>gets so mad at himself that his heart hurts for hours
>talks rude to me
>complains about his skin breaking out but accidentally says breaking up
>I get kinda sad and worried because his sour mood
>he gets mad at me
I wish he comfort me. I asked him to just comfort me instead of being mad and all he did was get mad

Anonymous 79503

>bf playing games
>pc shuts off randomly
>gets pissed and asks me angrily what happened bc i work in IT
>tell him after some basic troubleshooting that it overheated
>he gets so pissed he storms out to go for a walk and buy alcohol


Anonymous 79507

sounds like he had a heated gamer moment, maybe you should find some new living arrangements so that he won't have to live in a society anymore?

Anonymous 79841

right now is one of those little moments where i kinda hate him i guess. i waited late for him to get home to make us both dinner while he was at the pub with friends but when he gets back he’s just a mess and throwing up everywhere. he pooped and i don’t think he even wiped his bum properly lol.

Anonymous 79842

replying to my own post but why are so many men so gross and have no sense of personal hygiene. i have to nag my boyfriend to shower daily and wash his hands after going to the toilet. even if i’m sick after drinking to much i’ll manage to wipe my ass properly and aim my puke into the toilet properly.

Anonymous 79848

your pain aside, why is this so funny to me? we should have a thread to discuss irrational scrote behavior like that
so fucking funny how dumb they can be

Anonymous 79865

Leave him. Now.

Anonymous 79931

anon sounds like u have an undiagnosed autistic or adhd bf. but its not your place to help him get to where he needs to be, thats his job

Anonymous 79938

my current bf's really good with this stuff, but i had some exes that were completely shithouse

Anonymous 80138

When I want my boyfriend to comfort me, he critiques me instead or he’ll make it all about him and how he’s actually more upset and has it way worse. Why are men like this? When I’ve had female friends they had no problem comforting me. I won’t tell him what’s wrong anymore in fear of being criticized or told how it’s my fault. I’m shell of myself anymore nonas. I can’t even leave cause it’s just not finical feasible. There’s no way to afford an apartment or anything by yourself anymore.

Anonymous 80139

Can you move back with your parents for a bit? Or into a share house?

Have you tried talking to him about it?

Anonymous 80140

I don’t really have parents at least not ones that care enough to help. There’s no shared housing and I don’t really have friends anymore. So like today I was worried about paying rent and that turned into how I need to grow up and my teenage years are over. I tell him that’s really not helping and I just wanted to be comforted. To which he said I am comforting you but life’s hard. Idk belittling how I act doesn’t feel very comforting

Anonymous 80143

if we ever get to the topic of my depression and suicidal thoughts and that i find it unsettling if i ever were to become manic again etc. he has said several times "how could you think about doing something like that to me?" ……… why am i now comforting you when i'm talking about my feelings and worries

i'm at the point where i'm wondering if men are capable of feeling real empathy

Anonymous 80144

That's fucked. A lot of people always do this shit and it's worse than saying nothing at all.

Anonymous 80145

I really don’t think they are. My boyfriend does the exact same thing. Or he’ll say how it’s selfish and how I’m selfish.
It’s okay I’m pretty use to it. My parents treated me like trash too. I wish I would of just kept my mouth shut today because now he’s screaming at me about everything I do wrong and how I am fuck up. If I don’t answer him while he’s (screaming) talking to me he’ll break my stuff. Not to back talk him. It took an hour for him to treat me like utter shit for asking to be comforted and criticized. I think about him getting cancer and dying and taking all of the life insurance money and disappearing

Anonymous 80146

I meant instead of being criticized, not an criticized

Anonymous 80147

Honestly I wish he hit me so it’d be actual abuse and maybe I could get housing or something based off of that

Anonymous 80149

yeah that's what mine does as well… i've been in two relationships and only been physical with those two but it all fucking repeats, it's all the same with different flavors

he doesn't scream or treat me badly in the typical way, but i question everything i do. do i make sense? ever? am i just dumb and is my severe ADD the reason for why he won't listen truly? do i just keep talking and talking without content or that the content is diluted? i've been thinking about if i got the tism, my younger sister that's 18 just got diagnosed. everything about my family, her and their thoughts and opinions are "they're family, of course they would say that" "that's such a teen take, like something i'd expect from your little sister" according to him even though i think alike… thanks i'm 25 and infantilizing my opinion by saying that "tiktok would say that.." aaahhhhh i'm so frustrated, i just want to be volcel and never touch a man ever again, i hate how they don't shave their assholes or pubes, they don't take care of their appearance yet i need to be perfect. he says i'm his ideal, his one true love. i know i'm attractive yet i don't want any man to be allowed to touch or appreciate it in such a personal way. i don't believe in that or nothing about relationships anymore, i have good relationships with my friends (i'm really bad at getting back to them but regardless of that…) he says that they just say and do things to please me or that they don't truly understand me.
"you don't talk to them on the same deep level as i do" if i argue that yes we do then it's that they just pretend to agree with me or change subject to "get on with it"
is that how he views me? he has said that what takes me 5 minutes to explain takes other people 30 seconds to say
i just want to be left alone

Anonymous 80154

sorry it turned out to be so long… feeling like too much, like always, fuck men, fuck me

Anonymous 80157

I think breaking your stuff would hold a lot of weight legally.

Anonymous 80158

>i hate how they don't shave their assholes
Why does this become an issue for you?

Anonymous 80159

men have so much body hair and they don't care to look good, they don't pluck their eyebrows or take good enough care of their facial hair, ass hair is gross imo on anyone because i know how most don't wash properly. even if they did, they don't take care of their appearance in other ways, they do the absolute minimum, if even
if perfume is in the picture it's rare "an effort" groddy

Anonymous 80160

dangleberries or residue even if you wash enough… all that hair, guess men just aren't attractive for me… and it gets in your pussy and mouth trying to be physical, disgusting, that prickly sensation after is just ugh i don't want to fish out hair from my vag

Anonymous 80161

Nona I think we are literally living the exact same life. My boyfriend will say the exact same things. If I have an opinion or wanna talk about something he’ll say he doesn’t wanna hear my social media opinions. Also the worst personal hygiene. It’s disgusting, I have to force him brush his teeth. It’s repulsive.

Anonymous 80163

i'm sorry that you feel that way, i don't want anyone to relate
does he get offended if you comment on his hygiene/brushing his teeth? we are truly fucked accepting this type of behavior. bf at least does the minimum hygiene wise but i get repulsed by kissing
sure being online makes you have certain opinions but fuck, they're online also and their opinions are more valid than ours?

Anonymous 80164

Yes ofc he does. It’s not like his hygiene is super bad but compared to mine it is. I literally wash my face twice a day, sleep on a silk pillow. Like Korean boys literally wear makeup, why are American men so gross. Does he ever yell at you about your tone of voice? Like he’ll say something obviously rude or rude adjacent and you respond obviously a little upset but you don’t say anything rude but your voice has a different tone. It’s because they see themselves as better or more smart. It’s not necessarily that they are but they’re so arrogant that your opinion doesn’t matter

Anonymous 80165

he often talks about if i react to something to have "good faith" in him and instead of assuming something bad to be positive and think the best because "why would you assume i'd say something bad when you know me? why do you assume the worst?" it leaves me feeling confused because i'm reacting because why would you say xyz? i talk about both deep subjects and vapid stuff with friends but i never end up in that type of situation regardless of topic, somehow i've always been liked and sought after. he's not one to raise his voice but many times it's been implied that i'm of lower intelligence. once i asked if he believes that i'm as smart as he is and he said, yes, especially in some areas i am more so, i asked which ones. he responds with uh i can't come up with anything right off the bat like that. not even with me making money off of my art, i could make a living off my skill if i had better mental health, still, he felt that he was more creative, smarter, better at expressing his opinions and arguing. nothing he could say that was concrete. "i watch a lot of debate videos on youtube of course i communicate better"

it ain't better in europe… how do you manage having to baby a man that's grown? how would you feel about being single?

Anonymous 80177

>I have to force him brush his teeth.
Where do you people find these boyfriends? Why are you still with them?

Anonymous 80196


kakashi nona here, finally working on leaving my bf. i told my parents i wasnt happy and that hes not nice to me and they got really upset and told me i should just get it over with. i agree with them. its gonna be hard though because im a very compassionate person and he's been going through a rough time. last time i tried to break up with him he pulled the "you're ruining my mental health progress" card and it convinced me to stay. he said hes having problems with feeling lonely. i know leaving will make it worse, but im losing my marbles.

Anonymous 80198

Reading this thread makes me never want to date again. I haven't been on a date in 6 years, and I like the idea of a relationship but they sound like a second job you do just for social approval.

Anonymous 80203

I miss feeling like a team with him I feel like he’s become so fucking spineless especially towards anything woke or maybe I just got radicalized by peaking on lc/kf/etc which was his doing.
I hate how someone that I’m supposedly close with prefers confiding him to what’s going on with her, i should learn to get over being this jealous my but she talks to him way more than me. This friend also has a history of cheating or being in open relationships in the past, me and my bf thought the whole thing was questionable before but yesterday he was outright defending her and saying that it’s her sexuality and it literally hurts her to not pursue multiple partners fuck me apparently wanting multiple partners is a sexuality. I don’t care about open relationships or poly relationships but someone calling it a sexuality made me see red.
I bought it up because he let it slip that her and another close friend (a lesbian) of mine got into a fight over it because she pursed the lesbian, i don’t know the extent of the situation and he refuses to tell me anything. I’m protective over my lesbian friend and have wanted to warn her of the my friend’s overall questionable actions. This girl is already in a relationship and her boyfriend popped up in the voice chat i just wanted to know whether they were still dating which caused my bf to drop the whole “well she’s attracted to multiple people at once” and im a bigot for not accepting it such fucking spineless behavior he would never have defended this shit in the past.
I also feel like we’ve been drifting apart more and more, we don’t see eye to eye and I don’t even know why I’m still with him. We fight over a lot now I miss who him. I guess i’m also just annoyed about my friends now in general.

Anonymous 80205

>he was outright defending her and saying that it’s her sexuality and it literally hurts her to not pursue multiple partners fuck me apparently wanting multiple partners is a sexuality
Anon, I'd assume they're fucking and dump him. I don't even care if it's true, he should know the implications of defending such a lifestyle.

Anonymous 80460


I’ve had two different cars over the span of my relationship. My boyfriend has had one and it was maybe for the first couple of months of dating. He kind of ran my cars into the ground and they no longer work. They were used but still. Well he got a new a car and today was the first day I drove it. I just went and got groceries and came right back. He yelled at me while I was still in the car to get the fuck out and how it’s his car and I’m not driving it before work anymore and how I took way too long. our neighbors were outside and now I’m too embarrassed to go outside. I don’t wanna drive HIS car anymore, I’m just gonna walk everywhere I guess. I wish I could just date an old rich man who doesn’t have the energy to yell.

Anonymous 80461

Okay idk why it did that
It should read “I’ve had two cars in the span of my relationship”

Anonymous 80471

he sounds kind of based in a weird way, lol, but still others nonas are probs right he might have a disorder
That's an abusive / narcissist trait. Leave
my mother was like that. He needs a wakeup call or will never change
Honestly, tell him he acted like an idiot and yelled at you in front of the neighbours, that you were fucking taking the groceries, and to crown it all he was the one who ran your cars in the ground. If he refuses to talk or to look at it and doesn't apologize, leave

Anonymous 80492

Go for it, Nona. The part of you that loves others needs to start loving yourself too.If your bf or family tries to gaslight you, just know that you're doing it for you, and it'll come to pass.

Anonymous 80493

Most people who are "polyamorous" should be avoided. Huge red flag. It's just used as an excuse to fuck around while also being in a loving relationship.
I had a guy want to date me and another girl at once and got mad when I said I didn't want to. Idc if they want to have whatever weird fucked up relationship they have where she lets him fuck whoever he wants, but keep me out of it.

