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Anonymous 88242

So much negativity on here
Post some good feels
What makes you feel good

Anonymous 88249


Anonymous 88253


cats, also 2nding drawing

Anonymous 88255

my favorite ever teacher just sent me pics of his new kitten!! i'm so happy he kept in touch after i graduated.

Anonymous 88256

how do people become so close to a teacher like that?

Anonymous 88268

ofc it's full of negativity it's the board for venting.

Anonymous 88269

I think she meant the advice part anon, don't be so negative in your assumptions.

Anonymous 88270

Some people just click like that. I wasn’t close to my teachers at all

Anonymous 88289

The cute otter(?) you posted makes me feel pretty good

Anonymous 88317

Anonymous 88321

her teacher is a girl, this obvious sign of grooming should be ignored for some reason.

Anonymous 88342


Tonight I was taking a walk: there was a nice light drizzle, pleasant street lights, golden fallen leaves, little to no people around, I was dressed perfectly comfortable for the weather, I was listening to music and drinking strawberry milk, so that’s a nice evening

Anonymous 88359


>morning coffee
>afternoon coffee
>evening coffee

Anonymous 88372

i think its because i spent 6 months of the pandemic in total isolation amd he was the first person i met afterwards who actually gave a shit about me.

no he's just a really nice old man. we give each other occasional updates on our lives and i visit class maybe once every other month and help him with some projects. i'm like his retard adoptee niece. i love him.

Anonymous 88388

images (1).jpeg

Long slow-burn fanfic. <3

Anonymous 88390

Thanks for making me smile on my lunch break, anon!

Anonymous 88405


I love commenting on like those girly posts on Instagram. Like the Pinterest/croquette ones? Just so girls will call me pretty. It makes me feel really good about myself. Girls can be so nice and supportive <3

Anonymous 88877

nature walks
negative political discussions on CC
the terf thread

Anonymous 89148

I love seeing the sunrise and sunset! I also really love the feeling of laying in a nice, clean bed with freshly washed and dried sheets/pillowcases after a refreshing shower. One of the best feelings ever. And the other day my friend who works at a restaurant made me some good food (for free!) and it made me smile.

Drinking tea and playing with my cats also makes me warm and happy. I've always been very depressed, so looking forward to small things is important for me.

This sounds so peaceful! It's so great when everything seems to align so perfectly like this.

Anonymous 89186

This is kind of demented of me, but I love making men do weird shit. Like talking them into cumming into their own mouths, telling them they should jerk off at work. Then just ghosting them after.

Anonymous 89252

Sort of a weird one but dating a super hot Korean guy. Like I love him for tons of other reasons and I’m not weird about Asian men like I was as a psycho middle schooler, but something about knowing my loser child self would absolutely cream her pants seeing my man makes me happy. Like he literally looks like all my fictional crushes rolled into one it’s absurd.

Anonymous 89253

proud of you

Anonymous 89338


I love them so much, but I still haven't taken one in mine because I don't want to waste water. I'd prefer one of those Japanese bathtubs with recycable water.

Plus I'm renting, so I'm grossed out at using a bath used by previous people like that, no matter how well I could clean it. lol

Anonymous 89348

They're so wonderful!
Maybe you could go ham with bleach to sanitize the thing? For wasting water, you could shower first so youre not dirty going in, and use tea bags to make it smell nice and lovely instead of soap, and then water plants/ fill up your toilet with water after? That sounds like a lot of work actually, sorry for the weird suggestions but I just want you to be able to live your comfy bath dreams.

Anonymous 89473



Thanks nona. I actually don't have to pay a water bill where I live currently, but yeah I am still environmentally conscious about it.

I've tried bleach but I dunno, I think I'm still grossed out just because of not knowing who's used it before and how (I don't trust it would have been someone clean). On the other hand, I have been really craving a bath so maybe I'll eventually cave in.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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