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Anonymous 88328

I need an autismo bf

Anonymous 88331

No you don't, trust me.

Anonymous 88332

aww, that's a cute comic.

Anonymous 88333


Anonymous 88334


Let me dream

Anonymous 88350


>tfw you will never be isekai’d into a fantasy world and get doted on by an impossibly perfect bf with the pulchritude of a thousand paintings come to life who holds nothing dear but your love and retains the good grace and etiquette to properly convey his affection in a way that is neither confusing nor inattentive but romantic and straightforward in only the way a lovely autistic gentleman could be

Anonymous 88353


>tfw you will never be interrupted mid-suicide by an angel and entered into a battle royale with other wacky passive-depressives for the chance to become ruler of the heavens and the earth and material reality itself

Anonymous 88358



Anonymous 88365

this is the plot of mirai nikki

Anonymous 88368


half right. it’s actually the plot for platinum end. mirai nikki is way better though because she did it for love.

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