Anonymous 80507


Anonymous 80508

You probably made their day

Anonymous 80612

I talk to guys from 4chan because their nicer than my boyfriend.

Anonymous 80657

but how do you meet them?

Anonymous 81380

I don't really hate him, he's a good person. But god does it annoy me when whenever I disagree with him he keeps implying I said something I never did and arguing with me about the point I never made. It goes something like
-I absolutely love dogs
-That's cool
-You seem dismissive
-No, it's OK that you like dogs, I just prefer cats
-So you want all the dogs exterminated?
-No I don't, I would just rather have a cat as a pet rather than a dog
-So you think everyone should throw their dogs out and exterminate them?
And it keeps going like this and it frustrates me that he sees some weird implications in whatever I say when I disagree with something

Anonymous 81385

It blows my mind how little empaty some of you have for men. Let's reverse the roles shall we?

Let's say you have some self esteem issues and were fat in the past, but managed to lose weight. Your boyfriend leaves for a week and during that time your cravings get the best of you and you order and eat a bunch of unhealthy food. When your boyfriend comes back he gets mad, yells at you and calls you a fucking pig.
Would you encourage his behavior? You're either an idiot or a liar if you think that would be fine. Encouraging your partner to be healthier is obviously good, but what that anon did was not encouraging, she was shamed and humiliated him, she attacked him where she knew he'd hurt the most. This is not being supportive, this is being abusive. And as you can clearly see from her story, he's clearly getting worse, not better, so that type of behavior is only creating harm.

As for
You're an abusive asshole, which is fine, I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. But keep in mind that your behavior is hurting not only your partner, but also yourself. If you just ignored the fact that he ate like a pig you guys would just be getting along fine now and he'd probably be over his binge by now. Instead he keeps drinking and eating crap food, and apparently smoking and its partly because of you.

Anonymous 81389

This is a relatively common trait, in both sexes. I assume that they're projecting their own tendency towards extremism in any opinion they have, and their own general toxicity. Friend or lover, I would cut off someone like that.

Anonymous 81391

Yeah, it does seem like a projection. He's a good person but I have hard time dealing with this. Maybe it's better to cut him off after all.
Could be true, but I'm not sure, I usually try to talk about issues I have.

Anonymous 81969

>talking to my bf about the hunter biden leaks and how he should of used encryption and been a little safer with his information
>tell him how hard is to break encryption now
>”actually it’s really not unbreakable”
>I literally spent my day learning about how encryption works, what kind of encryption Bitcoin is and just all kinds of stuff. All for him just to tell me how wrong I am and how he knows more about than me.
>I spent a good chunk of my time learning about this stuff for him to make me feel stupid within five minutes of talking to him.
>finally blow up and tell him how he always has to prove me wrong and he can’t ever just let me talk.
> ”well you say a lot of wrong stuff and have a lot of dumb opinions”
>maybe he’s just smarter than me and I am just stupid. I just give up, I don’t wanna learn about things anymore. Cause all that’s gonna happen is I’ll tell him about it and he’ll just make me feel stupid or half listen to me

Anonymous 81970

your boyfriend fucking sucks and I hope you break up with him

Anonymous 81971

He's right and you're not an expert after reading an article on encryption written by someone who is also clueless, but he's a moid so you should break up with him anyway.

Anonymous 81972

I really don't people like your bf. If you know more about a topic than someone else instead of putting them down to feel better about yourself you could just be nice about it or even share your knowledge.
I hope those people know that with this behavior they won't be admired for how much they know, they will be disliked for being rude.

Anonymous 81975

She said she spent one day learning what encryption is, she's completely clueless beyond the surface level. She's upset because her boyfriend made her feel stupid because she didn't know what she was talking about.
>she probably knows what she's talking about more than he does.

Anonymous 81976

But he's right. If it really was taken from his Apple cloud storage, it's more likely the guy got access indirectly. If that's the case, then it really has nothing to do with his personal encryption.

As a side note,
>literally spent my day learning about how encryption works
>finally blow up and tell him how he always has to prove me wrong and he can’t ever just let me talk"
Sounds like you may frequently do some surface level research and then start repeating things as fact, that you may have misunderstood or simply been misinformed about by your educational source. Maybe he's a contrarian dick who knows nothing about it and just wants to cut you down, or maybe he knows slightly more or about different aspects and wants to stop you from making those mistakes.

Anonymous 81977

Your posts are full of assumptions. You have no idea if her boyfriend even knows what he's talking about or if the articles she read were written by other clueless people.
People like him (and you, it seems) are always extremely insecure about your own lack of knowledge. You know you only know surface-level factoids that would only impress a clueless person, so you jump on any opportunity to belittle others when they're excited about sharing something they learned. I don't know any actual expert who acts like this.

Anonymous 81979

You're dumb and he's a cunt about it. He's probably dumb as well. So he's a dumb cunt. Dump him lol.

Anonymous 81996

>full of assumptions
Pot, meet kettle.

Anonymous 81999

>when they're excited about sharing something they learned
Actual experts don't act like this, either. If you first heard about it today in a youtube video and are really excited about your new 'sigma billionare grindset' tech knowledge, you aren't an expert.

Anonymous 82000

>>”actually it’s really not unbreakable”
This is just kind of a truism. I don't personally know anything about this particular topic but I'm still quite sure that the same old universal axioms apply. In the case of technology, it's also safe to assume that the CIA has abilities that aren't known to the general public.

Spending a whole day (lmao) watching youtube videos about crypto can legitimately make you less knowledgeable about it, since at best it's coming from autists who fetishize the concept and thus present it in an overly positive way, and at worst it's coming from grifters who are literally trying to sell something to you. The people I know who have spent the most time wrapped up in crypto culture are the most clueless about the practical issues of it.

Anonymous 82019

128-bit AES encryption has never been cracked. With current computers it would take a billion years to crack its encryption. Which is why there’s such a push for quantum computers by the government. 128-bit AES is the least secure. AES-256 is a lot stronger when it comes to brute force attacks. There’s always back doors or just using the encryption keys. But a lot of encryption now uses a more layers of encryption. End to end encryption encrypts every single message sent and received. Also crypto isn’t technically encryptions. It’s uses asymmetric encryption methods and the blockchain. I don’t watch YouTube videos, because I don’t have the attention span.
>hunter biden did store his stuff in the iCloud and yes the iCloud is encrypted but it leaves a lot of back doors open and also stores the encryption keys in apples data centers.
Well if the government is hiding their research about encryption. Then it’s fairly obvious to say that I wouldn’t be able to research that huh?

Anonymous 82062

Yeah so don't act like you know everything about it lmao

Anonymous 82071

Thank you for confirming that you have no critical thinking skills and that you just regurgitate "I Fucking Love Science!"-tier articles. There are so many holes in this you should be seeing.
>With current computers it would take a billion years to crack its encryption
With what computers? The average desktops on the market or purpose built super computers? How about using several at once? In any case, computers becoming astronomically more powerful in a few years and making old technology a total joke is almost a cliche at this point.
>128-bit AES is the least secure. AES-256 is a lot stronger
So one is "unbreakable" and the other is "even more unbreakable", and somehow the difference in protection is measurable. Any light bulbs going off?
>There’s always back doors or just using the encryption keys.
And here you just come out and admit your boyfriend was right lmao

Anonymous 82072

Was anon claiming to be an expert? The point here is not if she was wrong or right, it has been established she's wrong. The point is that the boyfriend is acting like a midwit teenager who can't help but one-up someone and humiliate them for no good reason. You can say that she's wrong without acting like a mediocre chucklefuck.

Anonymous 82073

>Was anon claiming to be an expert?
She was certainly bringing it up as an implication by randomly saying someone who was disagreeing with her was not an expert.
>it has been established she's wrong
She hadn't accepted this.
>The point is that the boyfriend is acting like a midwit teenager who can't help but one-up someone and humiliate them for no good reason.
She seems to basically wants it to just be the other way around, come to him and make all these random declarations that he just has to treat as gospel and not offer any opinions on.

Anonymous 82074

>by randomly saying someone who was disagreeing with her was not an expert
That doesn't make that implication in any way, shape or form. I can say someone is not an expert while not claiming to be an expert myself.
>he just has to treat as gospel and not offer any opinions on
Nothing in her post said anything remotely similar to that.

I get the feeling the people responding to this never interacted with actual experts on anything (you're not in higher education) and you have no idea how discussions usually go.

Anonymous 82076

That poster didn't call themselves an expert either, this is retarded to bitch about.
>You aren't an expert!!!!
>"Yeah, well neither are you."
>I never said I was, jerk! Why would you say something like this to me??

>I get the feeling the people responding to this never interacted with actual experts on anything (you're not in higher education) and you have no idea how discussions usually go.

And after all this, you're trying to actually push the point again.

Anonymous 82077

>I get the feeling the people responding to this never interacted with actual experts on anything (you're not in higher education) and you have no idea how discussions usually go.
I was basically on your side until you said this, that was insanely arrogant and demeaning to everyone here.

Anonymous 82078

I don't really care if I come off like that when the rest of the posts were insanely arrogant and demeaning on purpose while ganging up on one single anon who was using this thread to vent, which is its actual purpose.

Anonymous 82079

There's a whole different thread for that, she was presenting a situation and asking for input. Really seemed like someone who would benefit from hearing that part of the problem was her. If you only want to see ass-patting, go somewhere else.

Anonymous 82083

>There's a whole different thread for that
This thread is called the "Bf hate thread". The OP says
>Post reasons or stories why you hate your SO.
This is not the "one up me" thread.

Anonymous 82085

>one single anon who was using this thread to vent, which is its actual purpose.
How about using the Vent Thread >>79488

Anonymous 82087

Her post is appropriate for this thread. Back-and-forths about encryption, however, are not.

Anonymous 82088

And apparently you intend to enforce this by making so many random, low quality statements that people get fed up and quit the discussion.

Anonymous 82089

I don't think there's a need to write a wall of text explaining why "venting about shitty boyfriend" is more appropriate in the "bf hate thread" than butting heads about encryption. I figured it should be obvious enough for anyone in good faith.

Anonymous 82090

It really doesn't matter what you think is "more appropriate", the topic came up and we talked about it.

Anonymous 82092

You ganged up on one anon in an overly aggressive way, for no reason at all. I was pointing out how pathetic it is for anyone reading it.
Do whatever you will with that.

Anonymous 82096

> I was pointing out how pathetic it is for anyone reading it.
No you weren't lmao, you were making all these random approaches and then giving up on them and switching to something else when they didn't work. Also
>ganged up
This always basically just means "I saw the majority opinion, and I didn't like it". What else were we supposed to do, arbitrarily take the other side just to balance the teams? It's not like there weren't some dissenters, anyway. It was a legitimate discussion until you threw a tantrum.

Anonymous 82097

Are you sure this is the whole story? Also, hope you finally are able to solve the uti issue.

Anonymous 82102

i asked bf to rate me a few months into our relationship
okay that's not the best but i can deal with that
we got in an argument because i was jealous of the attraction he clearly has towards other girls but not me
got him to finally be honest
"on physical appearance alone you're a 3, overall you're a 7"
a 3
why did he ask me out
why'd he make me fall in love with him
this is the first time I've ever been angry at him

Anonymous 82104

That's honestly pretty fucking weird of him. The issue isn't so much that he thinks that of you, but that he has the nerve to say it out loud. He almost certainly is socially and emotionally retarded in countless other ways.

Anonymous 82106

I'm sorry this hurts you so profoundly, it must be hard being this dependent on flexing on an anonymous imageboard. I wish you a speedy recovery.
Yeah, you should drop him.

Anonymous 82108

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
If you're a 3, he's prolly doing you a huge favor. You might want to keep him. He might even like you for your personality or some fairytale shit.

