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Anonymous 88326

I have only been in love once. 5 years later and it still haunts me. I think I spent all my love on him. I haven’t felt anything for anyone since. I miss him. I miss him almost everyday. Every time I watch call me your name. I think of all those moments we spent together.

Anonymous 88344


Been in love with a dude 5 years ago. He was abusive though. Idk about you anon. I understand the missing part though cuz I do miss the "idealised" version of him. But this version is fake so in the end I'm glad it's all over.

Anonymous 88367

I had been in an abusive relationship when I met him and he’s what made me realize I didn’t deserve to be treated like trash. Whenever I start to feel poorly or I let myself get treated poorly. I think about how he told me I was worth a lot more than I thought I was. I get what you mean. I’m glad you got out <3

Anonymous 88394

why the fuck it ended?

Anonymous 88400

It was a complicated situation. We we’re friends first. Like he was apart of our friend group. Their was for sure sparks but we never did anything or said anything romantic. Well my ex was really abusive and manipulative and would break up with me to get a rise out of me. So the last time he did that I didn’t beg for him back or anything and three weeks later me and him had started dating. His roommate got involved because he thought it was wrong. My ex threatened to kill him. I didn’t wanna put him in a bad or uncomfortable situation and part of me I guess thought he wanted to end it. So I did it first. We both ended up really heart broken. A month later him and his roommate got in a physical altercation and he got his nose broken. The story was it was over a hose not being put a way but later on I found it was because he blamed his roommate for us breaking up.

Anonymous 88401

I was also inexperienced. Up to this point my abusive ex had been my only relationship. So I was really insecure and so I just didn’t believe he actually liked me or wanted me. So I pulled away a lot. But it really was this whirl wind kind of romance. After experiencing that kind of love and passion it’s hard to really take dating seriously. Cause it’s mostly just guys wanting to fuck.
Like there was this one time he waited two hours to take me home from work and we were kind of in this bad place. Like we wanted to be with each other but it felt kind of wrong. Well I got in his car after I got off and we kind of just sat there and he told me how much he liked me and grabbed my hand and we just watched the snow fall. I stayed the night and we didn’t have sex or anything. He just held me and when we woke up. He noticed I was cold and got me a heated blanket.
I’m not trying to be braggy or anything I’m just really sad and empty and I wanna love like that again. But I don’t think it’s possible. At least not for me.

Anonymous 88402

Like he set the standard for how I wanted to be treated and it was so different than how my ex treated me. Every morning my ex would yell at me about how bad he slept because I squirmed a lot and would just get at me the entire time I was driving him to work. Literally till the point I was crying. Then when I was with him. He’d wake up and actually be happy to see me wether he got 8 hours or 3 hours of sleep. He’d just hold me and kiss my forehead. He didn’t ignore me to play video games. It’s like he really saw me.

Anonymous 88824

That sounds so romantic. I hope it's not a larp.

My husband also gets mad at me for moving a lot in my sleep and insists I can control it. I've been sleeping on the sofa and it's nice to not wake up to being yelled at.

Anonymous 88827

That sounds terrible, if my husband reacted the same way I'd fucking punch him.

Anonymous 88854

It’s not. Sometimes I can’t believe it actually happened to me. I’m pretty hung up on it still. I haven’t had real feelings for anyone since.
>My husband also gets mad at me for moving a lot in my sleep and insists I can control it.
My ex did the same stuff and would just yell until I was in tears and then tell me how I had no spine or when I’d finally just break and snap back. He’d tell me how mean I was and all I did was treat him like shit.
>I've been sleeping on the sofa and it's nice to not wake up to being yelled at.
I did the same thing. I’d always have to pretend it was an accident. But it was always a relief not to wake up to yelling. I’m so so sorry your experiencing this. I know exactly how it feels. I remember waking up to the other guy and asking if it bothered him that I squirmed and he told me he liked it cause he knew I was there.

Anonymous 88864

Im sorry. He sounds like a nutcase. Stay strong nona you don't deserve to be treated like that.

Anonymous 88867

I feel the same way. 4 years ago I met a guy who, I didn't realise, was one of the kindest sweetest men I'd ever know. I knew him from high school. He absolutely cherished me. He would always offer to help out with errands when I couldn't do them alone, he'd come over just to make me cups of tea when I was sick, he could hold a conversation, he never once pushed for sex in the 6 months we were seeing each other, he was witty, smart, fun, musical, and hygienic (it sounds dumb, I had no idea how gross scrotes could be). I had no idea how rare it was to find a man with even half of these qualities, he set the bar so unimaginably high that every guy I've talked to since is just… blegh. I honestly struggle to get through a single date, and it's because of him.

We ended things because I was in a bad spot. We hadn't seen each other for a few weeks, and it was entirely because I felt so low and stressed that I wanted to be alone. I withdrew from the world, and I don't know why. I didn't say I was depressed, but he could tell because he was trying to cheer me up in his sweet goofy way. He kept bugging to see me, he said we should go out for coffee somewhere - in my head I thought he was just annoying me to get in my pants because that's all anyone wants, but I realise now that he was probably just trying to get me out of my room. He eventually convinced me to at least have a phone call, but I really didn't want to speak to anyone at all. He picked up the phone with a smile in his voice, saying how happy he was to finally hear my voice again, when I very coarsely asked why he was annoying me so much because "we're not girlfriend and boyfriend". We hadn't really discussed our relationship status, we were friends, but we were also flirty. There was silence, then he croaked out, pathetically, "do you think we could be?" when I flatly replied "no". Then there was silence for a bit, which I broke by saying I needed to go, and I hung up the phone. We stopped speaking after that, actually I blocked him because he tried to call me again, and again, and again. In my defence, it was annoying and I already felt bad enough, but I probably should've just picked up. I did genuinely like him, and I don't know why I acted the way I did (beyond mental health reasons). I didn't unblock him for a long time, then when I eventually did, he told me to leave him alone. I fucked up the best deal I ever got, and I can never get it back.

Anonymous 89110

this pic is so creepy nona wtf

Anonymous 89111

damn sounds like you deserved it nona.

Anonymous 89112

wait so you dumped him and you regret it that badly? nice. i wish scrotes experienced this kind of karma but they never do

Anonymous 89113

why don't you just sleep in different beds? I have insane insomnia and can't sleep with anyone - I've never actually slept in the same bed with a partner (unless I was very drunk and passed out) because of it

Anonymous 89118

what the fuck is wrong with you?

Anonymous 89120

jesus you fucked up bad

Anonymous 89122

get fucked lmao

Anonymous 89128

It’s not really karma. Because it wasn’t really an ethical consequence. I didn’t dump him because I didn’t like him or anything like that.

Anonymous 89143

>he told me he liked it cause he knew I was there
This is so cute and heartwarming… It's making me sad that you two are not together anymore even though both of you are strangers to me.

Anonymous 89198

You broke up with the love of your life because your ex was getting pissy
I'd call you a fucking idiot but I'm sure you are well aware

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