Anonymous 82111



Anonymous 82116

sir, pls

Anonymous 82138

On the bright side
>dates you because your personality is more important than your looks
>more attracted to you now than at the start of your relationship
>is open and honest about his feelings

Anonymous 82150

I worry about some of you.

Anonymous 82191

or he's lying out his ass and negging her (and doing more that we don't know of) to keep her from leaving.

abusive men LOVE to trick women into thinking they're doing them a favor by being with them. it's catnip to these XYs.

also, porn. it makes men think of their wives and girlfriends as less attractive. he could have an addiction to it, which could be driving this.

OP please reconsider your relationship

Anonymous 82200

Based take
Instead of learning to try and impress people learn because you want to. There lies the root of your problem. Learn about subjects you like, don't read up on something just to have an intellectually dick measuring contest with your bf. Its kind of pathetic.
Both you and your bf need an ego check and need to humble yourselves. Your bf doesn't sound like he knows much either and is just trying to 1up you.

Anonymous 82201

>we got in an argument because i was jealous of the attraction he clearly has towards other girls but not me
Well lol
He isn't attracted to you at all? No relationship is sustainable that way. Even if you're an ugly ducklimg, people tend to become more attractive to people when they fall in love. Him not being attracted to you whatsoever is a bad sign.
His honesty isn't necessarily a bad sign either, but when he comes at you because you're mad about something perfectly reasonable and says "Yeah well its your fault for being ugly" then he is a dick.
Drop him.

Anonymous 82203

The issue is exactly that he thinks so lowly of her appearance. Would you rather she never knew what her boyfriend truly thinks of her?

That's only in theory. In reality, most women want to be found attractive by their boyfriends. And it's very hard to find a guy who genuinely loves you for your personality only and truly doesn't care about appearance. Sooner or later most of them get fed up with dating somenone they don't find physically attractive and dump them for a prettier (in their eyes) girl.

Anonymous 82208

>will be living on a boat for half a year
>bf asks 'uhm will you wax yourself, or come on land to get it done?'
>laugh in his face and say of course not, I'm not about to do all that, he can handle some hair
>he gets pissed

What a joke, jesus christ, giving me second thoughts about everything.

Anonymous 82210

samefag but we'll be on the boat together btw, so he'll be as crusty musty dusty as me but the standards are clearly very different. seething tbh.

Anonymous 82212

idk anon but if it were me I'd question him directly why he expects different standards for me vs him and when his answer is inevitably shitty…well, he can go on this boat by his hairy ass self alone

Anonymous 82219

>Would you rather she never knew what her boyfriend truly thinks of her?
Literally, yes. We all think some offensive things that we don't say. Love is a complicated thing but relationships require that we simplify it when we express it, we don't casually say things like "I only feel half in love with you today" as we're saying goodbye when we leave for work. Anyone who does that is retarded, terrible partner, and probably belongs in an institution.

Anonymous 82227

>look how much I know, I am spitting fax, do you think I am smart now? I am literally an expert
However you are right in the sense that while encryption isn't unbreakable, its likely that if he took extra steps to protectbhis info some random 4channer probably wouldn't have been able to break it.
However "Just be safe about your privacy bro" is a lot to ask people on the modern world who are largely technologically illiterate and put blind faith in companies. Especially a retard like Hunter Biden.
Do YOU keep your information safe? I'm guessing no and you just wanted to sound smart. Hindsight is always 20/20 redditard

Anonymous 82229

This. Not one person in the scenario or in this thread has contested the "he should have been safer lmao" claim, should make the point.

Anonymous 82314

please everyone stop having boyfriends why are you not lesbians

Anonymous 82328

Men cannot love an ugly woman though so it’s a catch 22.

Anonymous 82340


how do i make this stop my bf ignored me when HE INVITED me to come along with his friends? such scrote behaviour. he wants me to be around to make him look better. then he gets resentful that i am not being an overly energetic social butterfly or someshit, and starts attention seeking from the friends, and only talk about unrelatable, boring, moid topics. i can't even get a word in to change the subject. it is SO fucking draining, embarrassing, and dehumanizing that last time this happened i told him i am not feeling well, and left. he acts so fucking cringe around people at parties. he almost constantly has to make the topic about himself, in a forced, self deprecating way. if he wasn't so cringe about it, i wouldn't mind being the trophy wife or whatever, but he is socially awkward as fuck. his vibe is picrel expect more desperate and sad about it. i don't know what the fuck he expects. if he fails to introduce me properly and give me space to talk or get questions asked (he interrupts and answers instead of me) i could actually make him look better, etc. but he is way too autistic to recognize that.

Anonymous 82342

Idk about you but my bf prefers that I shave so I make it very clear that I also prefer him with shaved balls, armpits, etc and will refuse put my mouth near it if it's bushy.

Anonymous 82350

do you realize how creepy these types of statements are?

Anonymous 82355

Yeah thats the issue, I don't care if he's shaved. In fact I kind of hate the 5 oclock stubble after shaving, so I have no leg to stand on in this. I just find it surreal that he's so pornbrained that he'd rather i go through all that bullshit while we're AT SEA just so he doesn't have to deal with 'ew yucky pubes', it feels like I'm dating a 15 year old.

Anonymous 82359

I really don't think this is normal girly. You should really start demanding something in exchange. Why do you wax? Do you prefer that? Then you should demand that he waxes too so you don't have to deal with the stubble.

Anonymous 82360

I wax because otherwise he won't go down on me. I don't like the prepubecent look, on myself or others, so I'm not about to demand he waxes just to prove a point. Either way, I know it's a cunted situation, he's also weird about periods… It's becoming clearer that I'm unfortunately dating a manchild.

Anonymous 82362

I mean you really should tho. This man makes these demands because you accept them. You accept to wax so the baby isn't grossed out by the pubes. But he can't do the same for you.
You should at least demand it to see if he is willing to go through with it or if he is just selfish and only wants to have his way. It doesn't have to be the pubes, you can ask him to WAX his face/legs/armpits. I'm not about to tell you to leave him because I know it's more complicated than that, but those are pretty bad red flags.

Anonymous 82363

girl i know. and I'm only digging myself in deeper via this boat shit. Anyway, much to think about. Thanks for the chance to vent.

Anonymous 82369

That's pretty fucked up. I can't believe that just shaving wouldn't be enough for him at that point, it's hard to even keep your ass clean on a boat.

Anonymous 82379

I'm sorry, nona. In general I don't think it's healthy in a relationship to compromise on your own body. If you don't feel comfortable with shaving and he cannot accept it, it might be a dealbreaker imo.

Anonymous 82553

kakashi blush.png

BITCHES ITS FINALLY HAPPENING! I got approved for an apartment and I will be leaving my manchild on saturday!!! already hired a mover and a professional is coming over to help us sort out the lease. honestly this thread was a big help in giving me the strength to stick up for myself. im a degen but i dont deserve to be treated badly.im so excited to live alone again and do whatever i want whenever i want. thank you nonas.

Anonymous 82554

I'm glad!

Anonymous 82555

Make him shave his balls or you won't suck his dick then

Anonymous 82566


Good for you, enjoy your new freedom!

Anonymous 82578

I wish I could have seen his face when he realized he lost a great girl because he couldn't deal with a few hair.

Anonymous 82585

wrong nona, i am the one with the full time worker bf that is making me pick up all the slack. i had to wake up at 6 this morning and make him his lunch and coffee cus he woke up late for work again

Anonymous 82828

holy shit dont listen to those retarded fat pickmeishas who are whining about you offending him even though you clearly already listened to them and this was 3 months ago but
>ive worked so hard to get him to X weight
stop right there. take off your codependent panties and then re read your post with clear eyes

Anonymous 82832

i hate my bf because he's gay

Anonymous 82840

He admitted he never found me attractive until he started to fall in love with me.

Anonymous 82850

Actually gay, as in only attracted to men? That's fucked up nona. How did you find out?
Drop him. There is no reason he would let you know this unless he wanted to hurt you.

Anonymous 82922


Whenever I have a problem, I find that I can switch the genders around and post it on Reddit or fourchan. It's kind of silly but I like to see them apply the same standards. I think it's pretty smart.

Anonymous 82929

>dating moids
>dating moids you severely resent
seek help heterosisters

Anonymous 82961

no. amber is the clearest case of borderline personality disorder i've ever seen

Anonymous 82962

And where was Depps psychiatric evaluation? We already know he’s a drug addict and alcoholic with anger issues and ED. Impotent men are also more likely to be violent, especially sexually.

Anonymous 82972

I hate my bf because he said he wants to choke me, and that he could easily kill me.
I'm sad.

Anonymous 82976

wtf happened with the vent thread

Anonymous 82978

Yeah I've been wondering that too.

Anonymous 82979

Lmao I hope this is bait

Anonymous 82980

It's actually not

Anonymous 82984

so fucking break up with him. you made the other thread about a tall bf, right?

Anonymous 83001

Are you the one who made the other thread?

Anonymous 83464


just started a huge fight and broke up with my boyfriend over a walrus. But honestly I don’t wanna date someone who thinks an animal should be euthanized because they could of hurt a tourist or someone who plays devil’s advocate for that kind of shit. It’s gross.

Anonymous 83465

are you a vegan?

Anonymous 83466

Cattle and endangered animals are completely different. Also killing an animal for meat and killing an animal because it’s too costly to move is also much different.

Anonymous 83469

Yes. The "are you a vegan" argument is always retarded. As if eating animals, which is what we are evolved to do in a sustainable way, somehow justifies all sorts of animal cruelty. What sort of beastly savage thinks like that?

Anonymous 83473

How is it cruelty to painlessly kill a walrus to prevent injury to people but not cruelty to breed pigs to eat them?

Anonymous 83501

Because again their endangered and should be protected at all costs. She could have been moved to a sanctuary. With the melting ice caps we’re gonna see these animals pop up in unusual places more and more and we need to learn to coexist with them. Pigs are not endangered and if anything wild bores are actually bad for the environment, they’re an invasive species. Animals like pigs,cows, chickens,ducks have been cultivated and bred by humans. Even so there’s still a certain amount of respect these animals deserve even if we do eat them. They should be well taken care of and given room to move. Factory farming is not okay. Just because you eat meat doesn’t mean you wanna see an animal suffer.

Anonymous 83553

>Because again their endangered and should be protected at all costs
So it's just because they're a vulnerable species. From your first post it seemed like you didn't want to euthanize any animals as a preventive safety measure.

Anonymous 83555

tell him "I guess I find you equally as attractive/would rate you the same" to see his reaction next time

Anonymous 83570

>walking with my bf
>not talking just walking so I put on my headphones
>he seems annoyed that I do this, ignore him
>we reach our destination
>i walk towards the entrance but suddenly he puts a hand on my face, waving it
>I turn off the music and ask him what is it
>he responds in a very rude annoyed tone
Seriously what’s his problem? Why is he so fucking needy? Can’t I listen to music in peace?

Anonymous 83577

why don't men have any self control when they feel insecure or moody lol. could have just told you that he'd like to talk to you

Anonymous 83578

Personally, I think he should have broken up with you immediately.

Anonymous 83580

then he'd kill himself from loneliness cause men have 0 options

Anonymous 83582

>i am inconsiderate and i date needy people why bad thing happen

Anonymous 83587

If tourists go near dangerous animals when their not suppose to, it’s not on the animal. You can be fined in some places for trying to touch wild animals. As it should be. No animals shouldn’t be euthanized for safety measures because other steps should be taken before hand . Are you like literally brain dead or something?

Anonymous 83593

bf hate thread?
i hate literally everything about mine lol

>porn addict

>ruined my mental health and image of men
>poor hygiene
>doesn't care about my feelings
>over 10 years older than me
>makes me spend 75% of my income on rent

only reason i'm still with him is because we have a child and i can't afford to live on my own. i sleep upstairs while he sleeps on the couch lol

Anonymous 83594

It was a cheat week.

Anonymous 83596

That was the fake page to punish you for snooping in his journal.
>it's fine to go through their phone/journal
This is why they do that.

Anonymous 83601

I pray for you nona… I wish I could take your pain away.

Anonymous 83603

I can’t with you nonas. I really can’t.

Anonymous 83916

Honestly stay with him. You're both terrible and dishonest people, keep eachother busy and away from the sane dating population.

Anonymous 83917

Story on how you ended up with this retards spawn?
You need to find a way to be financially independant so you get gtfo, not just for your sake but for your child's sake. Having parents who hate eachother but "stay together for the kids <3" absolutely ruins their perspective on marriage, relationships, handling conflict etc. and you're setting your kid up for failure witnessing all of that.

Anonymous 83918

Oh yeah and of course having an abusive dad fucks you up too. Watching him abuse you us bad enough but if he abuses you, why wouldn't he start doing the same to your kid?

Anonymous 83923

1)walruses are not known to attack people randomly in the wild, unlike polar bears for example. I love polar bears and find it very sad when it happens, but I understand why they are killed when found near human populations.
2) Humans were the ones ignoring the safety rules and putting themselves in potential danger. It isn't fair to approach a wild animal, make it feel safe around humans, and then make it pay the ultimate price because you ignore your own safety.
3) Like the other anon said, there were other options, and the species is endangered.
Bottomline: killing animals is not okay when there are equally good alternatives. This is not the case for food, as we are animals who evolved to eat meat and are optimally healthy with it.

Anonymous 83938

Imo you should not euthanize any wild animals for humans' safety. The environment and ecosystem looses more from them dying than from them killing a few of the 8 billion humans. Transfer/relocation is the only option.
I recently read news about how tigers in some south east asian county hunted some people, and when they did this the rule was to capture and relocate them. These are tigers that ALREADY killed humans, and yet they are not killed.

Killing the walrus was pure lazyness/entitlement. Honestly it even sounds like the moid did it out of spite because people weren't listening to him.

Anonymous 84372


This is bizarre as fuck, is he otherwise this wierd?

Anonymous 84407

asks bf to use $70 of my own money
tells me no because he has to pay $1200 in registration fees for his car
Throw a fit because I need to replace some of my beauty stuff
sits there and goes to bed because I don’t appreciate what he does for me and he buys me things all the time blah blah.
I literally stopped asking him for things because he’d throw it in my face. Like he bought birthday presents and threw that in my face.
But in the last month I have bought him a video game which he didn’t ask if he could use my money he just did. Bought him a vape cartridge which he freaked out on me about, pulled out my money so we could go out together, paid for groceries and gas. Which I don’t mind doing but if I wanna use my money for soemthing I need them I should be able to.

Anonymous 84409

And what makes me the most mad. Is that he gave me the silent treatment while I begged him to stop and said it wasn’t a big deal. Which I literally did while crying because I hate the silent treatment. I shouldn’t even have to ask to use my own money, I should have just used it.

Anonymous 84411

this is why you do not choose LVM

Anonymous 84446

To those who suggested disorders, >>77410 was right. He admitted he'd lived with Major Depression since he was 13 and only avoided suicide because his young extended family came to rely on him as a father figure and developed coping mechanisms to live around. When I told him I was pregnant, he didn't want to tell me about his mental illness in case I refused to move in with him. He saw himself as completely worthless and felt providing for me and his child was all he could ever be good for. I didn't realise it until I forced him to talk about it, but he really did completely loathe himself, and while he knew he had to live to ensure his child's welfare, he felt killing himself would be doing everyone around him a favour.

Amending this since he started taking SSRIs:
He still mutters if I upset his daily schedule by doing more than my fair share, but keeps it to himself and spends the extra time doing something for the baby instead.

He now believes that I do want him to touch me and that I'm not secretly repulsed by him, so I can guarantee at least some handholding, a hug and a few kisses throughout the day. Since he came off medication, we even have regular sex.

He still is able to just ignore cold, heat, exhaustion, hunger and thirst, but at least has stopped doing overtly dangerous and life-threatening things for the sake of expedience; presumably because he doesn't want to die anymore and would quite like to see his daughter grow up, instead of being electrocuted because it saved 30 seconds and $0.02 in tape.

He still wears things out and fixes them until they fall apart, but agreed to buy a new generation of "maternity clothing" and get rid of the fucking office chair with the jagged steel jutting out at floor level and choking hazard strips of pleather dangling off it.

He's a very weird person in general, but the weird stuff makes it more fun to live with him.

Anonymous 84494

>dating moids who use porn

Anonymous 84544


god finally
not hate posting annoyed posting

>have sex with bf

>uses condom and halfway takes it off because "he doesn't feel it" with it on
>takes it off and leaves it somewhere random
>doesn't throw it away and leaves used condom for me to find the next day
>tell him multiple times to pick it up and throw it in the trash
>doesnt listen and keeps doing it
>what is the fucking point
Stupid fucking idiot

Anonymous 84658

Girl since he spends 75% on rent, take the child, leave him with nothing and get the fuck away from that shit

Anonymous 84659

They all do. Some just hide it better.

Anonymous 85142

>ex bf hate
>ex bf is a boring loser with shit tastes. all he does is program and listen to dnb
>meets me, i culture him, show him cool music and movies and crack a bunch of jokes etc.
>he dumps and ghosts me and continues to show off all the cool shit I've shown him as if he was into it this entire time and people think he's cool now
>pretends I never existed

my first bf was sort of like this and he eventually monkeybranched from me. It took me 2 years to emotionally recover. now he's a meth addict though so there was a happy ending

Anonymous 85192

probably not but he could have been an "angel" and still deserved it for what he said about Roman Polanski.

Anonymous 85657

Amber didn’t need to be a perfect victim to have my respect and belief in her. If she killed Johnny Depp I would have respected her even more.

Anonymous 85667

he 1000% did push her. didn't he put a bottle up her ass or something? it's weird because she seemed pretty rich herself and hot enough to get with any other celebrity so why waste herself on johnny depp
agreed. the only reason people hate her so much is that she's a DV victim who actually bothered fighting back

Anonymous 85685

His fans paid like 3K to get a court dossier leaked and it turned up lots of dirt on him, for instance the phone call that was heavily edited and had parts omitted where he admits to abusing her, the fact they went to couples therapy and Amber told the therapist Johnny physically abused her and Johnny did not object to her saying this, the fact Depp has ED and men with ED are more likely to be sexually violent towards women and use foreign objects to penetrate women when abusing them etc

Anonymous 85853

bf randomly throws tantrums over seemingly insignificant stuff or even over nothing
we were talking on the phone and having a nice convo like usual and all of a sudden he went silent and when I'd say anything he'd respond to me with one word responses sounding irritated when I didn't even say anything wrong to begin with
now I tried asking him what's upset him and he says nothings wrong or that he's fine but then gives me the silent treatment and still keeps his status set to online so that I know he's talking to others and ignoring me
his family told me he's been like this his entire life with these annoying meltdowns, it's like dealing with a toddler with no emotional regulation

Anonymous 85879

Me and your bf are a lot alike, small stuff makes me mad and it eats at me, and I blow it out of proportion. He probably also enjoys fighting, or maybe not "enjoys" it but it's all he's known his whole life so he subconsciously turns back to it, or maybe not fighting itself but just anger and misery and that's how he maintains his "anger and misery" state.

Anonymous 85880

or he might be BPD and testing you. So many possibilities

Anonymous 85888

this seems a little convoluted. sounds more like you and >>85853's bf just have trust issues that manifest in being skeptical (and consequently angry) about people's thoughts and intentions

Anonymous 85918

well this particular tantrum we were having a regular convo - he seemed in a good mood and he asked me what's been going on/what I'm up to lately and I was telling him about how I reported a confirmed cp-spamming pedo to the pedos local authorities and that seemed to be what made my bf mad, he said something about me being "obsessed" and started acting all rude after that
now I feel really bad, what's wrong with me reporting a pedo to proper law enforcement? he hasn't talked to me since just after the call, did I do something wrong? I don't understand what set him off… should I not have reported the pedo or something? why is he being like this to me? :(

Anonymous 85922

why would he be mad after you reported a literal pedophile? It's strange he's acting so defensive.
In my experience men who get mad after other men get exposed for being freaks see themselves in them so they feel as if they've been personally attacked. I wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous 85928

it weirds me out since he's always talking about how much he wants kids of his own and how he loves working with kids (he had a job as a teacher for a bit) so if he loves kids shouldn't he have been happy I got a pedo in trouble with the law? idk I'm going to wait until I hear from him before jumping to any conclusions, usually when he's mad like this it doesn't last more than a day or two…

Anonymous 85930

Trust your intuition. If it weirds you out there's a reason why. A man who claims he loves children then turns around and gets mad because you reported a cp spammer isn't trustworthy.

Anonymous 85931

uhhh that’s pretty concerning on his end

Anonymous 85936

That's really suspicious and weird, does he get mad about that kind of stuff often?

Anonymous 85937

I really love him and don't want to break up with him, I hope he has a logical reason why he got mad over it… idk I can be annoying because of my autism so maybe he's tired of hearing about me ranting about this… he still hasn't talked to me today yet either
no I rant a lot about troons being pedos/rapists and stuff like that, he's gotten tired of hearing about it over the years since I do sperg about it a bit too much honestly, but he's never gotten this mad about this kind of stuff before

Anonymous 85973

same anon he's been online all day and I tried messaging him once more and he ignored it, he's making me really upset I hope tomorrow he talks to me and explains what he's mad about

Anonymous 86228

Holy that's a nightmare. Sorry Nona you have to go through this. Why do you continue to be with him?

Anonymous 86233

He treats me like a child and brushes off my concerns. Ex. If I go on rant about how certain movie didn't get nuances of a culture right, he'll be "it's a stupid movie then".

Too outgoing and extroverted. Going out with him is tiring because he always runs into someone he knows whenever we go out. He talks with random people and befriends them.

I don't think he actually loves the way I look even if he says otherwise. I snooped around and found photos of his exes and I look worse. He has tendancies of lying to people to make them feel better.

Anonymous 86335

>shaving for a moid while letting him get away with not doing it

Anonymous 86338

stop having sex with him if he doesnt comply

Anonymous 86358

yeah you're 100% in the wrong here. why would you agree to go for a walk if ur not even gonna consciously be there? just enjoy the silence and scenery
if you hate him that much then leave him

if my bf did what you did i would fucking explode

Anonymous 86396

i'd be pretty pissed too. it'd be one thing if you agreed to go on a walk together but keep to yourselves but it seems like he had the expectation that they were going to interact and spend some quality time together.

Anonymous 86416

wasted over a year endlessly listening to a man complain about how much of a victim he is. can't believe i fell for him. it's like one day it finally clicked in my mind that i couldn't take it anymore. almost every day he brings up how mommy and daddy didn't love him. fucking hell. my family isn't great to me either so i started out sympathetic but… FUCKING HELL. a few days ago i mentioned that i was hanging out with someone else and he started victimizing himself by implying that i'm 'hiding' shit from him. that was the last straw. i think i had a nervous breakdown, i was about to kill myself due to the realization that i lost so much by being my boyfriend's personal therapist. and of course he got all high and mighty about how i was 'manipulating' him because i was crying and openly being angry (something i never did before to avoid triggering his fee fees).

Anonymous 86424

because I have an insane amount of patience and other than his (somewhat infrequent) tantrums he's been good to me

Anonymous 86426

wait how do you ignore someone you're fucking in the face and come down their throat?

Anonymous 86431

lolwow imagine being this dumb
not about that scrote

Anonymous 86440

Not all quality time is spent talking. Is was seriously not that big of a deal but I see why hes pissed

Anonymous 86501

And this is why you never give moids what they want so that they never have power over you

Anonymous 86502

I love that movie but every moid in it is an annoying dickhead.
>Steff: stalker asshole bully snob
>Duckie: gay orbiter incel who won’t fuck off
>Blane: manipulative pussy ‘nice guy’

Anonymous 86503

I wish I had a crystal cafe bff to binge watch 80s and 90s movies with

Anonymous 87184


I just got my first e-bf yesterday, but now he’s ignoring me. This doesn’t feel like love at all. I wish he liked me enough to talk to me. Should I send him nudes or block him?

Anonymous 87187

this is actually the pretty standard bf experience. if you're not into intermittent reinforcement from a moid who's beneath you you should probably avoid dating moids altogether.
this sounds so comfy. too bad my self concept hinges on being the sort of person who doesn't use anonymous sites to get involved in discord stuff
>takes forever I was the one to initate
This is where you went wrong nona. Never, ever, ever initiate with moids. If they really were into you they'd get over their pussy tendencies and just initiate. It's in their nature. If it's any consolation, I often soothe myself with the thought of my ex killing himself, so you're not alone in that regard.

Anonymous 87188

Kids these days… Some guys like e-relationships because it's low effort and they can ghost you when they get tired of you. Date real guys if you really want to. Don't get fake internet boyfriends.

Anonymous 87189


I can’t get a bf irl because I’m ugly. I’m a 25 year old virgin. He told me he wanted to meet one day, but he doesn’t know what I look like. Is it really hopeless then? I should have known. I’m just a desperate loser after all. I don’t know why I bother.

Anonymous 87201

My boyfriend and I are on a short break while he tries to fix his life. Honestly? I don't fully trust that he won't just abandon me. It's been 6 miserable days of feeling low. I've had time to reflect on our relationship ship and my feelings have changed towards him. I can't tell if it's just my mind saying I don't need him because I'm scared or if this is genuine. He's just so distant for the past month because of his depression. God, I know this is going to sound so mentally ill, but the last year has been so hard with him never having time for me or feeling like all the affection is one sided. I've slowly built resentment and the distancing is testing me

Anonymous 87202

you wont get any dates talking about yourself and your life like that. you might have to go outside of your comfort zone, but it's going to be exponentially more difficult if you don't have at least a little faith in yourself. i've seen some ugly women with attractive men, and i've seen the opposite. nothing is impossible nona especially if you value yourself and put your happiness above anything others can offer you.

Anonymous 87213

if he's damaging your cars I'm hoping he paid you back for the damages or is buying you a new car nona :))))
tell him you're game to wax if you make it a party and you can wax him too so you can match. BTW getting on a boat wtih a manchild is literally suicidal, praying for you
it's not quality time if you're on your phone or with earbuds in.

Anonymous 87215


>>I want to bash his head in. I didn’t nag him I asked for help and if you knew I was gonna say something. WHY WOULDNT YOU TAKE IT OUT YOU FILTHY PIG.

Because he want's one to acknowledge his superior physical strength instead of acting like one is going to knife him.

Anonymous 87416

Posting about my ex. Doubt he'll ever read this, but in case he does, unlike him, I'm not afraid to be honest with myself about how I feel and tell others about it. It's been almost 2 years since I broke up with him. Long story short, I caught him secretly buying into a mutual friend's onlyfans after about two years of constant suspicion and anxiety towards him feeling something for her. He always denied it but I was right to be weary. He also snuck into my phone to see a picture of an acquaintance's ass on her spam account (who was only 15 too, yuck). The OF situation was the breaking point, but he was also high strung, generally dishonest, had a bit of an ego, and is very inhibited as a person. He let me believe I just had relationship OCD every time I saw signs and became reasonably concerned. Routinely made me feel burdensome, unwanted, annoying, "unfun". He's still in my life, but on the way out as he's soon moving into his new gfs place (he can focus on his "new life" now) and because he's been acting worse as a person/"friend" with every passing day. The breakup wasn't easy on him, binge drank for a while, was addicted to online dating (swipe swipe swipe), coped by saying shit like "I still see you being in my life for a long long time, we'll always be good friends, you're like a sister, etc." but I take every kind thing he does or says with a grain of salt. He makes sure to squeeze in some comment almost every time he talks to me about his girlfriend to show how much better she is than me ("oh you know she's so amazing, she's so healthy, she does x or y thing, I've never loved someone like this, etc."), things he knows are deep struggles in my life or insecurities. I feel like I'm watching him develop into a genuine narcissist as time goes on. I moved on quickly and have been much happier, fell in love again, but he constantly seems like he has something to prove with me, or mostly with himself. He's been using more possessive language, showing more blind arrogance rather than just confidence, speaking so surely about his strengths, going through cycles of being overly nice to grumpy/snappy. I've been brought to rage recently because of how he is acting. He and I have known each other since we were kids but for the first time in my life I feel like I don't know him anymore, like I can't fully respect, trust, or admire him. It's confusing because good moments trick the brain into thinking it's okay again, but he can't fool me anymore. He can fool himself all he wants, but not me. He's been insulting and passive aggressive. He'll basically be out of my life soon. It just feels like it is time. His karma is going to get him. Big egos carry even bigger secrets. He is scared I or our mutual friend will tell his girlfriend about what happened between the three of us. He knows it could all come crumbling down if she found out. I don't plan on telling her, but I warned him that holding onto that secret might weigh on him and come out in the heat of the moment one day. He was so sure it won't, despite that being almost the only way he knows how to express himself (blow ups and theatrics). He told me a reason he doesn't want to tell her is because he thinks "he's paid for his mistake enough," while I said "but I haven't." In summary, the past year or so he has been acting like a hypocritical dick to many people, even becoming the classic power-hungry frontman of his band, just like someone in his past he hates. Irony all around. The upside is all the turmoil and pain he's caused me make great fuel for creativity.

Anonymous 87427


I hope he dies, glad you got out

Anonymous 87428

its not mentally ill to want your partner to spend time with you and give you affection back. sorry but if hes saying hes treating you like that bc of "depression" hes gaslighting you. you dont deserve to be treated like that

Anonymous 87439

i'm dating a guy that i've made countless sacrifices for and have always stood beside him no matter what, and he went and sent flirty/sexual messages to his ugly troon ex a few months ago.

I hate admitting it but it's really fucked my head up. I do love him, i genuinely love him but living with the shame of being cheated on is fucking agonizing. I literally checked myself into therapy for it.

i can't find myself leaving the house as much anymore cause i'm so afraid he's gonna do something behind my back, even though he's been doing so much better and i really want a future with him, more than anything. He's trying and i never ever want to undermine or doubt his efforts.

But it's eating me alive and there's a tiny little part of me that's just telling me if he's done it once, it won't be the last time. But i don't want to believe it. I love him so much, i really just wish he understood how fucked up i am over it. I almost feel like it's ruined my life, therapy is helping but it's filled me with such a feeling of dread that i can't shake. I've completely lost my self esteem and my ability to trust. I wish it was different, i really hate it.

Anonymous 87442

He sounds gross. I physically felt my face muscles contort when reading your post. Please don't waste any more emotional energy on this human trash nona. Coomers are worse than dogs, and I sincerely wish that every man who spends money on simping on OF/streamers/porn has to face a life of complete inceldom and loneliness going forward.

Anonymous 87444

I want to feel bad for you nona but
>dating a moid who dated a troon
That is why we don't do that. Moids willing to fuck/date troons are always closet fags who think they can trick women into a relationship with them to keep up their "straight" appearances while they secretly jerk off to/fuck troons (or regular men, when they finally stop caring about lying to themselves).
Honestly, you should drop him. Any man who is low-tier enough to be in a relationship with a troon is not good enough for any woman. His actions show he doesn't value you as much as an ugly moid in drag. Do you accept that view?

Anonymous 87594

I'm in a similar relationship, he has the whole major depression & possible spectrum combo. Is it worth it? We haven't moved in yet so is it worth continuing?
(Also any tips for how to make this type of relationship work would be greatly appreciated)

Anonymous 87617


Anonymous 87638

why not just date someone else? or be alone?? you don't "have" to date him just because he is "nice"

Anonymous 87641

1. leave him
2. get a retraining order if you have to
3. get therapy (sounds like you'll need it)
… learn to have healthy relationships because you sound like someone who gets taken advantage of by shitty people. guard yourself better.

Anonymous 87654

I pretty much hated my ex the entire 6 years we dated. It's been 3 months since I moved out from hell (aka our apartment) and almost 4 weeks since I broke up with him. He's extremely smart and I admittedly learned a lot from him and was redpilled by him and his friends, so it wasn't a total waste of time, but he
>smashed a beer bottle on my apartment steps
>tossed my cat against a wall
>punched and cracked the mirror in our first apartment
I had to buy a replacement cabinet and a cordless drill and teach myself how to use it because of that because of course he didn't help lmao
>tried to choke me out on two different occasions when I got too drunk
>bought me a TV and then smashed it a couple years later because his friend said something he didn't like
>abused Adderall and would cry literally every single day
>held me hostage daily to complain about every single person in his life and his extensive list of health issues and how women are more valued and taken better care of in society than men (kind of true but that shit got old fast)
>acted like a 5-year-old when we got together with his family and would sit there silently and not talk or throw a temper tantrum, even the first time I met them, not giving a shit that it was extremely awkward and uncomfortable for me
>blamed me for his Adderall abuse and then got mad when I blamed him for my alcohol abuse
>wanted to sign us up for FetLife one of the last times we were intimate together so we could arrange an FFM threesome even though he was too messed up on pills or whatever to simply fuck me properly for most of our relationship

I wasn't perfect either but I never put my hands on him or his things. Ffs I'm so glad I'm out, we were completely toxic and somehow he doesn't see that. He wants to get together to "talk" this week, I know it'll probably just be him talking at me and me sitting there being demure just like the majority of our relationship. I wish we could just jump to the part where we're friends or just never speaking to each other again. I'm honestly considering just ghosting him but he'll hate me forever if I do that and the horrible people-pleasing side of me is struggling with that. I could show him the above list if he really wants closure on the reasons I left but I don't want to hear the whole "You were just as horrible and here's why" from him. I really just don't care.

Anonymous 87773

Thanks, I'm glad I got out too. The way I found out what he did was horrible in the moment but really funny/ironic in retrospect. He and I were talking about moving out together, budgeting, finances, etc. when he decided to pull up his bank statements online. I just barely managed to catch a glimpse at the one tiny entry in the long list as he scrolled down that said "onlyfans". I felt blessed by some angel of probability that day. I asked him immediately and he lied initially, saying it "was just Belle Delphine's" (like that's much better) which I knew was a lie. I didn't say anything, just went into some weird autopilot state where I took a shower. I cried, I was angry, I knew, but it wasn't the same as the sorrow and insecurity and anger that I had before, all that time. Something finally seemed to lift. I felt relief. I felt vindicated. I came out and he admitted to what he did without me asking. And I just let him have it. Around 2 years of anxiety and wrath built up for that exact moment. I admit I didn't break up with him immediately. It wasn't easy. I gave him my trust, my whole heart. I thought I was going to marry him, the whole nine yards. I'm too retarded to handle sudden change. I knew I was going to end it, but needed time, so I stayed saying "I'll try to make it work" which I suppose was my big lie in the relationship.

Anonymous 87776

I'm >>87416
Please trust me when I say someone who is willing to do that is way worse as a person and partner than you could ever expect. He will not change. He will not get better. If you don't believe me, read those last two lines again and again until you either cry or scream, because the truth will either hurt now or later.

My ex was my high school sweetheart. We had been friends since 13. I was convinced he was the one. That the stars foretold it. Everything. But now that the filter is gone, now that I've grieved, moved on, and let go of him, I can state with a lifetime of confidence that he is just a gross, selfish person who has not had to struggle or fight for anything in his life, who thinks he can look down on anyone who is having a hard time because he doesn't understand what it's like, because he's had everything handed to him. He let me believe I was crazy and anxious our entire relationship for being suspicious of what was there. I could fill a book with all the instances of him leaving me and blaming it on my sadness, my problems. He looked down on me the entire time we were together but was such a repressed liar he couldn't admit it to himself, let alone me, let alone end it. He's a scared little boy humping a teddy bear. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is convinced he is a "good person" but he absolutely is not. After things ended, as time went on, his morals left him. Many times. Nothing too extreme, but still telling. Eventually he would make passive aggressive remarks and "jokes" (heavy quotation) mocking me as a person, putting me down, insulting my intelligence, memory, humor, body, health, current relationship, everything. He's been showing blatant entitlement and a lack of consideration for others.

Your partner for whatever reason does not have the moral or emotional faculties to not do the wrong thing here. It is not your fault. But it is your fault if you stay and let him do it again. Or surprise you with something worse. This is not hyperbole. This is real life. As scary as it is, really imagine in detail standing tall and casting him out of your life and moving on with the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual space to grow into your potential. He will only hold you back.

Anonymous 87779

Thank you for the empathy. I am finally feeling those last cords to him be severed. I think his ego is so big he doesn't even realize how many in his life feel differently about him. I think he expects I will always come running back to him in some way. That others "need him" (he even has a song talking about how he's the one everyone relies on, which is not really true - if anything, I found our mutual friends would more often come to me). He's one of those types to think he's so high and mighty and good because he's begrudgingly or poorly "helped" people out in the past. I give because the world is ever giving and I am of the world. My heart never tires of it. I may grow tired in body or emotional overwhelm empathizing with many loved ones suffering around me, but the giving was never hard. Having him just give was like pulling teeth. His repressed perversions probably haunt him more than they haunt me. One of the last times I saw him I went to laugh about some random thing he did in the past, but he misheard me and assumed I was saying something about his character and the way he is with women, which was a tangent that surprised me and not related at all to what I had started to say. He stopped himself when I was like "what the fuck are you talking about haha". He realized, tried to laugh it off, and said it was his guilt speaking. I fear for his current girlfriend but it's not my karma. If he fucks up, she'll be even more of a lesson. Coomers/simps do not have my respect at all. My ex was the final nail in the coffin for me becoming anti-porn and outspoken about the qualms I have with the way men and their perversions are catered to and excused constantly. The dynamic in my last relationship was a microcosm of the larger issues between women and men. It is the same for everyone else posting in this thread.

Anonymous 87963

I sort of don't understand the concept of a "break", and I think there's a good chance that the two parties involved in one have a different understanding of what it means.

Anonymous 87964

Porn ruined an entire generation of men. They’re absolutely irretrievable.

Anonymous 87978

Honestly you're not that wrong, it's far more complex than that but the acceptance of any type of porn over the past 50 years has really been apparent. Not saying oh hey lets go back to the 1950s just that there is a ridiculous amount of people who just do not even have any shame about their own naked bodies in the slightest, and that always was the case in some ways but now it's like exponentially more people.
Degen is becoming too normie is what I essentially mean.

Anonymous 87982


I shouldn't have laughed because you're obviously a bitter af scrote but I still did.

Anonymous 87983

>asks bf to use $70 of my own money
why would you need to ask him to buy something? Sounds like hes very manipulative if you feel the need to do that

Anonymous 87991

kill yourself on livestream or gtfo scrote

Anonymous 87996

Just realized I’ve never dumped or ghosted a guy because I always end up feeling too sorry for them.

Any nonas have be advice on how to stop being a pushover and dump men without feeling pity for them?

Anonymous 87997

Get hurt by them kek

Anonymous 87999

My once nice bf is starting to show psychopath tendencies now and I’m scared.

Anonymous 88000

leave, block, delete ASAP

Anonymous 88002

Yes. It does hurt and it does make you sad. It makes me sad to be mean to moids. I actually don't really like it. But you have to set strong boundaries. Guys do this thing where they'll fake SO MUCH woe is me crap. Their woe is me lies can be bottomless. You never fall for that crap. You take care of you or no one else will

Anonymous 88003

Last time I tried to dump a guy he faked that he was gonna commit suicide and manipulated me into staying with him because I pitied him. He still ended up cheating on and ghosting me a few months later.

Anonymous 88004

> You take care of you or no one else will
I love this btw. Thank you.

Anonymous 88005

They would not do the same for you. Give people as much as they would be willing to give you back.

Anonymous 88273

Anytime I try to talk about anything existential or deep with my bf he immediately tries to shut the conversation down and says he doesn’t want to hear about it. He doesn’t care about concepts or ideas, he only cares about the material and the present. Which is fine, but it makes me feel so unfulfilled knowing that I can’t even discuss deeper more meaningful things with my own partner. The way he shuts down the conversation isn’t even polite either, he’ll literally just tell me to shut up and stop talking about it. He also likes to tell me I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about and that I’ve probably got it all wrong. Even if I know about and have researched the topic far more than he has. It’s really suffocating at times.

Anonymous 88275

My ex did that too and then gave me less and less of his time, men that are materialistic are not worth it, ever.

Anonymous 88278

What did he do?

Anonymous 88282

My boyfriend put another bowl in our wall. I’m so sick of his temper. It’s so childish to break things when your upset. I really fucking hate it. But I don’t wanna lecture him about because he’s already in such a bad mood. I don’t wanna make it worse. Not cause I’m like scared of him just cause I don’t wanna add to his stress. But I’m still really pissed about the wall.

Anonymous 88283

*hole not bowl

Anonymous 88284

And now he’s telling me he wants to kill him self. But he won’t let me comfort him, like he won’t let me touch him. It’s really really toxic. I can’t handle him telling me he wants to kill himself. Like what do I do with that information. He says it all the time. I’ve told him to go to therapy. It just worries me and makes me gut wrenchingly anxious. Anyways I’m not sleeping today because he told me he might kill himself before his work shift tonight. I have severe depression but I don’t put my suicidal thoughts on other people. I keep them to myself. I try to positive no matter what. I feel bad if I complain to people. Idk how he can actually put all of this on me. I wouldn’t do that to him.

Anonymous 88322

He keeps condescendingly explaining shit to me. Yesterday we played pool and he kept explaining what I was, in his opinion, doing wrong everytime I shot. "Now, what direction do you have to hit the ball from to get it in the hole?"
STFU asshole. He's not even good at it either and I fucking won the game.

He also does this shit when we go jogging. "Well, I'vE bEen pAyiNg atTenTiON To yOuR bReAThing aNd…" He's not particulary athletic, he just thinks he knows better than me about everything. When I tell him my throat hurts from open-mouthed panting for 10 minutes he actually goes and questions whether that's physically possible. Like I'm fucking lying about it or something. God.

Anonymous 88323


oh my god he sounds insufferable. males try not to be patronizing for 1 second challenge (impossible)

this reminds me of my ex who used to always explain to me why the music I liked wasn't good. I would excitedly show him a song that I liked and he would turn it off halfway through and rip the song/band apart using music theory terms that I didn't understand and dont care about.

Anonymous 88324

he sounds emotionally abusive and scary. punching walls and constantly threatening suicide is not okay, im sorry he makes you think thats normal. violent behavior in men is not something you have to accept.

Anonymous 88330

Things are stressful at home and there's no privacy so he wants to go out in the car, listen to nostalgic music, and drink until he passes out in the early afternoon. It's become an every night thing but I work full time and it's killing me. We had a huge fight about it last night.

Anonymous 88335

Men literally just think they know everything and it’s annoying as hell. I have to literally research things when having a conversation with my boyfriend because he has to be eighth. Even if I have the factual evidence that he’s wrong, he’ll still disagree with me and tell me to shut up.

Anonymous 88345



>clingy as fuck, won't leave me alone for two seconds

>insists I call him or wake him up if I wake up in the night
>gets offended if I want to go off and do my own thing like draw or listen to music
>Literally kisses me when I'm eating, smoking, talking
>Never fucking listens to anything I say
>probably hates women
>controlling af, tells me who I can and can't speak to, what I can wear, told me to get off 4chan lol
>sends me retarded ass text messages, constantly uses cringy emojis to get my attention
>Lied about self harming
>attempts to manipulate me into staying, uses the classic "I'm all you need!!" "You're lucky you have me" "other guys are shit!"

There's so much more but I can't even list them all here. He's so fucking clingy and ironically it pushes me away. The only reason I stay with him is because I'd be homeless otherwise, his family are lovely though.

Anonymous 88351

How do I get a bf like this?

Anonymous 88354

I used to feel like this too, I wanted a clingy boyfriend but actually dating one is annoying. I'm literally hiding in the bathroom so I can post to CC without him looking over my shoulder. I'm scared of being alone myself but this is too much. Anytime I wanna draw, listen to music, go on sites like this, watch TV, wear what I want I can't.

Anonymous 88362


ahh perfect little thread to vent.
my boyfriend is a sweet boy. that's all though. he's so fucking boring. i feel kinda bad saying that but.. i broke up with him about two weeks ago because i felt that we did not have enough in common. however, looking back, he cared a lot about me. and i want to be cared about. no one else does. so we got back together. but..he hardly speaks unless i initiate conversation. and even then, he doesn't have much to say. it's like he doesn't have opinions. i brought up something yesterday and he goes "i would've never thought about that. so it's cool you just think these things and are able to put ideas in my head that i'd never considered".. and it was ab rape victims cumming against their will. excuse the topic. but like fuck ok whatever i mentioned this to my friend and we had a back and forth conversation and then i.. hhh… he has nothing to add to anything EVER.. and when i'm away from him it is tempting to msg other ppl with active personality's because texting my bf is even worse. example rigHT NOW! me:"eating a bowl of peas" him: "incredible" me: "peas did nothing!! m still hungry hh" him:"idk anyone who eats a bowl of peas" me: "i do..theyre good" him:"idk". just uguguuugugfhhfhhhhh he brings almost nothing to the table. not to mention he literally will not initiate kissing/sex/cuddling. like fucKKK ughgthgh

Anonymous 88363

adding to this
he tries to make up for his lack of personality with shitty quirky bs like buying sematary merch or this shirt thats like "i want to KILL! this is not a JOKE! i am_addadadadad" unfunny shirt. and he had me go shopping for his apartments decor bc he hardly has preferences for anything. he didnt start dressing "well" until asking me what i like….he doesn't have any hobbies or interests he is passionate about either. mreaaaa

Anonymous 88393

is it possible he is simply waiting for you to make him into the moid-bot of your dreams? he sounds like he either would not care about you honing into what you desire or he would like you to simply make him into how you want.
of course, he will probably always wait on your cues for anything so you likely could not snap your fingers and make him be actually interesting but still. think about it. you might have a Build-A-Boytoy.

Anonymous 88396

No offense but are you both teenagers? Your boyfriend sounds like a typical teenage boy to me. I think your expectations of him are too high.

Anonymous 88403

And you think informing people that you're eating peas makes you a brilliant conversationalist?

Anonymous 88408

>Never fucking listens to anything I say
That's the worst, especially when combined with extreme clingy behavior. It makes it so clear you're nothing but a big ego-stroker for him and he doesn't even give a shit about you personally.

Anonymous 88409

Why the fuck he needs to know you are eating a bowl of peas
And what a person even should answer to that
What did you expect

Anonymous 88421

yeah but… i want a prebuilt one..
i dont know WHY you guys are so concerned about my peas text but like.. he said he was hungry so i told him i jst ate bowl peas nd was still hungry. honestly i was hoping he’d offer to go out nd eat or something like that. also it was just an in the moment example

Anonymous 88423

You must be 18 to post here.

Anonymous 88424



Anonymous 88426

i’m of age

Anonymous 88484

Men just automatically bash any music women like because all men hate women and women liking something means they immediately have to hate it in response. That’s how childish and contrarian moidmonkeys are.

Anonymous 88495


thats what ive realized. males only "respect" women artists/creatives if they have sex appeal. for example there are plenty of male Taylor Swift fans but its not because they appreciate the emotional aspects of her music of course, they just project their disgusting 'aryan trad wife' fantasy on her.

Anonymous 88509

Aand??? They're butthurt everything isn't a racist trailer trash misogynist dump. Most of all though, the only control they really have is over a person's mind. Men dont matter when they have no control over your mind. Their only victims are easy to manipulate or financially reliant.

Anonymous 88576


my boyfriend makes me feel stupid a lot. he’s not trying to, and he says he doesn’t think i am, and i know a lot of it is just me being insecure. the way he naturally is just doesn’t mesh well with my self esteem.
he likes explaining things to me that i already know (he probably does this to everyone, which makes me feel a little better), playing devils advocate (incredible that so many moids do this, he says he likes doing it because it’s important for peoples beliefs to be challenged), and seems to assume that what i say is wrong a lot (maybe not a lot, maybe i’m just perceiving it as a lot). a silly example, tonight we were walking outside and i said that the full moon was pretty, and he said “nah that’s not a full moon.” had to google search it to see if it was or not. (it is a full moon tonight!) on a separate occasion his roommate did the same thing to me, i said there was a full moon and he said Nah No Way even though it was. why am i not trusted with moon analyzing.
another time the cap to a spice broke, he was like FUCK this sucks, so i put foil on it and he said “that’s just not reasonable.” but it’s still there.. in the cupboard.. with a makeshift foil lid.. keeping it relatively fresh..
the one that pisses me off the most is that he ran out of sugar for a recipe so i said he could substitute honey, and he refused. THEN our male friend said he could substitute honey, so he did. i’ve talked to him about this and he gave a reasonable excuse to why he listened to him and not me (our friend was visiting from out of state for a week so he felt more pressured to listen to him, our friends a good cook, yadda yadda) but i was still irritated after. i’m visiting my bf from another country for a few months… i’m a good baker.. oh well. at least this is just a small issue i am dealing with.
i think he is really smart, but he doesn’t think he is. probably why he feels the need to challenge me so much. and he thinks i’m smart, but i don’t think i am, which is probably why i feel so offended by him all the time…
typing this out reminded me of a time we were in an airport and we didn’t know where to go for a taxi, and he started getting really annoyed and would barely speak to me and was just kind of having a temper tantrum. he seemed to be opposed to asking for help, but i went an asked someone and was immediately told the answer and we were saved. he was grumbling for a bit but later he apologized for his behaviour

Anonymous 88579

he may not be trying to, but hes still doing it over and over again. dont make excuses for him nona

Anonymous 88583

Fucking dump him and leave him in the dirt being single would be a million miles better than that.

Anonymous 88584

He's probably just pretending to do it accidentally. I would have ditched his ass from the beginning.

Anonymous 88585


He's obviously not gonna call you stupid to your face. He's showing you what he thinks of you through his actions, so listen to him. Don't let him think youre just being "too sensitive" that's classic moid manipulation right there.

Anonymous 88586

Not the miner you are replying to, but
"being too sensitive" sucks, I mean my head starts spinning after a little while of doing that.


What’s this from I vaguely recognize it

Anonymous 88595

Clear superiority complex, you're not imagining it.

Anonymous 88609

many reasons, no excuses… must hammer this into my brain

he has never said i'm too sensitive, but i suppose the other stuff may be true… do you think it's bad if a partner thinks you're a little dumb? if i actually am low iq haploid, i guess it's fine to think that, but maybe not treat me like he is… now i am remembering that he once told me his sisters compared him ben shapiro and they felt they couldn't speak to him without feeling they were being talked down to, so i guess i'm not alone in my feelings.

yes, i am glad you can relate, but also i am sorry, haha. i've been hypersensitive my entire life, it sucks so bad trying to figure out if you're being reasonable, sensitive, both.. the head spinning is real

that's what i've been thinking, thank you for reassuring me. it might help make calling out his behaviour a little easier.. i think it would also help if i gain confidence and became more self assured. it's easy to treat someone like they are dumb and useless if they act like it, i definitely need to work on that.. unless that will make him double down harder. so he needs to gain more confidence so he doesn't have this complex.. hmm.. well i have hope for the future so i will work hard and hope he does too

Anonymous 88620

Same anon as >>88345

My parents kicked me out, they cant deal with me because I have mental health issues. The only place I can go is obviously my boyfriends, so I'm living with him and his parents.

He now constantly calls me stupid, tells me to shut up, makes fun of me. It's horrible. He started acting embarrassing in town and I wanted to punch him. I can't leave either or I'd be homeless and I'm too scared to leave his family behind

Anonymous 88621

I know I’ll feel like shit after posting this but I just need to get it off my chest. I have no one to vent to. He loves me but just not in the way I need.

>I plan everything, all dates, even my own birthday which I paid for as well, all for him to scream at me in public during the activity I planned and ruin my 21st birthday. He knew it was important to me after my last 2 birthdays were spent crying alone because I kept shit people in my life. Didn’t even get me anything

>I do all the chores and he never tidies up unless I specifically ask him to and then he just makes a mess again
>Went through a period where he didn’t want to have sex and the constant rejection made me not attracted to him anymore. We only have sex when he initiates, I rarely come anymore, am always kind of uncomfortable and just want to get it over with but also want the intimacy
>Never wants to do anything together on his days off
>Doesn’t take care of himself physically
>Doesn’t want to get married, even though it’s an important commitment to me

Am kind of miserable. But less miserable than I would be without him. And to be honest, I’m too maladjusted to live the kind of life I want to without him.

Anonymous 88622

stay strong nona. I know you gotta do what you gotta do to survive, but never forget that you dont deserve to be treated that way.

Anonymous 88623


>do you think it's bad if a partner thinks you're a little dumb?
Maybe for some people its fine, but it seems like it (rightfully) bothers you a lot. Especially because in the instances you listed you were literally the more knowledgeable/reasonable one… so his judgement of you being dumb is unfair on top of being rude.

Anonymous 88625

from how you phrased this is shitty and he sounds like a spiteful person who is just using u for the time being
hard to say without getting more details
in general i think it's a bad idea to ask your partner to rate you and it's kind of insecure behavior
if you feel bad about your appearance you should try to improve it so you feel better about yourself overall

Anonymous 88628

Ot but this looks exactly like my rat that I had to re-home because I have a newborn in the NICU and wasn't able to care for my rats. I miss you mocha

Anonymous 88631

I hope your baby is doing okay now, you did what you had to do and Im sure mocha is in a good home <3

Anonymous 88721


Thank you! I'm going to try and leave him tonight, but he's already started with the guilt tripping. If I have to be homeless so be it, I'll still have college to go to, I'm sure I'll work it out. I just can't let people use me anymore, I hate being controlled.

Anonymous 88755

good luck nona! your optimism and strength is admirable, i believe it will work out too.

Anonymous 88762

I wish you all the best nona, I'm sure everything will work out.

Anonymous 88872

My boyfriend excused me of cheating on him because I didn’t wanna have sex with him. I mean it’s more than that. I fell asleep while he was at work one night and I didn’t notice the internet cut out. he said his messages weren’t being received or whatever. I don’t really know cause I was just trying to sleep.
In his words
>you can eat dick like candy, but you can’t fuck me
I feel so gross about myself. I haven’t done anything wrong but that’s how he sees me. It really hurts.

Anonymous 88873

you mean he accused you of cheating?
what a loser dump him

Anonymous 88874

Oops yeah sorry. I’m like shaking crying. I just didn’t wanna have sex. I’m about to start my period. I’m just not in the mood. He basically told me I’m a sexual deviant and I’ve cheated on him a bunch of times. I kind of just feel gross about sex in general anymore.

Anonymous 88879

What a stinky piece of human trash, absolutely dump him and never look back, nona. He doesn't deserve you, or any woman really.

Anonymous 89006

men that randomly accuse their partners of cheating out of no where… are usually the ones cheating themselves and have repressed guilt about it.

even beyond that, an actual kind partner wouldn't get mad and lash out at you for not wanting to have sex ONE night. its not going to kill him, hes just an entitled asshole who doesn't deserve you

Anonymous 89018

Dump that retard's ass, he's clearly not worth it.

Anonymous 89027

He's fucking retarded, gtfo of that relationship before you getting raped or something, he sounds like a major dick run

Anonymous 89126

Where is this guy from? Sounds extremely similar to my ex who would flip out and accuse me of cheating if I napped or anything

Anonymous 89130

It could be worse… it’s not like real abuse. It just slightly hurts my feelings.
I don’t like sex really. I was abused as a kid. But I’ve told him multiple times I don’t like my breasts being touched. But he still always does and I always shove his hands away. But it upsets me that he even tries.
I don’t think he’d do that. The worst thing he’s ever done was yank my head up by my hair cause I was crying because he upset me. It’s been 5 years. If it was gonna get worse it probably already would have.

The worst thing is. I saved $60 from my own money to buy myself this cute top and sweater thingy I saw on Instagram. Well he some how got into my cashapp. Saw the money and now will probably spend it. I was really looking forward to buying myself something. He has like $300 he invested into some stupid stock he could use but no it’s gonna be the money I saved. If I don’t let him use it. He’s just gonna blame me for him being broke.

Anonymous 89131

Tbh if you as a couple only have 300 bucks available to invest you should probably not be spending 60 on one item of clothing

Anonymous 89132

you should spend them on ♂fisting♂

Anonymous 89135

That’s really stupid. Most people don’t have money to invest at all. Investing is down overall. Companies don’t even have money to invest anymore. If someone saves money tor something they want. It’s not really an issue

Anonymous 89137



Anonymous 89140

Wtf anon that is borderline sexual assault you dont have to put up with that from him. Why is he allowed access to your cash app?

Anonymous 89154

Idk one day I noticed a stock bought from my cashapp and I was really confused and thought someone hacked in to my account. I mean technically someone did. He’s literally already spent half of the $60 I had in there. I don’t even know what on because we didn’t need anything.

Anonymous 89169

I just want you to know this isnt normal or acceptable at all. He is sexually abusing you and stealing your money. You told him not to touch you a certain way and he kept doing it. thats sexual abuse. And like the other anons said he is giving narcissistic rapist vibes by getting angry at you for refusing him for one night.

Anonymous 89192

Legit question, do you have some sort of mental retardation? Imagine putting up with this shit and saying "oh it's not so bad I'll stay :)".

Anonymous 89193

Not mine, but I heard this from a friend of mine:

Her boyfriend regularly jerks off at his desk while she is in the room with him. He doesn't even try to hide it, he says "hey (nona), I'm about to masturbate" to give her a heads up and then starts fapping to hentai or whatever, and apparently she carries on with what she was doing and doesn't raise any objections.

This girl is a bit 'special' in the head, and I know this is a weird situation, but I'm still wondering if it's more common than I had thought. Has anyone heard of this before?

Anonymous 89194

I hate everything about myself now. I use to just hate the way I look. But now I hate how I talk so much and how I talk too loud. I hate how sensitive I am. He just found all these little things I didn’t know I should hate about myself. I feel like no one will put up with nona. It’s not like I have any family I can turn to. I’m all alone. He’s the only person around to put up with me. I just wanna cut myself open and let all the bad things flow out.
Because I feel like it’s my fault and that I deserve for him to be mad at me. Like he makes me out to be the bad guy all the time and I’ve just started to believe it. I use to have friends around to tell me different.

Anonymous 89195

The only thing that kind of breaks the illusion is every time he yells my dogs will lay on top of me or they’ll get into a defensive positions to protect me. They never do that with him. He’s so nice sometimes, it’s probably just me

Anonymous 89197

Anyways I’m sorry for ranting so much

Anonymous 89216

I've had a mystery chronic illness since last year that doesn't let me have sex because it hurts so much. It killed my sex drive and has given me suicidal thoughts again.
I already knew this, but I asked my bf of 4 years, with whom I am engaged, if he would leave me if I never got cured. He didn't outright say it, but pretty much admitted that he would. I already knew this, I know moids don't stay when their partners get sick. But it makes me so sad. He is always so loving and claims he loves me so much, but I guess not enough. I guess we'll see if we break up.

Anonymous 89221

Not supper common, but not rare either nowadays. Men seem to masturbate and consume more porn more often (at least more openly). In lots of relationships they still do, but the guy avoids "being caught" since they know their gf wouldn't like it.

Some people try to 'be healthy and address it': "-i like watching porn / -i don't mind it" or "-i like watching porn / -i don't like it, stop"… even open relationships are more common. I think it's okay as long as she doesn't have any objections like you said (and also, otherwise most of the time the alternative is them lying to you, not giving it up).

Relationships where the guy manipulates and even forces the girl into those situations is common as well though. "I love you but I'm like this", "Please don't leave me I need you"… all the stuff.

I had a friend that had an "asexual boyfriend", but one day told her he'd found out he was polyamorous. Why? Because he just went and slept with another girl, without even asking her gf. And she had to pretend to be ok with it because she didn't want o lose him (at first).

Anonymous 89223

Okay but literally in the same room as her? They essentially live in one room, she doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Anonymous 89224

I'm sorry Nona. Did you find out what the illness is and treatment?

Anonymous 89236

It sounds like she is just very desperate and a pickme, or maybe has such a low sex drive that she doesn’t care if he’s using porn. If a guy I was dating started jerking off to porn in front of me I would smack him in the head.

Anonymous 89238

It's basically the first explanation, supposedly they have sex pretty often, it just isn't nearly enough for this disgusting fucking moid.

Anonymous 89243

>tfw no onanistic bf

Anonymous 89249

>> onanistic bf

That's an oxymoron nona. Bfs have sex, incels masturbate.

Anonymous 89261

You're not going to gain more confidence or become more self-assured unless you cut yourself off from him mentally. It pretty much sounds like you're not going to dump his ass, and that's fine for now, but you need to stop asking him for help with anything at all immediately, start doing things on your own and figuring things out for yourself. Find a therapist to figure out why you aren't confident. Watch a YouTube video to learn how your toilet works so you can fix it more easily. Go see a movie in the theater on your own. And don't tell your arrogant ass boyfriend about any of it.

Anonymous 89262

I'm sorry nona but you will never be happy ever again with this moid. You sound like you're repulsed by him. I would be too. In fact, I was in the same boat just a few months ago, birthday scenario and all - he stormed out of my party one year instead of screaming at me, but still the same shit as your story. I also had to plan and pay for my own birthday this year. Start working on your exit plan, a therapist can and will help with this.

Anonymous 89272

I'm sorry but you are completely wrong. Virtually all men masturbate, it's only a matter of degree.

Anonymous 89273

this lol. i used to believe/hope that there were men with a low and highly selective sex drive (wont say asexual inb4 people chimp out here) so that i could have a bf that matches mine but after being disappointed time and time ago i must say nothing of that sort exists lmao
all men are coomers, the ones who aren't are just lying to you nonas. and i used to be one of those girls who was like "no my bf isn't like that!" well guess what LOL
also they're massive liars too and will deny and know how to do it if they know this is important to you. before you trust a man, especially in sexual matters, remember: theyre way more similar to each other than they are different. and ask yourself is it more likely for him to be like this, or like how he us depicting himself as?
this will save you a lot of disappointment and heartache.

Anonymous 89276

I agree but I think it needs to be acknowledged that many of them do handle it in an honest (but not too honest! see original post) and largely healthy manner, and that the handful that don't masturbate all have some pretty questionable reasons for not doing it that are way worse than whatever ill effects masturbation would have. These include: religious extremism, alt-right bullshit, self-hate, trauma, issues in their upbringing making them feel uncomfortable with sex, and physical deficiencies.

Anonymous 89313

sad blanket girl.j…

>refuses to answer my calls, claims anxiety. i am a schizophrenic autist and i need someone to help ground me when i'm falling into a black hole of sadness or losing touch with reality, claims he has anxiety but can talk to his friends
>is constantly back and forth with his symptoms and problems, never asks me how i'm doing or how i feel
>wont answer my texts for hours, never texts first
>hardly makes time for me
>wont drive to pick me up, lectures me on how i need to get my license but doesn't try to understand how fucked i am physically and mentally and cannot handle driving a gigantic death machine
>wont let me move in with him despite being together almost a year and knowing my aunt abuses me physically and mentally
>never there for me, i have surgery next week and he doesn't seem to care that much, just says not to worry about it even though it's vaginal and will take 2 months to recover and i have no one to help me at home
>always drinking and with his friends either in person or online
>feels like he doesn't care about the future even though in the beginning he talked about marrying me and having kids
>just really confused and sad, wanted to propose to him but now not sure how to proceed
>on the bright side we have some very happy memories together and he has taken me to two conventions and a fair, but i wish he cared more

Anonymous 89510

if you genuinely hate your bf just break up with him ffs it doesn't matter if you had good times previously if you now hate the guy

Anonymous 89517

He sounds more like a casual friend than a boyfriend.

Anonymous 89518

I'm not sure all nonas who post here think the same but I've posted here when I got mad at my boyfriend so I didn't literally hate him but was mad enough to feel the need to vent about him here

Anonymous 89567

Stop heating yourself and break up with him. Just because a guy took you to a fair once… Please love yourself just a little, just enough to understand you deserve more than the bare minimum

Anonymous 89583

>Have an hour to get ready for work.
>Husband asks me to make him ramen.
>Make ramen but all the flavor packets are unlabeled and I accidentally use a flavor he hates.
>I didn't want ramen but ok I'll eat it and make him a new one.
>Use the correct seasoning but didn't cook the ramen long enough so husband refuses to eat it OR tgrow it away.
>Getting frustrated but ok, I'll try again.
>No more flavor packets.
>I'm running out of time to get ready and husband insists I get toppings for his ramen.
>Mother in law sticks up for me and asks my husband why the fuck he doesn't make his own food when I'm tryong to get ready for work.
>Everyone is fighting.>Don't want to go home tonight.

Anonymous 89622


Stuff like pic makes me wanna kill myself or at the very least cry. I even asked my bf for one which is pathetic I know. He said he would and well it’s 4 days from Halloween and he didn’t. I’m not surprised. It still hurts and makes me feel unappreciated. I haven’t even ever just gotten flowers just because. I mean my ex best friend gave me flowers just because and other things like that. She also use to take pictures of all the makeup stuff I used so she could buy it for me. I miss her a lot. She was a much better boyfriend than my actual boyfriend.

Anonymous 89623

At least you have a boyfriend

Anonymous 89625

Boyfriends are overrated, friends are better

Anonymous 89626

Boyfriends tend to do stuff for you only because it's expected in a relationship (e.g. "all girls like flowers, so I'll buy my girlfriend some") and if they don't, they get told they're bad boyfriends. Friends, on the other hand, do stuff because they genuinely want to make YOU happy out of their own volition.

Anonymous 89674

hey nona.
i'm >>87439
I'm actually in a very similar situation to that, i've loved him since the age of 14. I don't know if i've had time to grieve it. We're still together, leaving him isn't really possible right now due to financial reasons.

But you're very right. He crossed a threshold that i can't even fathom doing.

He still keeps and "uses" nudes of his exes. it's fucking disgusting and i hate it.

I feel like a total shell of a person now, sometimes he treats me like my mum does and she was a cunt to me. I feel like a huge chunk of who i am has been lost to just stressing and being depressed and angry over this.

It's been a total clusterfuck for me and i feel like i'm slowly coming out of the delusion that sticking with him for the rest of my life just isn't it.

I feel like i'm biding my time before he does something worse. I'm legitimately bending over backwards for him for very little in return.
All i wanted was my happily ever after but maybe it's not here.

thank you for being rational, i was expecting to just straight up get called a retard or something else, as much as i deserve it. i'll think on it.

Anonymous 89812

I hate watching couple Tiktok especially when it’s the ones where the girlfriend has adhd or autism. They’re boyfriends are so understand and sweet. Mine is not so much loving or understanding. He just tells me he wishes I was normal all the time. I wish I was too. Like sometimes he’s nice but most of the time he tells me to grow up or just something else demeaning. I just wish I had a nice bf who encouraged me and wasn’t cold towards me and didn’t withhold affection because he’s mad.

Anonymous 89828

That's because you're watching tiktoks, not real life. 100% guarantee those moids are much worse off camera.

Anonymous 90464

Bc I'm a piece of shit who went through his phone to see who he talked to after we broke up but before we got back together, and he told some girl he fucked that he'd never been with someone that good, when he told me all the sex he had with other people was boring. And I can't be tell him how angry I am because I'm in the wrong for going through his phone. FUCK.

Anonymous 90748

I wish my husband would pick me up from the train station, and be there already waiting. It makes me so happy, I would have so much more patience with him if I didn't have to walk home every night in the dark or wait 30 minutes for him.

Anonymous 90838

sometimes i wish he would go off his antidepressants so we could have sex again, not to mention his constant fears of getting me pregnant despite being on birth control. when we have sex it's great, but my sex drive is way too high for his zoloft induced dry spell.

Anonymous 91147

I cannot and I mean cannot stand my bf. I work nights and so does he but he’s on vacation and I have the day off. Well today he wakes me up at like 7 in the fucking morning because my dog is acting weird. She was fine,she just needed let outside. Idk why he couldn’t do that himself but fine whatever. I stay up maybe two hours after that and try to go back to sleep. To which I’m woken up 3 hours later because he’s cleaning ( he got bored) but he has the door propped open so the sun is shining right on the bed where I’m trying to sleep. So I shut the fucking door because I’ve only slept maybe 5 hours at best. HE OPENS THE FUCKING DOOR AND TELLS ME I NEED TO LEAVE IT OPEN BECAUSE ITS HOT. I wanna bash his head open on the sidewalk

Anonymous 91148

>I wanna bash his head open on the sidewalk
sounds like you already figured out the solution

Anonymous 91155

at least you have a boyfriend nona

your husband 91156

at least you have a husband nona

Anonymous 91247

But at what cost?
Her happiness and freedom.

Anonymous 91250

I got back with my bf after a breakup and I can't stop thinking about how he fucked other girls during that time. It feels like he specifically did it to hurt me

Anonymous 91252

Why did you break up nona

Anonymous 91253

he found out I cheated

Anonymous 91254

Idk men are dumb. He probably had something on his mind and didn't think about it until you brought it up. If you're nagging you can just clam up for a while if he hates the sound of your voice.

Anonymous 91257

u cheated but ur mad he hooked up w other girls lmao

Anonymous 91261


>finds out he's lying abt never liking porn/ethots
>bring it up the coomer stuff semi-jokingly after a while, not even bringing up specifics or how i even found out
>"waaah why would you think i would look at that stuff anon???" "youre so beautiful and i would never lust over other girls who look nothing like you!1!!! why don't you love yourself???"
>he proceeds to say it's crystal cafe femcel tinfoil about men and that not all of them are like that

he's a pretty sweet and amazing boyfriend but literally acts dumb or comes up with some cope whenever i call him out, i love him but just want him to be honest. i still don't think he's attracted to my body much at all and still secretly lusts after porn bodied/overshooped stacies

Anonymous 91266

you should pull the receipts nona. lying isn't ok.

Anonymous 91274

>how i even found out
How did you find out?

Anonymous 91277

looking through his likes and prior messages in a server

Anonymous 91308

>>91261 just keeps lying about it when i've repeatedly given him chances to tell the truth. he's also hidden other stuff like the fact that he's had a gf before me yet makes it a big deal that he "hasn't". i love him dearly but i'm tired of his shit.

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